Bible and Book Ministry

We would like to share with you an exciting new aspect of Revival Movement Association. This has come about due to the fact that, as we have travelled to many countries and have entertained visitors from different parts of the world, we have been repeatedly asked about the possibility of getting Bibles and good Christian books for pastors and for people to be able to study for themselves. We have talked to many different Mission leaders from other countries asking for their opinion and everyone has been of one mind that there is a tremendous need for Bibles and good quality books. We therefore have decided to commence a Bible and Book Ministry.

One of the major differences in this part of the ministry is that all of the Bibles and books will not be given free of charge. We have been advised that most people can afford a little bit of money for a Bible or a book. Of course, in the countries in which we are working, most people cannot afford the prices which we will normally pay for Bibles and books. We have decided to sell the Bibles and books at subsidized rates so that the Bible will be priced according to what we feel people can afford. This may mean that we will charge different prices in many countries depending on the needs of the people.

One of the major problems of distributing Bibles or books free of charge is that often people will take a Bible or book, but will not necessarily read it but simply leave it on the shelf. Whereas if a person pays, even a small amount of money for the Bible or book, then they value it and will be much more ready to take time to read it. The other major problem is that we cannot afford to give out free Bibles or books to everyone simply because of the huge numbers of people living in the countries where we work.

We therefore have decided to purchase large quantities of KJV Bibles at very good prices and then ship these to the different Missions with whom we work with the Gospel literature that we are already printing.

Concerning books there is a huge need for many good quality books of various types such as commentaries, daily reading helps for preachers, Bible character studies, Christian living including subjects like prayer.

We have been very aware that there are huge numbers of books for sale and, yet we are aware that many of these books in a few years time, will not be for sale any longer. However, there are books which have stood the test of time and continue to be a real blessing to the many who read them. Some of the authors of these books are people like Bishop J. C. Ryle, C. H. Spurgeon, E. M. Bounds, R. A. Torrey, D. L. Moody and many other great classic writers of years gone by. We therefore have decided to use these books and commence reprinting them as they contain such a wealth and depth of Christian experience.

At present we have printed the following titles:

“Wondrous Love” by D. L. Moody
“How to Work for Christ” by R. A. Torrey
“Power Through Prayer” by E. M. Bounds
“Weighed in the Balances” by D. L. Moody
“Methods of Christian Work” by R. A. Torrey
“Expository Thoughts on Matthew” by J. C. Ryle
“Holiness” by J. C. Ryle
“Daily Light” (all Scripture)
“Necessity of Prayer” by E. M. Bounds
“Preaching and Teaching the Word of God” by R. A. Torrey
“70 Lessons on Teaching and Preaching the Word of God” by George Goodman
“Morning by Morning” by C. H. Spurgeon
“Paul” by F. B. Meyer

Quantities of these books have been printed and shipments of the books have gone to Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Trinidad, and India.

Recently we opened a new literature outlet in Lagos in Nigeria where our Gospels tracts and other booklets will be available free of charge, but also people will be able to come and purchase the books. We will also be selling the books at Conferences for pastors and Christian workers.

One of the comments that we heard while being in Nigeria was – “We have been looking for books by these authors, but we could not find them in our bookshops.”

If you would like to help to subsidize the Bibles and books, please mark your gift for “Revival Publishing”

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