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Turning Souls from Darkness to Light

A church service in Mexico connected with the work of “Every Home for Christ”. Dear… [+]

Colombia – an open door for the Gospel

Clive Allen and Heather Mercer with some of the pastors who use our literature in… [+]

Placing the Word of God into Millions of Empty Hands

“Dear Friend,  In Psalm 67 v1 we read of what God has done for us… [+]

Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations

“Dear Friend,  In Luke 24: 47 we see the Gospel affirmed by our Lord Jesus… [+]

Empty Hands Receiving the Word of God in Ethiopia

“Dear Friend,  We can never place too much emphasis on the Word of God, it… [+]

Two Machines – each producing 60,000 booklets per day

One of the two Saddle stitchers each of which produce on average 60,000 Gospels of… [+]

1385 Tonnes of Paper used in the production of over 78 Million pieces of Gospel Literature

Over 100 evangelists and volunteers at the beginning of a door to door campaign in… [+]

Literature for 3,000,000 young people in the Philippines

Jim Tanner speaking at a Bible Teaching conference in Papau New Guinea Dear Friend, As… [+]

145 Tonnes of Gospel Literature sent to many countries this month

Philip Johnston in Bohol, Philippines where they reached children in 13 schools with the Cebuano… [+]

Evangelism and Blessing in Nigeria, Kenya and Mozambique

A school classroom in Kenya where the students have been studying the Bible Education Service… [+]

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