“The Gospel… is the power of God unto Salvation”

Kazakhstan Congress 2012_306People attending special meetings in Kazakhstan

Dear Friend, C H Spurgeon in one of his sermons said, “The Gospel has never been carried to people who did not need it, or whom it did not suit.  It has been found equally applicable to the ignorant and the wise.  No man has been found too degraded for its operation, nor too civilised for its benefits.  The Gospel has such abundant power that it heals nations and, ‘nations’, is a large word, comprehending millions!”  Truly it will:
‘Never lose its power
Till all the ransomed Church of God
Are saved to sin no more’.
As Psalm 72 says: “… all nations shall call him blessed.  Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things.”  We thank you, all our faithful supporters, who enable us month by month to send out large quantities of literature.
On the 8th of August we shipped an 18 tonne container load of Gospels of John, Scripture and Gospel booklets to our friends in India Bible Literature.  This container also included 4,000 flashcards on “The Life of Christ” for CEF India.
On the 20th of August we shipped a container to Nigeria.  In this container we had a large supply of our Revival Publishing books for distribution.  We also included over 1 million Gospel tracts and a supply of Gospels of John for various ministries in the country.
On the 22nd of August we shipped 21 tonnes of Gospel literature in the Russian language to Bible Mission for their One-to-Ten project.  Altogether in this container we had 360,000 copies of a booklet concerning Christmas and 360,000 copies of a booklet on the subject of Easter.   We also included the same number of leaflets for children.
On the 26th of August we shipped a container to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Ghana.  This container consisted of 180,000 Wonder Devotional booklets, Volumes 1 to 6, and 20,000 flashcard Bible lessons on “The Life of Christ”, Volumes 1 to 4, with 100,000 “Meet the King” booklets.
On the 29th of August we sent 60,000 Wonder Devotional booklets to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Hungary for distribution in the schools.
On the 29th of August we sent 20,000 copies of “Meet the King” in the Papiamento language which are going to the country of Aruba in the Caribbean.
On the 29th of August we sent 460,000 copies of the French leaflet “Bientôt” to Basil Aiken for his ministry into the French speaking world.

Materials in WarehouseConference in Kenya.

From the 12th – 16th of August Samuel Adams attended the Pan African Brethren Conference in Nairobi with Samuel Balmer and Stephen Gillingham from Bible Educational Services.  The following is his report:
This Conference consisted of leaders from over 20 countries many of whom are already using our Gospel literature.  We had an excellent time with these leaders reviewing their needs for supplies of literature and, at the same time, listening and hearing practical problems that many have.
For example, we met with Moses, the leader for Teens for Christ, and he shared with us the problems of transporting the BES lessons throughout the country of Kenya.  He told us that, in some regions, they are working with thousands of students in the schools, whereas maybe only one thousand of these pupils are actually using BES booklets as they do not have the means wherewith to transport the booklets from Nairobi.  This situation applies throughout the country of Kenya.  _IGP3200We also had the opportunity of meeting many of the regional leaders of Teens for Christ and we could not help but be really impressed as to how keen these young men are in leading young people to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
There was a lot of interest in the Revival Publishing books.  We had a table with a display of our literature and one young man came along and looked at all the Revival Publishing books.  He then started to go through the books, stating that he had read them all except three titles.  He then proceeded to pick out these particular titles.  The reason that he had not read them was because we had never shipped any quantity of these three titles to Kenya, as we have only recently printed them ourselves.  He immediately requested these three new titles and told me how much he enjoyed reading these quality classic books.
During the week we met with Calvin Samwata and discussed the literature needs of Zambia. We have a request from him for a container load of Gospels of John and Gospel tracts in different languages. We also met with David from Tanzania and Inge who is a German missionary who is involved in translation work in the Swahili language for many years. We have corresponded and worked with these friends but this was our first occasion to personally met them.  We hope that we will be able to help them with large supplies of Swahili literature in the future. DSC_6039
During the Conference we were also told of the tremendous impact that the sets of children’s Bible lessons have been making all across Kenya.  We were told that they have been of huge benefit and they are requesting for thousands more of these sets of lessons.  I had the opportunity of speaking about the literature and one of the items I mentioned was the Children’s Bible Lessons – afterwards a man came to me from Congo and told me that he had been involved years ago in proof reading the French translation of these lessons. I then discovered that this is the Emmaus leader in Lumbashi where we plan to ship a container during September.  He and others had come to Nairobi to learn how to use the BES booklets in schools.
During our discussions one leader told us that he is in discussions with the minister of education who is possibly interested in using BES booklets as part of their religious education in all of their schools in their country. This would be an enormous project but at the same time an amazing opportunity to reach millions of boys and girls with the Gospel. Please pray for this leader that the Lord will give him wisdom in his talks with the government minister.
One day we had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of CEF East Africa and meet Bro. Joseph Kavali the leader of the ministry. We were especially interested in seeing their printing department – I was shocked to see how old their equipment was – some equipment was older than when I joined our ministry over 35 years ago and yet they were producing training manuals and materials for teachers. I was deeply impressed by those working in this department. Cef kenya
The actual printing machine sits in a 20ft container, the dark room for producing film and making the plates is a 40ft container, while another 40ft container was the literature store and a 4th container was the office.
These friends in CEF told us of their great appreciation for the 200,000 Wonder Devotional books that they had received over one year ago.  They told us that these booklets have now all been distributed and have made a real impact for the ministry.
At present they are working on more translations and have also a large supply of literature on order for their work.  As we left their office we were challenged afresh by the needs for literature to reach boys and girls and, at the same time, the tremendous effort which is already taking place.
During our visit we also met with Pastor Godfrey with whom we have worked in Diguna Mission.  They have been using our literature on a regular basis for many years and he told us of the impact that the literature is making – and also the needs for a further supply of Gospel literature.
We also had the opportunity of visiting the Emmaus headquarters in Nairobi. These friends have a container outside their building where they store the BES booklets that we ship to Kenya. One of the major denominations in Kenya has now requested 40,000 of the BES booklets to be used in their Sunday Schools.
Once again we have been challenged afresh with the needs of Africa and the huge needs that there are for good Gospel literature.  Samuel Adams.
The following are more “thank you” letters and testimonies in connection with the project One-to-Ten held by Bible Mission each year.  At present in our factory we are printing a lot more literature for this project taking place at Christmas 2013.

People receiving our calendars  in Russia

People receiving our calendars in Russia

Dear brothers and sisters, We thank you so much for your help in supplying us with the Christmas gift packages for our church in Veremeevo.  We were very glad to receive calendars, leaflets, booklets and went out to share the joy of Christmas with our non-Christian friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues.
While giving away the gifts we shared about God’s love in Christ Jesus and invited people to come and attend Christmas worship services that we held in our church building. The non-believers’ response to the invitation was very different – both enthusiastic and very negative – but still the Lord blessed us abundantly.  Because of the work of our evangelists a very special man by the name of Vitaly Kalinichenko came to know Christ. He was suffering from alcoholism and had received our gift packages before. He also attended a few worship services that we invited him to.  Still he chose to remain in sin.
This past Christmas an evangelist from our church by the name Roman came to visit him with a One-to-Ten gift packet and the Lord had mercy on the proud Vitaly.  In repentance he prayed to receive Christ. He begged for God to change his life.  Praise the Lord! This was a real blessing and encouragement for our church.

Dear brothers and sisters, We thank you so much for the One-to-Ten project and for your sacrifice and commitment.  This project brought us a lot of joy and blessings.  We have seen a lot of fruit because of this co-operation.  We do believe that many more people in our area can learn about the love of Christ and kneel before the Lord in repentance – Belarus.
Dear friends, Nadia came to our meeting in January.  A huge tragedy brought her to the church.  Her daughter Marina’s kidneys stopped working and fluids started to form in her lungs.  Nadia came to the church to seek prayer support.  Her daughter is 23 and has a little 6 year old girl.  That day the church fervently prayed to our Lord.  Then we suggested that we come and visit the sick lady.  Her mother gladly agreed and received us.  When we came Marina was sitting on a couch covering herself with blankets.  We introduced ourselves and started speaking to her about Jesus and about the hope that the Lord gives to everyone who will trust in Him.  We saw her gloomy eyes suddenly becoming bright.  She was so excited to receive the One-to-Ten project gift packet and the illustrated New Testament.  She started reading the literature right away.  When we offered her to pray and ask for forgiveness from the Lord, she prayed and received Jesus with a childlike faith.

A church service in Russia

A church service in Russia

It has been for at least a month that their home has become a place of gathering in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The New Testament is with Marina everywhere – whether she is at home or in the hospital.  She reads it out loud proclaiming Jesus who allowed men to crucify Him so that men could have hope.  Marina found her hope and we praise the Lord for it! … Budej, Moldova.
Dear friends, I was especially encouraged by a letter that we received from a young 18 year old man who wrote from a prison in the town Lipkani:  “I have both parents, brothers and sisters but everybody abandoned me except God and you.  I received a gift packet from the Bible Mission and read through the Gospel of John.  I realized I was a sinner.  I will soon turn 18.  I do not want to continue in sin.  I would like to start all over again, have a new life and start with Jesus.  I really regret the life I had before.  I was a dead sinner before the Lord and I realize it.  I feel so bad now.  I feel abandoned and God is the only One Who has not abandoned me.  I am praying and I want to start a new life with Christ.  I do not want to return to my old ways.”  I pray that the Lord will encourage this young man and help him where he is – and, our part, we will continue to correspond with him and encourage him a lot.  Natalia Crigan, Moldova.
Please pray for the very large financial commitments that we have which include paper, printing, shipping and postage costs.. During this incoming month we plan to take delivery of 130 Tonnes of paper at a cost of £90,000.00.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen