500 people respond to the Gospel through tent campaigns in Romania



Some of the 53,000 children reached with the Gospel Message in Romania through the work of Paul Williams

Dear  Friend, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” 1 Peter  1 v. 3.  At the heart of what we believe as Christians are these truths; the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, our gratitude to God for His great mercy and love, and our lively hope of heaven.  This hope is sure and steadfast.  Not so for the unconverted.  Matthew Henry said, “The hope of the unregenerate is a delusion.”
Please pray for us in this work of sending out the Gospel day by day.  Pray that many might find forgiveness of sins and a lively hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.  We deeply appreciate each one of you as you stand with us in this ministry.
On  1st October we shipped an 18 tonne container with Emmaus Bible Correspondence courses, Bible Educational Service booklets and 100,000 Gospels of John in the French language to Lubumbashi, Congo.
Then on 3rd October we shipped a container with exactly the same material to Goma, Congo.  This is part of a major project with which we are involved in reaching young people in the schools of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Please read more details about this major project in this report.
On 2nd October we shipped a container of literature for the 1 to 10 Project for Bible Mission;  this supply was for the Ukraine and Moldova.  We have received news that the literature that we supplied  has already been received in Omsk, Siberia, in Almaty, Kazakhstan and in  Minsk, Belarus. This is a real answer to prayer as this will now allow these Scripture Calendars, and Gospel Booklets to be delivered to the churches taking part in the 1 to 10 project.
On 10th October we sent 120,000 Wonder Devotional Booklets and 40,000 Meet the King booklets in the French language to CEF and to Dr. Philippe Ouedraogo for their work in Burkina Faso.
On 23rd October we shipped 21 Tonnes of literature to CEF in Mexico. This consisted of 700,000 Meet the King booklets with 50,000 Gospel Tracts.  Erique who is the leader of the work told us that he has 1,000 churches all waiting and eager to distribute these Meet the King booklets.
On 24th October we sent a container of literature to our friends in India Bible Literature. Bro. Velu the leader of the work wrote recently – “There is a growing need for Hindi Gospels of John. God is working miraculously in this difficult region and now the churches are actively involved in sharing the Gospel. We have several pending orders and as we have already requested you, please send 2 Million Hindi Gospels, 100,000 Marathi Gospels, 100,000 Oriya Gospels and 100,000 Kannada Gospels. We are really grateful to God for the wonderful partnership with Revival Movement… “
On 25th October we sent 800 “Life of Christ” flashcards with Teachers’ Guides to CEF in Estonia.
On 25th October we sent to Bible Mission 10,000 calendars in the Uzbek language, 10,000 in the Kirkaz language and 10,000 in the Tatar language. These calendars will be given to those from Central Asia who are working in Moscow.
On 25th October we sent 50,000 Scripture calendars in the Romanian language to Mr Paul Williams for his work in Romania.  Please read a fuller report of his work in the newsletter.  On 30th October we shipped a container with 400,000 Wonder Devotional booklets in the Swahili language to CEF for their work in Tanzania.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
Dear Brother Samuel, warmest greetings to you and your dedicated team and fellow workers in the lovely Name of our unique and wonderful Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ!  I trust that you are greatly encouraged in the Lord and in His great work especially through the hugely effective printing ministry at Revival Movement.
I would like to thank Revival Movement for their tremendous help with the Gospel literature that has been sent to us.  During the last 2 years we have easily received in excess of 1.5 million Gospel tracts, 30 boxes of the Gospel booklets “Let Him In” and, last year, 30,000 calendars.  This very large quantity of excellent Gospel literature has been a tremendous help to us in Romania and recently in the Republic of Moldova.  In fact it would have been impossible to back up the rapidly expanding Summer Gospel tent ministry throughout Romania and Moldova without the wonderful help and practical fellowship that you friends have provided.Ungurei work with children
During the last 2 years we have received 6 different Gospels tracts and 3 children’s tracts.  These were given to Romanian evangelists and Gospel workers in order to help them with Gospel work – some being involved in pioneer evangelism and the planting of new local churches.  The tracts were also given to believers involved in personal evangelism.  These tracts were a great help in the Summer Gospel tent work in Romania and Moldova.  DSCN1443
Since we commenced the Gospel tent work in Romania in May 2008 over 53,000 children and 67,000 adults and young people have listened to the great message of salvation and about 500 people have professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  This summer has been the best and the most fruitful for the Assembly Gospel tent ministry in Romania.  The 12 tents have been used in the 21 counties throughout Romania and also, for the first time, in Moldova.  The Sovereign Lord wonderfully blessed in the salvation of over 160 people.  Over 12,000 children and 16,000 adults have attended these tent meetings and others have listened to the Gospel through the loudspeaker system.  Truly to God be the Glory great things He has done and continues to do!
We look forward in the Lord’s Will to receiving more Gospel tracts and booklets in order to use in evangelism. May the Lord bless you richly.  Paul Williams.Badulesti AG 013
The Vice-President of ECC – Eglises du Christ au Congo representing all the Protestant churches in Congo  asked Zentral Afrika Mission (ZAM) to introduce the EMMAUS Courses to all 15,000 Protestant schools in Congo. He explained that he himself had studied the course many years earlier.  He therefore knew the value of the course, he knew the material and he had not forgotten the many lessons which he had learnt through it.  He therefore highly valued the Emmaus lessons and his own personal knowledge persuaded him to invite Emmaus workers to come into the schools and teach the Scriptures.
As the Emmaus courses are not designed for children, ZAM approached Bible Educational Services (BES) to see if their lessons could be used.  The leaders of these missions then approached Revival Movement and shared with us this tremendous challenge. We have an invitation to present the Gospel in 15,000 schools in Congo to 5 million young people.  Our initial aim is to print 1,130,000 Gospels of John and Bible Study booklets for 310,000 students. This will give them the privilege of studying the Word of God and through this we trust that they will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
The Democratic Republic of Congo is a huge country with very poor infrastructure, especially for travelling internally in the country. Therefore we must approach the country from three different angles. Kinshasa on the West Coast, Lubumbashi in the South and Goma on the East side of Africa.  To commence this project – we have shipped one 20ft container of literature to each of the following areas – Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Goma.
ZAMBIA – “Dear servants of God, I thank you very much for being there for me and for giving the Good News through your booklet entitled, “The Way of Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ” which I borrowed from my friend.  I was miserable, empty, bitter, sad and without hope, until the Lord saved me and I also was born again.
I am so glad and thankful to the Lord.  I am praying for your Revival Movement to be strong and stable.  Please send me more literature.  This is to help me evangelise among these people so that they will abandon their sinful carnal lives.  May the Lord fill you with all of His blessing.  Cosmas, Zambia.

Pastors in Colombia during training before they receive the literature

Pastors in Colombia during training before they receive the literature

“Dear Heather, Clive and Samuel, On behalf of Children’s Vision International we would like to thank you for your incredible work of benefiting millions of people around the globe, who have the privilege to receive God’s life-changing and saving Word in their hands,  because of the incredible calling that you are living at Revival Movement Association.
In September we were very happy to receive 120 boxes of assorted literature from Fundacion el Abrigo which we distributed to 18 churches and ministries who are being used by God in a powerful way to impact Bogotá – and also some other cities such as Barancabermeja.  Our drivers travelled the 10 hour journey from Bogotá to Cali to receive the literature and travelled back the next day.
Immediately all the representatives from each church or ministry arrived at Children’s Vision to receive this great blessing.  Everything which was brought from Cali was distributed immediately, free of charge, so that it would be put into use as quickly as possible.  It is very costly to buy this type of literature in Colombia.  The ministries and churches that received this material would not have sufficient resources to buy this literature and have seen your gift as an incredible blessing to help them in their evangelistic efforts.
They are all small ministries which are working very hard to have a big impact.  Many of them are working with the very poor and needy.  They asked me to express their most profound gratitude for all that you are doing.  Each signed a commitment form that they would use the literature quickly and in a way which would honour and glorify God in every way possible.  It was an incredible experience to be able to help the Christian community in this way supporting their evangelistic effort and, for that, we thank you deeply.
We very much hope that this will be the beginning of a new door that God is opening and would wish to be considered in the future to receive more literature for distribution to churches and ministries serving the Lord in Colombia.  With many thanks and blessings, Richard Sanderson.

Sorting out supplies of literature in Colombia

The impact of Wonder Devotional Booklets
A dear brother, Marcelo Galvan, who works with children, was invited to give a Bible lesson in a Primary School in Tucuman (a central province of Argentina). At the end of the class he gave out Devotional Book No. 1, told them how to use it, and that they should have every day a time with God and then asked the children for their contact details in Facebook. He did the follow-up by facebook, asking the children to tell him what they had learnt from their devotional that day.
Many fathers got interested in the Devotional Book, because they would ask themselves, why is it that they have more homework and that they do part of it by facebook. So the fathers started reading the Devotional Books, and said “I never understood the Bible in such a simple way – this is really great – we can understand the message”.  Many parents, especially the fathers received the Lord as their Saviour (approx 22), the children received the Lord as their Saviour, and then they asked the teacher, where can we go to Church? Can we have a church as there is no church in the area?
Today Marcelo is working at getting a church started. Gathering with the children, the fathers, and also the mothers some of whom also have recieved the Lord as Saviour. Please pray that the seed of the Devotional Book may continue to spread between these schools and that more parents may want to know MORE and MORE of our Saviour.

Please pray for safe and quick delivery of the smaller consignments of literature which are being posted to individual pastors and Christian workers in a large number of countries. Each day we spend on average £300.00 on postage for these parcels.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen