News of Salvation from Papua New Guinea to Ireland

III Convencioìn Junio 2013-6 A Convention service being held in Colombia

Dear  Friend, in Proverbs chapter 29 verse 18 we have a well known verse – “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” In the Bible there were those to whom God imparted vision and great were their achievements for Him; for example, Joseph, Gideon, Peter and Paul. People since Bible times have also received God-imparted vision – William Carey, Hudson Taylor and David Livingstone to name a few.
The founder of our ministry Mr W. E. Allen caught the vision and commenced the work from humble beginnings. Today we seek to carry on this vision and presently we use five tonnes of paper each working day in the production of Gospel Literature to the glory of God. Souls are perishing around the world. Our vision is that many more in the coming days will hear of “the grace of God that bringeth salvation.” (Titus 2:11). We thank you that you too have caught the vision and are such a blessing to this ministry by your prayers and support.
On 13th September we shipped an 18 Tonne container load of Gospels of John and Scripture booklets to our friends in India Bible Literature. During the month we also had a visit from Dr. P.G. Vargis who has founded the Indian Evangelical Team. Through their ministry they have formed over 6,000 churches and have 2,600 workers. He was requesting us to supply his ministry with very large numbers of Gospels of John in various languages.
On 18th September we shipped another container load of Literature to our depot in Brazil. We included in this container 600,000 Bible correspondence courses for Child Evangelism Fellowship. We also included about 3 Million Gospel Tracts and a supply of Gospels of John to be distributed through our depot.
On 25th September we sent a container of Gospels of John to Harold Peasley who leads the work of Multi Ministries in S. Africa. We sent about 400,000 Gospels in English,  Tswana, Zulu, Sesotho and Northern Sotho, we also included a supply of Children’s Bible Lessons and about 150,000 Gospel Tracts.
On 30th September we shipped a container to Emmaus in Democratic Rep. of Congo. This consignment of French Gospels, Emmaus Bible Lessons and BES Lessons is for the schools around Kinshasa. This is for an amazing project in the schools of Congo – we will share more about this project in our next report.
On 30th September  we sent 50,000 Gospel Calendars in the Spanish Language to Clive and Hazel Walker for their work in Panama. We also sent about 10,000 Gospel booklets in the Chinese language to them for distribution in a Chinese community.
On 30th September we sent 25,000 Gospel Calendars to Mr Stephen Harper who is working in Malawi.
On 30th September we sent 2,400 Flashcards with teachers guides in Latvian and Russian on the Life of Christ to CEF working in Latvia.

DSC_6401Brief information of the Inter-American Church of Colombia. The Inter-American church of Colombia was founded by OMS in 1943. The church is 70 years old. Since OMS planted the first church, it has grown quickly. Today, it is made up of 700 churches and 100,000 members – most of the churches are located in rural areas.
OMS and The Inter-American church are undertaking a massive project to take the gospel all over the country called ‘Saturation Colombia’. Many people come to know the Lord everyday. It is taking place through the churches that we have and the evangelistic tracts are used as a powerful instrument to reach new people. The DNA of the church is to evangelise, so people are creatively looking for opportunities to share the good news. III Convencioìn Junio 2013-1
The container load of evangelistic tracts arrived in good time for them to have resources at hand to do their duty. At the moment, we have split the container of literature with the Christian Fellowship Church; this is another denomination planted by OMS. The president of the church, Remberto Barrios, has already sent literature to every regional director, so that it is available in all the country.Apartadoě 1
On behalf of the Inter-American church, we thank the Revival Movement Association along with all its donors for making this possible. As a church we commit ourselves to pray as the Lord continues to bless and make his name know in all the nations… Oscar, Inter-American Church of Colombia.

Papau New Guinea
Hello brother Samuel and team,  We are so happy to see God and His Word in action. Just wanted to share some good news with you.  We have been teaching a group from our village here through the Chronological lessons you printed for us. We had 10 people give clear salvation testimonies after the first course. Now we are teaching through the second course and it thrilling to see them rejoice in their Saviour and the salvation He has provided for them.
In the capital, Port Moresby, 8 outreach teams were sent out from the Badili Bible Church a year ago. Each team completed teaching their various groups through the first course and there were about 190 people who gave clear testimonies. In the city of Lae, a faithful brother taught the Word in a very rough settlement and 26 people got saved and there has been a big transformation in the community.
While attending the graduation of those new believers in Lae, some new believers from another study came to celebrate too. Again, some brothers taught the Word faithfully to a group in Madang province at an oil palm plantation and several believed there too. Some were from the Enga province where NTM only works in a small corner of the province.  In Madang town, a former hit man has been sharing the Word with some Bible school students and their families and with people in the prison. While visiting both groups, our missionaries heard powerful testimonies of changed lives.
Your faithfulness in printing and raising the funds for the publications is bearing fruit. Praise God with us. He is at work. Thank you again for all your help, Jim Tanner, Bible Teaching Resource Department, Papua New Guinea.

CEF Phils Literature Report1
CEF workers presenting the Gospel in a school in the Philippines

Dear Friends, I just want to thank you for all of the help you have given to us during the last few months with a supply of your Gospel tracts and booklets.  I would like to tell you what we have been doing with the literature that you sent. At the time you sent the booklets, the Moslems in our city set up a book table.  I, and a few astute teachers, started to do the same.  Your booklets have helped us to spread the Gospel three days a week.  Now we put a book table in our city and fill the table with your material.  This work now has 12 street preachers helping and is growing.  We have given your material to churches and evangelists all over our city and people are starting to do more evangelism due to your kindness.
Now that the work in our city is up and going I would like now to spread out to the towns and villages around us.  Also to get some church plants started.  We also meet hundreds of Moslems.  We meet a lot of people from Spain, Poland etc who come to our city.  On top of this we are near Chinatown and the Chinese need reaching.
I know this is a big order but, as I get funds, I will donate from my own church which has recently commenced with a few old ladies and former drug addicts so we have little resources.  But we are seeing many people being saved in the heart of the city and the heart of the work consists of the tracts and booklets which you have sent.  If you can help us with a further supply, that would be great. Your brother in Christ, J – a major city in the UK.
Brother Samuel, Greetings in His name, I got some gospel tracts from you a couple of years ago and I have now finished handing them to many people on the streets of the two towns in my area in Ireland. If possible I am now looking to have my supply renewed, I found the tracts to be great for starting conversations, not always positive but the Lords knows how people have been spoken to and have been challenged. “Which church saves” and “The way of salvation” were of great interest to a lot of contacts.
Just to bring you up to date as to where my wife and our son are at the moment, We have started a new meeting in a local hotel and we number 10 adults and 3 children so there is so much to thank God for, we now have a brother whose heart is aflame to reach out to those around him with God’s truth (I fear he shall make me redundant) and I need to make available some tracts to him.CEF Phils Literature Report2

Children in the Philippines receiving Meet the King booklets

Brother I just want to mention that you very graciously supplied the last consignment free of charge as I was not in a position to contribute any amount of a gift, however things have changed as our  little group takes the biblical principle of setting aside a gift each Lords day for the expansion of His kingdom. We look forward to sharing in the ministry of this great task of going out and seeing the lost reached with God’s truth and brought to the understanding of salvation by grace. Your servant for His sake, Michael L. Ireland.
Dear friends, We would like to thank you, most sincerely, for all of the Wonder Devotional books which you have sent to the work of CEF in Mexico.  The project of bringing Wonder Devotional books to every child in Mexico has had a national impact on children of different economic backgrounds.  God has allowed these Devotional books to reach children living in cities, towns, rural communities, children in prisons, hospitals and Bible clubs.  This past Sunday God gave us the privilege of watching a father sitting next to his daughter helping her to have the devotional for that day.  We do not have an exact number of children who have been reached but, this is an ongoing project, since every day in our offices in the country teachers come requesting for more Devotional booklets for their children.
During the month of April God allowed our National Director, Brother Henry and his family, to visit a small town in Sierra De Hidalgo.  For some time we have been sending supplies of your literature to this area.  We arrived at night and the next day we called the children to come for a special Bible club.  We visited some of them in their homes and it was tremendous to see the children   come out of their homes in the mountains, come down from paths carrying in their hands the Wonder Devotional bookets.  CEF Phils Literature Report3
Before starting the club Brother Henry had some questions from different Devotional booklets and it was wonderful to discover that the children had memorized Bible verses and knew the answers. At the same meeting a girl told us – “Are you going to teach us to win souls?”  It was a challenge but, with a simple tract, we taught the children who already know how to read how they can explain the Gospel to other boys and girls.  They were hungry for the Word of God.  One of the challenges we face is to encourage churches, pastors, teachers and parents as to the importance of their children having a daily Quiet Time.  Please pray that we will have wisdom in order to achieve a greater outreach in the goal that every child in Mexico can have access to the Gospel through these Wonder Devotional booklets.  Donce Velesanov, CEF Mexico.
We are planning this incoming month to ship containers of literature to Russia, Tanzania, India, Sri Lanka and two containers to Congo. Each container will cost around £35,000.00 when you include paper, printing costs, and shipping.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen