Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations


“Dear Friend,  In Luke 24: 47 we see the Gospel affirmed by our Lord Jesus Christ: “And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.” Here we see the Gospel in a nutshell.  The understanding of the disciples was opened and he told them to begin preaching at Jerusalem.  The very place where he had been crucified was to hear the good news proclaimed for the first time.
Shortly afterwards about 3,000 souls were converted by this very message.  Two thousand years later this is the Gospel that is sent to all nations by Revival Movement Association.  Day after day we hear of souls being saved from sin.  Thank you each one for being a part of this vital work.  Please continue to remember us in prayer each day.
On 7th March we shipped a container load of literature to Sierra Leone in West Africa.  In this container we included one million leaflets for the work of Every Home for Christ and 360,000 Gospels of John in English for the work of New Harvest Ministries which is connected to Judea Harvest in South Africa.  These are the friends who have developed an evangelistic course, a discipleship course and a church planting programme all from the Gospel of John. This is the first time that we have shipped a container of literature to Sierra Leone.
On 21st March we shipped a container to Mexico.  In this container we included 2½ million Gospel tracts, 200,000 Gospels of John and a large quantity of the booklet “Pardon for Sin and Assurance of Peace with God” with a supply of Scripture booklets.  This is for the work of Every Home for Christ in Mexico.
On 27th March we sent over 500,000 Bible Lessons for the work of Bible Educational Services in Romania. We also sent 250,000 copies of “Meet the King” and 50,000 “Every Day with God” booklets to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Romania.
On 28th March and 18th April we shipped containers to our friends in India Bible Literature.  Recently they sent a request for 1,150,000 Gospels of John in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, English, Gujarati, Oriya and Telugu.  This is almost the equivalent of 3 container loads of literature.
On 11th April we shipped 350,000 Gospel leaflets in the Bulgarian language for the work of Every Home for Christ in Bulgaria.  This literature is to be used during their summer door to door ministry.  podgatovca literaturi 1 10 (5)
On 24th April we sent 4 million Gospel tracts and over 100,000 Gospels of John with 2,000 sets of our children’s Bible lessons all in the Portuguese language to our depot in Brazil.  From the depot the supplies of literature are sent out all across this vast nation to many churches and Christian workers who are requesting the literature.
On 26th April we shipped an 18 tonne container load of literature to the Philippines – 300,000 Cebuano Gospels of John went to Child Evangelism Fellowship, while 100,000 Tagalog Gospels of John and 1,000 sets of our children’s Bible lessons went to Sowers of the Word Ministries in the Philippines.
On 29th April we sent 50,000 Gospel tracts and 7,000 booklets “Every Day with God” in the Polish language to our friends in Child Evangelism Fellowship in Poland.
On 29th April we sent 50,000 Scripture Calendars in the Albanian language to our friends in Albanian Christian Fund.

During the past we have been working with Bible Mission on their One-2-Ten Project when they distribute packs of literature to many individual people over the Christmas and New Year period.  The report from Bible Mission includes some testimonies from the churches and photos showing training for the One-2-Ten Project, the packs of literature being made up and people who have received the literature.  Altogether we printed 500,000 sets of the literature for Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
“Let us share with you our joy of doing the Lord’s work together.  As the church in Mstislaw we have reached over 1,000 people living in the town and its vicinity.  We reached both adults and young people.  Church members gave away the booklets and 2013 calendars to their friends and relatives.  Now we pray for them all.  Thank you so much for these packages, for your love and generosity.  The Word of God was proclaimed and the Gospel of Jesus Christ was sown in the hearts of the people and we pray that the Lord will grow these little seeds and there would be real fruit.”  Pastor Ivan Lepesha
“I had a chance to give out sets of the One-2-Ten Project literature.  As I gave out the sets of literature both to friends and to the people I did not know, I witnessed to them and everything went very well.  One package was left.  Again I got a cold. Training with leader Since there was time I stayed at home and decided to read through a booklet which I had not previously read.  I poured a small bucket of warm water to warm my feet and started reading.  As I read I was pouring more boiling water into the bucket.  I was so consumed with reading about the lake of fire, the gnashing of teeth, that I missed pouring too much of the hot water and burnt my feet!  They were really sore!  This was when I realized what the lake of fire and the weeping and the gnashing of teeth was.  I was sore just a little bit whereas those people who do not have a chance of becoming a Christian would be in eternal suffering.  I am one who can tell them how to escape this suffering.  The Lord gave me a great lesson.  This year I want to give away even more sets of the literature and visit more homes of my relatives, neighbours and friends with the Good News of the Gospel.  I am going to tell them that men and womenthey can be saved from the lake of fire and avoid gnashing of teeth.” Ana, Moldova
“Dear brothers and sisters we would like to thank you for the Christian gift packages with Christian literature.  Our church is situated away from big cities and towns.  However, we keep trying to minister in the Lord’s harvest.  It was the first time that our church participated in this project.  Practically all church members took part in this project.  Our church really got excited about it and we really thank the Lord for it.  The church was really fired up.  We prayed much about the people who would hear the Word through our witness.  We also prayed for those who would come out into the field with the message about God.  It was the first chance for many of our members to witness about the Lord.  We will keep praying for those who heard the message about Christ this past Christmas season.  We thank you so much for causing us to witness to others and to be an instrument of revival.”  Pastor Peter Chubenko
training“We thank the Lord that we have been involved in the One-2-Ten Project.  We thank you so much for the opportunity of getting away packs of Gospel literature.  It is a great way of starting a conversation and share with them about the mercy and love of Jesus Christ.  Many people who get a set of literature come back and thank us.  They have questions about Christ, about His life on earth.  The Gospels of John which are in the set of literature can lead the people to find a happy life with Jesus Christ.Two men
For the past 3 years we have been visiting a centre for disabled.  My wife, Maryna, visits the disabled every week.  She teaches them crafts and gives them Bible lessons.  Every Christmas we gave them a gift package and speak about Jesus Christ.  These people are hungry for heart to heart talks.  This is where they can share what is on their hearts about their challenges and hardships as well as their joy.  This past Christmas some of the staff also came to the worship service.  They really liked it.  One of the young ladies prayed the sinner’s prayer and wanted to learn more about Christ.  She started coming to church services.  At the Christmas service we had 4 people who came forward to pray the sinner’s prayer.  It was a real joy for the church.  We started Bible study groups in the villages of Akhvianevichy and Rahotna.  There are 12 to 15 non-believers gathering for the Bible studies.  During the holiday season we visited the temporary shelter for children who are taken away from dysfunctional parents.  There are 15 kids and 5 teachers and we gave them the gift packages.  We had a very good visit to a nursing home.  There are 30 elderly people and 20 of them are very ill.  We had a service right in the hallway of the facility.  Those who could walk came and joined us.  Others listened in their rooms with doors open.  We prayed, sang Christian songs and preached the Word about Jesus.  The Spirit of God touched the hearts of those non-Christians and they were given the chance to pray the sinner’s prayer.  Glory to God!  Thank you brothers and sisters for the opportunity to take in this blessed work.” Alexander Sheleg, Belarus
In the church of Word of Life in Asibovichy 3 teenagers came to church.  They are very interested with spiritual issues.  We are sharing with them about Christ, salvation and God’s love.  There are 2 young women, Iryna and Natasha, who have been involved with the church but then walked away.  They repented of their sins and restored their relationship with God and with the church.  They now serve the Lord.  This brings us a lot of joy and we keep praying for them.” Pastor Peter Ryzhkou


Leaders of BES

Recently we sent over half a million Bible Educational Service lessons to Romania.  The following are some quotations taken from letters received by those who have been doing these Bible lessons. Loredana, 16 – “I love these courses because, through them, I learn so many things about people, places and events from the Word of God and the things I learn are much easier fixed in my mind than when I just read the Bible on my own.” Ancuta, 20 – “I am so happy I found out about you and I could start attending these courses. I do know some things from the Bible but since I started to study the BibleTime courses my knowledge about the Word of God is much deeper. I love spending my time doing things that add value to my soul and, from this perspective, these courses are worth every minute spent to work on them.”
Dorel, 42, prisoner – “My friend and I are prisoners who became Christians. Life in prison is difficult – we have felt lonely, rejected, forgotten and we feel sorry for our situation. But, through your courses you are passing on to us the grace given by God, the Word and the hope that comes from it. Our lives are refreshed everytime we receive the courses and take the time to study and to answer the questions. We feel that our lives are protected and guided by God. We feel that a new life is taking the place of the old one. Both of us started to pray for the work you are doing and for the envelopes with the courses to get to us.”
Lucian, 44, prisoner, new student – “I know some things from the Bible but I just realised I should “seek the Lord while He may be found” instead of waiting the moment just before my death to make peace with Him. I know Christ is alive and He will come back soon to take His own with Him. I would like to attend your courses because I want to learn a lot more about Him from the Word of God.”
Adriana, mom of 2 of the students – “Thank you for sharing with us these courses and for teaching my children beautiful things about God and His wonderful work. My children are captivated with the stories, love to answer the questions and to colour the images and are always very eager to receive the next course.”
Marta, 16 – “The BibleTime courses help the children, young people and even adults to discover God and to check their knowledge on the Bible. I have to recognise that, at the beginning I thought I know all the answers because I studied before, but soon I realised I cannot answer without the Bible. What I love most at these courses – as the Bible does nost have images, it is pretty difficult to imagine how things were at that time but through these courses I feel like I am a part of the story, I can imagine the beauty of the Holy Land, the places where the Lord travelled etc.”
A testimony which has been sent to us from Brother Cor of Every Home for Christ, South Africa:
“I was given a “Gospel of John – Seven Steps to Knowing God” booklet when I travelled from Bloemfontein to Lesotho for the Christmas holidays to visit my family.  I had a couple of hours while I was in the taxi to read through the booklet and I thought it would be appropriate to write to you.  I found the address in the back of the booklet and I would like to express my sincere appreciation for what you are making available to the world.  What I appreciate most is that the booklet was written in Lesotho which is my home language.  This made it possible for me to give the Gospel booklet to my elderly mother who was able to read and understand it as it is written in the only language that she understands.  I praise God for the work that you do.” Czchakela
We plan to have a day of prayer in the factory on the 25th May from 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.  We understand that you may not be able to join us but we would ask that you please pray wherever you are in order to bring every aspect of the ministry to the Lord for His blessing.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen