Turning Souls from Darkness to Light

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A church service in Mexico connected with the work of “Every Home for Christ”.

Dear Friend, Some of the greatest encouragements in the Every Home Crusade over the years have been the lives that God has transformed.  Even from the early days of the work souls have been saved and families changed by God’s Word.  Sometimes children take home our children’s literature, parents read it and come to know the Lord Jesus and God’s presence and peace enters that home.
Only eternity will reveal the impact the literature is having right across the world.  Psalm 18 v30 reminds us – “As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.”
On 18th July we shipped 18 tonnes of literature to our friends in India Bible Literature.  We continue to receive many requests for supplies of Gospels of John from many Missions within India.
On 24th July we shipped a container to Brother Alfredo who is the leader of Every Home for Christ in Uruguay.  This container included over 4 million Gospel tracts for his work.  We also included 2,500 sets of children’s Bible lessons and a large quantity of Gospels of John.
On 30th July we shipped a container to Jamaica for the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship.  This had  container consisted of 30,000 copies of each of the Wonder Devotional books Volumes 1 to 12, and also sets of Bible lessons. This is the first time that we have shipped a full container to Jamaica.
On 31st July we shipped an 18 tonne container load of literature to the Philippines.  This consisted of 1.5 million Gospel tracts in English and Tagalog for Sowers of the Word Ministries.  We also included 140,000 Gospels of John in the Cebuano language for the ministry of Philip Johnston in the Southern part of the Philippines.
On 31st July we sent a total of 11 pallets of literature to Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Caribbean region.  The countries that we shipped to included the Bahamas, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Antigua, Granada, Cayman Island, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and Guyana. These pallets consisted of Wonder Devotional books and sets of Bible lessons on “The Life of Christ”. 100_2862
An Evangelistic team in Mexico praying before they set out for evangelism.

“Dear Brother Samuel, With joy I greet you and I am glad to send you the attached testimony stories and photos regarding the ministry that the Lord has guided us to do in all of Mexico.
At Mexico Every Home for Christ, we rejoice in the support received from Revival Movement Association because this material is very well accepted among Mexican distributors due to its excellent quality, attractive designs and touching message which goes directly to the heart of the readers.VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
Every day the requests for Revival Movement literature increase all over our country and it is being sent to the most remote areas where the Gospel hardly has been spread, due to the difficult roads to reach many communities who live the most marginalized lives.
Pastors, laymen, evangelism leaders and, Christians in general, have sent their gratitude to Revival Movement donors for being so kind and faithful to freely give their offerings – in order to have available all this literature that, for us,  is the seed of the Gospel which God sends us to sow in our land.
Since Mexico EHC is already in the 32 states of our country, God is leading us to go to remote areas where seldom Christians dare to go due to the dangers from crime organisations and also because there are difficult road conditions.
Thank you sincerely for all your love, care and support for Mexico EHC and we beg your prayers for our 6 regional promoters.  These faithful Christians leave their families for long terms in order to enter into far away lands where people worship satan, practise dark religions, adore idols, but the Lord is opening doors which we never thought about!  Praise His Name!  Mexico Roberto
The following is a testimony of an alcoholic/drug addict – Roberto (right) has been linked to alcohol and drugs for nearly 30 years and lives in one of the areas of Tampico, one meter from the railway.  He lives in an area where the wooden houses are about to fall.  He sleeps on this old bed among dogs and cats and he has contracted various ailments since he is also a diabetic.  This is the case of more than 30 families living in this area.
Roberto has received the Lord Jesus into his heart and wants to be the means of opening a Bible study group in this area.  He is already inviting friends and neighbours to meet down at a tree where the few trunks are benches and where he will begin teaching what he has already understood regarding the Word of God.  Mexico two men
The first tract Roberto received was one Mexico EHC distributes about alcoholism and which Revival Movement printed for us in a very attractive design which graps the attention of those who get it.  Roberto also uses the Gospel of John sent by Revival Movement named “Seven Steps to Knowing God” which is very helpful for those who are new believers or non Christians.  Please pray that the Lord will save his friends and neighbours who have problems of alcohol and drug addiction.
Our deepest and sincere gratitude to you for all of the literature that you have sent to help us give an opportunity for people to know Jesus Christ through the Word of God and become new creatures with the hope to have a better life when Jesus Christ comes for His people.  Thank you and God richly bless you all and the faithful donors who make possible this miracle.  Gloria, Every Home for Christ, Mexico

Meet the King 4A report from Child Evangelism Fellowship Poland:It is a great privilege to serve children in Poland.  Thank you for the booklets that you have sent.  Together with Dorota we lead the literature ministry and also 3 Good News clubs in Poland.  God is faithful and blesses this Mission.  The literature arrived on Monday and in the afternoon we were sharing them at the last club in the school year.  Children from this school are poor and for them this book is a prize as a completion of the club.  In the incoming holiday time they will be studying God’s Word for 30 days and, because of you, they will be under the influence of the most important message – the Gospel.  Maybe this will change their lives totally and this is my prayer.
We came back from the camp in Zywiec where children from different parts of Poland are involved in different activities but, above all, they hear the Gospel.  The Lord has allowed us to share the truths of the Epistle to the Ephesians presenting Biblical truths to the children with the Wordless book. During the evenings we shared the life story of the Dutch missionary Corrie Ten Boom.  One evening a boy expressed his desire to accept Jesus into his heart.  It was my privilege to hear how he expressed his desire in prayer.  Praise the Lord for Peter from Krakow.  He made the most important decision in the world.  The next day during the evening a few other children invited the Saviour into their lives.  During that camp we also distributed the literature and handed out the booklets “Every Day with God”.  Today we are going with the literature to another camp in Wisla.  We would value your prayers.  Konrad and Dorota Pudowski, CEF Poland.IMG_0060
The following is a report from Child Evangelism Fellowship in Cameroon:
Since the arrival of the literature we have used it in teacher training classes by giving trained teachers sets of lessons to use for evangelism in Good New clubs, camps, school ministries as well as in Junior Youth Challenge courses.
One of our CEF workers called Intern died and during her burial programme we used the “Meet the King” booklets for evangelism – as well as a challenge for parents receiving copies to share with at least one child in their home. Many more parents came requesting copies after the service.  No one dropped a copy on the ground.
A Gendarme officer saw the “Meet the King” in the CEF vehicle and got so interested in reading it.  After doing so, he exclaimed that it was just like a “Jesus” film he had watched on TV and had been looking for a DVD copy to buy but to no avail.  I gave him some copies of the literature for him and his children, then later bought the “Jesus” film DVD for him.  The last time I called him, he told me he was watching the film in his office.

100_1221The following report is from Teens for Christ in Kenya who have been using the Bible Educational Service lessons which we have printed:
We have distributed 7,509 BES booklets this month to churches and have continued to guide the teams through the lessons.  We praise God for the good reports we are getting from churches  that the booklets have made the teenage ministry enjoyable.  The BES materials have also enabled the furtherance of the Gospel.  Through them we are known everywhere since we are the only ministry with such wonderful materials.  May God richly reward the Bible Educational Service for the Bible times materials.  The teenagers are digging deep into the Word of God, enjoying it and asking questions.  Teachers are of great help in coordinating this work.  We have been doing inductive Bible study in our groups using the BES materials.
God did a miracle in one of our chapters when He set free a Form 2 girl who had been initiated into devil worship and had become very bold to the extent of even declaring it publicly and threatening a Form 4 school mate who had thrown away a charm which she said was dear to her life.  She surrendered her life to Christ.  Now she is living a changed life and teachers, who were scared of her, have accepted that she has changed.  Slowly she is being renewed even in her thinking and the teacher in charge of spiritual affairs in the school, says that the girl now is completely different – and she prays that her parents who are members of a sect will be saved too.  Let’s continue to pray for her.  Due to this, the Christian Union have set aside extra time in their meetings for prayer and Bible study.  The prayer life of so many teens has changed because we no longer have to drag them to prayer, but they know the roles as young Christian men and women.  Some of them are capable of leading these sessions and it has been just great attending these meetings to share the Word with them and be encouraged in return.
We also had a mega rally in Kisi region at a boys’ school where students from 6 different schools were in attendance.  Around 4,000 teenagers were reached at this rally and 200 gave their lives to Christ.  The theme was Psalm 119 and verse 9.  We also held a “one on one” discipleship session and we also took time to minister to the teachers and other members of staff.  The chaplain of the school and some other teachers admitted that they had never seen such a rally where a large number of teenagers participated and were greatly impacted by God’s Word.  The area member of Parliament was also present and he was so impressed by what Teens for Christ were doing that he vowed to support the ministry countrywide.  Bes kenya
One girl Ackline confessed how she had been transformed by the Word of God after she heard how the Lord loved mankind.  She had, in her own words, considered herself an outcast after she had been expelled from various schools and her grandmother, who is her sole guardian, had given up on her because of her stubbornness.  Ackline gave her life to Christ the first day she joined the school and Teens for Christ was ministering and can now stand a justified girl through the Blood of Christ.
God has been faithful to cause a numerical increase as well as spiritual growth, both in our lives and also among the students.  One Christian Union patron, a teacher at Boro Secondary School, commented that “I admire your passion to see these teenagers changed.  You take your work very seriously unlike other ministries that send a preacher only once in a while.  But you guys are just unique and I love working with you.”  This is in relation to our weekly chapter meetings in the schools.  Teens are growing in the Word and their prayer lives are flourishing as seen from the large turnout of teenagers at our prayer sessions.  Chapters that were once dull are coming up and the joy of the Lord is felt in the meetings.  The teenagers are excited about these meetings and we are thrilled and amazed and we just want to give God all the credit. From Moses Omondi.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen