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Souls saved during summer evangelistic outreach in Europe

Children from Moldova who received Meet the King booklets “Dear Friend, It is almost 2,000… [+]

Millions need to hear the Gospel of Christ

A container being loaded with Russian Calendars and Gospels for Bibel Mission “Dear Friend, The… [+]

Hundreds of Thousands of Gospels going into CHINA

“Dear Friend, As the Resurrected Lord Jesus gathered His disciples together at the end of… [+]

News of Containers of Literature arriving in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Congo

Dear Friend,  The well known hymn says, “What a friend we have in Jesus, all… [+]

INDIA – A nation of people needing to hear the Gospel

Dear Friend, In this newsletter our main focus is on the land of India with… [+]

Over 120 Tonnes of Literature shipped during March

“Dear Friend, At all times of the year we should think on the Cross of… [+]

Workers together sharing the Good News of the Gospel

“Dear Friend, Sometimes being reminded of life transforming verses of Scripture can be a blessing… [+]

Impacting the Nations with The Word of God

Dear Friend,  In the year ahead as we seek to see souls won through Gospel… [+]

1361 Tonnes of Paper used in the production of over 83 Million pieces of Gospel Literature

Dear Friend,  As we look around at a world in financial crisis it is good… [+]

To be reached -500 Million young people in India

Dear Friend, At this time of year our minds are drawn once again to the… [+]

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