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Photos - Victory (Football ) tracts in the Spanish language being distributed in Honduras, Central America.

Dear Friend,
During the months prior to the Football World Cup we printed and shipped over four million of the “Victory” football tracts in various languages to many countries. In this report we are pleased to share some of the reports we have received concerning the distribution of these tracts and the impact which they have made.

During the past month Victor Cardoo has been suffering from weakness in his arms and legs. On 29th July he wrote “I have been diagnosed with having ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. There is no cure for it.”

Please pray for Victor, his family, and for the team working in the depot in Brazil as they come to terms with this news. Pray that they will know the presence of the Lord in a special way during these difficult days when many adjustments will be made.


Dear Brother Samuel, I am so glad to be able to tell you that the container load of literature has finally arrived. We are very happy, enjoying this blessing to have so many tracts and booklets to deliver to our people in the coming weeks. During the unloading of the material there were 4 main Christian movements represented with their national pastors. Pastor Danny Gonzalez representing 120 pastors, Pastor Ismael Perez representing 175 pastors, Pastor Raul Espinosa representing 224 pastors, and Pedro Olvera representing 750 pastors.

Since we are in the middle of the Summer school vacations several young boys volunteered to help us in the hard work of unloading. Also some sisters from different churches brought food to share with those hard working Christian men. We all enjoyed this experience and pray that very soon we will get more of your literature.


Dear friends, The arrival of the container of literature from Revival Movement was characterized by a great revival of Every Home for Christ in Mozambique! Our work in Mozambique was not doing well. This was due to an inadequate supply of literature. However, the arrival of the literature motivated everyone. The literature from Revival Movement has brought life to many churches who are affiliated to our ministry.
The literature content is relevant and Holy Spirit filled. This has helped a lot in ministering since the literature continues to preach the Gospel in the home, even after we have left. The literature has given us overwhelming responses and this has increased the numbers attending many churches and also many Christ groups have been formed out of our evangelism efforts, accompanied and equipped by tracts from Revival Movement.

Many churches had Sunday schools but, they did not have the material to teach the young ones and Revival Movement brought an abrupt end to all their sorrows. The Bible lessons used to teach the kids were more than useful, since it does not only contain the picture, but also contains Scriptural content that is very useful in teaching the young people at Sunday schools.

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to Revival Movement for coming to be our partner in preparing and preserving the gathered in harvest. Our partnership with Revival Movement has proved to be more than fruitful.  Our prison ministry has also been sharpened by the literature. We really feel proud of the work and the harvest in the prisons. We have managed to establish numerous Christ groups in many prisons across the country and many prisoners like the literature and many have come to know Jesus through the tracts and booklets.

The literature also has enhanced our military evangelism, among the police and many learning centres; including Universities. This is because the language used is simple and therefore this enables the literature to be reader friendly.

Testimony – “Since I joined Every Home for Christ my work has never been the same. My church used to be attended by 12 adults and 17 children. The main challenge to me was evangelizing. I really did not know how to evangelize. Every Home for Christ came to me, and other church leaders in my area, and they taught us how to evangelize. They equipped us with literature and from then everyone in my church has dedicated himself or herself to evangelism. This has resulted in the gradual increase of my church’s membership. To date my church is being attended by more than 120 people and the church is continuing to be self-multiplying.” Pastor Marcus Machonia.

Testimony – “I did not like my husband and he did not like me. What was keeping us together were our children, although my husband would sometimes say that the children were not his. He believed that Jorge our youngest son was his only child and therefore was his favourite. My husband would always listen to him and always considered Jorge’s request. Jorge became the medium of communication between me and my husband.

One day Jorge came home very excited. The excitement he had was not normal. My husband and I were seated watching television with no communication between us as usual. We all looked at him waiting to hear what the excitement was all about! Jorge announced that he had given his life to Christ through Every Home for Christ evangelism that had been conducted at his school. He started to tell us what he had learnt from the evangelists who had visited his school. He then took out from his satchel a piece of literature entitled, “Pardon and Assurance”. My husband and I were all curious to read the contents of the booklet. My husband read it first and when he finished it was already late for me to read it. So I read it the following day. The contents of the booklet made me shed tears and a great hunger struck and this was not hunger for food, but for Jesus.

Two weeks later I decided to give my life to Jesus at the Redeemed Church of God here in Beria, and a week later my husband did the same. This was the end of all our tribulation and fights. We are now a happy family in Jesus. We were both saved by a piece of literature brought to our house by our youngest son.
Can you please send us an even larger consignment of literature as our stock of literature is almost finished?” Anacleto, Mozambique Every Home for Christ.


Dear Brother Adams, Every Home for Christ Nicaragua, really appreciates the literature that you sent to us. Your contribution means that our ministry in Nicaragua can reach more people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The tract “Victory” arrived just in time when the World’s Soccer Cup was still going on. It presents the truth in a nice, brief and easy to understand way. We are sure God is already working through it. The Lord is using you in more ways that you know and touching more lives through you than you can even realise. We value your generosity.  “The Lord recompense thy work and a full reward be given thee…” Isaac Estrada.




Dear Brother, We wish to thank you with all our hearts for the supply of literature that you have given to our country Honduras and especially to Every Home for Christ. On June the 26th we received the tracts “Victory” that you sent to us. These tracts have been a great blessing because many pastors and leaders were ready to start the distribution with their churches. I want to thank you in the name of the new converts from the tract “Victory” and for the other evangelistic literature that you sent us. Many blessings.” Angel Humberto Reana.



Dear friends, We thank God for the consignment of 10 Tonnes of Gospel literature which you sent to us, including the tracts for routine evangelism, follow-up and children’s materials. We especially would like to thank you for the football tracts “Victory”. We thank God for the wonderful experiences, both by staff and churches, that participated in the distribution of these tracts during the World Cup.
Distribution was done systemically to soccer fans gathered watching the games and in public places. In some places, while the tracts were being distributed, queues formed from people wanting the tracts; presumably because people thought that there was information relating to the World Cup. This is the first time that tracts of this nature have invaded the ranks of the football world in Zambia. Every Home for Christ staff and 15 churches participated in distribution and we thank God for the vision to use the World Cup as an opportunity to reach the world of soccer with the Gospel using tracts. We had a total of 200 volunteers from the 15 churches distributing the tracts. We estimate that, through the tracts, we communicated the Gospel to 283,000 soccer fans. This is unique and we have had a total of 890 responses.
The Soccer Tract Distribution ministry has helped us lift our eyes to see the football world as a gigantic mission field that requires further penetration of the Gospel – rather than just a one-off that stops at the World Cup. People were worshiping football rather than God, and it is an indication that most people go to soccer games to fill their empty hearts with something that is exciting. The soccer tract distribution has come to stay as an ongoing ministry. Our strategy will now be focused on placing missionaries at stadiums. The crowds entering the gates provide us with targets for the Gospel.

Testimony – “My name is Joseph Banda, aged 28 years, working in the streets of Lusaka selling newspapers. I grew up in a Christian family. My parents died and I stopped going to church. On the 24th of June I was approached by a brother, Julius, who asked me if I would be willing to distribute football tracts to my clients alongside newspapers. I hesitated but felt in my heart that this was the opportunity for me to know God again. While distributing, I would also read the tract only to discover the tracts carried the Word of God, a different message from the newspaper. This strategy brought me back to God, but also gave me an opportunity to share the Word of God.”

Testimony – “Nelson Mandela School – We received 6,600 football tracts from Every Home for Christ, Zambia, which were distributed during the World Cup period. As Scripture Union President I was very encouraged to see the excitement of people who received these tracts. I heard one of the teachers confessing that God is all-knowing and full of wisdom, that He can use the World Cup event to bring people to Himself.

It was very easy for people to understand the message of the tracts in their local language, more especially that the majority of the people are not educated. They felt accepted and motivated to see and hear Christ in the language they clearly understand. Thank you for all of the tracts.” Brother Richard, Every Home for Christ, Zambia.


Dear Samuel, I am writing to let you know how we distributed the Gospels of John and share some news of the last Gospel outreaches here in Turin. From the 10th April to the 23rd May there has been the Shroud Exhibition in Turin with more than 1.5 million pilgrims visiting. We had the chance to print a special booklet called “The Shroud and the evidence of faith” and a postcard entitled, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” We had thousands of pilgrims come in from all over Italy and the world. On the 2nd of May the Pope visited Turin. So during 7 weekends we could distribute thousands of booklets, postcards and Gospels of John. Many people gathered around our bookstall in order to talk. (Above)
From the 13th to the 17th May we have been involved in the 23rd International Book Fair in Turin. This is the most influential book exhibition in Italy with 315,000 visitors. There we had the chance to get in touch with a lot of people; readers, teachers, priests and journalists. We sold almost 600 Bibles and gave away thousands of Gospels of John.

In September there will be an evangelistic campaign called “Lo Ti …” in Northern big cities like Milan. We are wondering if you could print for us another 100,000 copies of St. John Gospel? Marco Demo, Geneva Bible Society.
Each working day we are using 5 Tonnes of paper in the production of all of the Gospel Literature. We are very thankful for our many friends and we ask you to continue to pray for us in every aspect of the ministry.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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