Requested Literature Project 2011 for CEF International

To print 2,000,000 copies of “Meet the King” booklet – this is a 20 page full colour booklet presenting the Gospel Message to boys and girls who do not know Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

This booklet offers children the opportunity to take part in a Mailbox Correspondence Course so that they can learn much more from the Word of God.

To print 2,000,000 Mailbox Club lessons – 10 Lessons per child.

Target Countries
1,000,000 copies for European Countries, which include France, Lithuanian, Portugal, Armenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania and Russia.

1,000,000 copies for African Countries, which include Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Past Effect
During distribution of “Meet the King” bookets in Moldova, CEF experienced an increase of 100 new children each week signing up to take part in the Mailbox Club correspondence course. The workers had never seen a response like this to any other outreach to the children of Moldova.

To print 4,800,000 CEF Wonder Devotional Booklets. The booklets are similar to Daily devotional Bible reading notes which many adults are familiar with using. We want to encourage and teach boys and girls to get into the regular habit of reading the Word of God daily and teaching them to pray each day. Each booklet has Daily readings for 2 months and there are six booklets in the series therefore giving sufficient reading notes for 1 year.
Printing 4,800,000 of these booklets will allow 800,000 Children to receive the booklets for the period of one year.

Target Countries
African Countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

To print 180,000 sets of Bible Lessons (each with 12 lessons) for those who CEF have trained but who cannot afford to purchase the Bible Lessons.  CEF are training large numbers of people in many nations to teach boys and girls in Sunday Schools, Day Schools and many other types of children’s meetings. However many of those who have been trained cannot afford to purchase sets of Lessons, and therefore the benefit of the training that they have received is nullified as it is very hard to teach children without effective literature.  Each set of Bible Lessons will consist of 12 Lessons which will be suitable for a period of 3 months. Teachers will receive free of charge 3 sets of Lessons throughout the year – giving them enough lessons for a 9 month period. Holidays and special occasions reduce the need for a 12 month course.
The aim is to equip 60,000 teachers with 9 months of Bible Lessons.

Target Countries
Philippines, Kenya, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Haiti, Israel, Armenia, Iran, Zambia and South Africa.

Matching Gift
We have received a matching gift of up to £250,000 towards this project. The matching gift means that any gift from a new supporter to our ministry or a gift which is above the normal giving from an existing supporter will be matched therefore doubling the size of your gift.

Example 1
A new supporter gives £50.00 to Revival Movement Association.
The ministry will then receive £50.00 from the Matching Gift.
Therefore we will receive a total of £100.00 towards this project.

Example 2
An existing supporter normally gives £100.00 per year.
This year they increase their giving to £300.00 during the year. This is an increase of £200.00.
The matching grant will give the same amount as the increase thus it will give £200.00.
Therefore we will receive a total of £400.00 towards this project.

If you would like to support this project please mark your gifts “For CEF literature”.

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