Placing the Word of God into Millions of Empty Hands


“Dear Friend,  In Psalm 67 v1 we read of what God has done for us as believers … “God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah.” Truly we are a people to whom mercy and blessing have been shown in abundance.
Psalm 67 v2 should then be our prayer and passion … “That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.” That saving health that was imparted to us as sinners is what the nations of the earth need.  The Gospel literature sent forth from the factory prayerfully in these days truly is bringing the message of salvation to many countries.  We do appreciate all your prayerful partnership with us.
We have been working in co-operation with Child Evangelism Fellowship in France to supply literature for distribution by churches in different areas of the country.  Altogether we have sent shipments to 25 churches who will distribute it to every home in their village, town or area.  Each home will receive a copy of the “Meet the King” booklet, a Gospel of John and a letter explaining the Gospel.  Altogether we have sent 320,000 “Meet the King”, 320,000 Gospels of John and the same number of letters.  Johan Bloomhof wrote, “Thank you very much once again for all the precious material you have sent to France.  We are starting our first campaign this coming weekend in Normandy.  Many other churches have expressed their sincere gratitude for the material received.  They praise God for the provision to spread God’s Word all over France in the unreached regions.  They are preparing campaigns coming up especially in June, July and September.  We have also teams coming from South Africa to help in the distribution.
On 20th May we shipped a container of Gospel calendars in the Russian language and a booklet with a selection of Psalms to Bible Mission for their outreach for this year’s One-to-Ten Project.  This is the first of several containers of literature for this enormous project.
On 23rd May we shipped a container to our friends in India Bible Literature with a large quantity of the Gospels of John and Gospel booklets for India Every Home Crusade.
On 30th May we sent 5,000 teacher’s flashcard lessons in the Spanish language to CEF in Bolivia.  We have also sent a large consignment of literature to an Evangelist Peniel who has an outreach programme in different areas of Bolivia.   A Series for 2014. 2


“Dear Brother Samuel,  The “School of Evangelism” (SOE) students from Faith Family have chosen their own fields to preach the Word of God.  As they went village to village they shared the Gospel, prayed for the sick and broken-hearted and for those who were facing problems in their lives. Chand Masih - SOE student distributing Gospel in Delhi They went house to house, morning to evening.  At the end of the day they spent some time praying that the Lord would bless all the work that they had done in that day.  The following are some testimonies:
Kumari is 43 years old and she belongs to Ghada village.  She is a Hindu and worships idol gods and goddesses.  She was suffering from a hernia for a long time.  To gain good health she was sacrificing goats and chickens to the goddess Kalidevi but it was all in vain.  Kumari read the Gospel of John that was distributed by the SOE student Madhu and came to know that Jesus Christ has been healing many people from leprosy, blindness and brought back the dead to life without any price or sacrifice of animals.  She came to Madhu and requested him to pray for her good health.  Madhu and the other students prayed for her and continued to pray for 3 weeks.  Kumari miraculously received healing from God.  She now realises that Jesus is the true God Who is able to do everything without fail.  Her whole family has come to Christ and has accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour.
Sarala Kumari is 39 years old.  Though she was born into a Christian family she was forcefully married to a Hindu man.  Her husband and his family threatened to divorce her if she did not follow the Hindu traditions so she started to worship idols but she had no peace in her life.  Their son became sick with a strange disease.  They went to several doctors for treatment but in vain. They also sought help from a sorcerer to heal their son but that too failed.  Dharamveer - SOE student distributing Gospel in Delhi
Finally they brought their son to Parbin for prayer.  The SOE student asked them to leave behind all the hateful things they were practising and to come to the feet of Jesus with a pure heart.  He asked Sarala and her husband to surrender their lives before Jesus and believe in Him to receive healing for their son.  He said that Jesus can cure any disease.  Parbin then prayed for the boy and God wonderfully healed him.  Sarala and her entire family accepted Jesus as their Saviour.
Mr Amulya Kosta is 52 years old.  He was involved in various sinful activities such as drinking, smoking, gambling and adultery.  He was so abusive that everyone hated him.  Prabinson handed him a Gospel of John while going house to house. Amulya read the Gospel and understood the Scriptures.  He left all his bad habits and started to believe and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.  Now there is a complete change in his family and personal lifestyle.
Thank you for all the containers of literature that we receive from you. Selvi, India Bible Literature.02052013416[1]

Wonder Devotional Booklets distributed by Lucimar Geddis in Brazil


“Dear Samuel, Greetings to you in Christ’s wonderful Name. So far we have already received 6 container loads of literature during the last number of months.  This literature supports our ministry in the public schools.  We have 42,000 elementary schools with about 17 million students.  Although the Philippines is generally open to the proclamation of the Gospel, the Roman Catholics are well entrenched in the schools with the religious instruction going on all these years.  The free Gospel literature which is well received by the children allow us evangelicals even more access into the schools.
“Meet the King” and the Gospel of John are distributed to children through our  Elementary School Evangelistic Campaign and in the communities through open-air evangelism and Gospel film shows.  The literature is given out after the message of salvation is presented through the Wordless book.  “Meet the King” booklets are for grades 1 to 3, while the Gospel of John are for grades 4 to 7.
With the literature arriving in late December last year distribution commenced early in January and continued up until March just before classes went on Summer break.  During these months the national office evangelistic teams were able to present the Gospel in 190 public schools with 129,753 children evangelized and receiving the Gospel booklets.  Distribution in the schools will fully resume with the opening of the new school year in June to run through to next March.  At the national office we have two evangelistic teams of 5 persons each gearing up for this distribution as soon as classes begin.  Each team has its own service vehicle, a driver and provision of food and fuel to allow them to go into different schools every day.
This year we aim to reach 2 million children nationwide with the national office taking responsibility for a million. The following are some comments from those distributing the booklets:
“Since I started sharing the Gospel to children through our Elementary School Evangelistic Campaign something in me is different.  I cannot explain the joy that comes from the Lord.  Though very tiring yet, seeing the children listen to God’s Word and hearing them say “Thank you for the booklets”,  it’s very rare to get free books today.  We are learning a lot from it, making it all worthwhile…”

Erave seminarJim Tanner with those who attended a Pastors seminar in Erave, Papau New Guinea
A teacher gratefully commented, “We are so blessed.  Though we are in this remote area you came over to give our kids these free booklets.  To God be the Glory…”
“I praise the Lord for the privilege to share the Gospel to the children.  Seeing the smile on their faces after they pray to receive Jesus and get a copy of these books always touches my heart.  A grade 2 pupil from one of the schools we went to ran to me happily exclaiming, ‘Thank you, sir, now I have a book of Jesus…’”
“We are privileged and grateful that our country, especially the schools, are open to the Gospel.  We are not sure how long it will stay like this.  We are trying our best to maximum this opportunity.  The 3 million booklets which you sent are a great blessing.  Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible especially the Revival Movement Association in Ireland.  We are opening the doors to more missionaries who would like to help us reach the 34 million Filipino children.  You are most welcome. Thank you for your love for the children.  Jackie Solis, CEF Philippines.

Jim and books(1)“Hello Samuel, Praise the Lord for the long awaited container which arrived yesterday!  A group of men from the community and fellow missionaries emptied the container by hand.  Please pass on our thanks to your staff there.  We already have orders for many of the books and we are sure God will continue to use them to gather a people for His Name.  Jim and Kathy Tanner,  Papua New Guinea.
“Dear friends, CEF from St. Lucia is very privileged to have received a supply of literature and we have been using this to minister to many children. The Wonder Devotional booklets are given to the children at the Good News Clubs at the beginning of  every new cycle.  The “Meet the King” booklets are given to students at schools as CEF ministers to different schools throughout the island.  One teacher at a particular school Ms. Prosper said that she had to wait patiently for the kids to finish reading the booklets since they were captivated and would not allow her to begin teaching until they were finished reading.  This was after a session that was held at the school and when students had received the booklets in their classrooms.  It is tremendously expensive to get materials that are of such high standards in St. Lucia and we are extremely grateful for the teachers’ packs.  Yana Sydney, CEF St. Lucia.
Please pray for Clive Allen and Heather Mercer as they travel to Colombia from 30th May to the 14th June. They will be visiting various ministries in the country who are using our Literature for Evangelism. Pray for safety and for their health.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen