Containers shipped to Mexico, Russia, India, Poland, and Brazil during June

A container with 18 Tonnes of Gospel literature being unloaded in Uganda.

Dear Friend,
We continue to be excited as we see supplies of Gospel Literature leaving the factory and going all around the world. You will see in our “Shipping Diary” the long list of countries where consignments of literature are being shipped. We say thank you for helping to make this possible. It is always amazing to realise that we are having an effect on boys and girls, men and women in cities, towns and villages. Many of them know almost nothing about our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, people who have never handled the Word of God. Let us pray that the lives of many of these souls will know what it is to have the peace of God ruling in their hearts.


Dear Brother Samuel Adams, We at “Soma Biblia”, would like to express our deep gratitude for giving us the opportunity to be one of the distributors of the Swahili Gospels of John and the different tracts which you supplied to us in a container from Revival Movement Association.

It has been a great pleasure on our part to exert effort in distributing the Gospels of John. We have the commitment to spread the Gospel through evangelical literature distribution and, when we receive the literature from you, it did not only boost our morale; but also provided us with the most needed materials on the field.

We incorporated the distribution of the Gospels of John and other tracts into our day to day operations which include reaching the people in rural areas, townships and cities with the Word of God, by the help of our mobile bookshop and distribution network. We also serve missionaries, churches and other church institutions. We provide them with Bibles, books and tracts which, in turn, they use in their respective areas. We also equip the pastors, evangelists and Christians in different churches by providing them with helpful books and materials for their ministries.

Our experience from the field is that there is an ever increasing demand for Gospel reading material. This challenges us greatly not to spare even the last effort to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We envisage an expansion in the areas where we work and we would like therefore to receive another container load of literature for our work in Tanzania. Kristian Larsen

Recently our shipping agent Mr Carson McMullan visited Mr & Mrs Ron Cunningham in Tanzania. One day they went out and Ron brought a supply of our Swahili Gospels of John with him. He began to distribute them but some people requested for bundles of them so that they could give copies to their friends.

Ron and Marie asked Carson to contact us and request for 500,000 copies of the booklet “Gods Wonderful book”, and 250,000 copies of another booklet both in the Swahili language. We are very grateful to Carson for the photos displayed on this page.

Dear Brother Samuel, Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to inform you that we have received the 200,000 “Victory” tracts and we already have commenced distribution. Next week we will make an important distribution of the “Victory” tracts in various places in the city of Buenos Aires where the government set up giant screens and where thousands of people gather to watch the World Cup football games. We hope to have good results during the distribution in which hundreds of volunteers from churches will be distributing the tracts. Rino Bello.

Above – Rino Bello during hospital visitation.

Dear friends, After the earthquake here in Chile work for the evangelisation of our nation has greatly accelerated and new possibilities are opening up to partner with the local churches. Before the earthquake, I always had to request the opportunity to be able to present the work of Every Home for Christ in the pastor’s meetings. But now they are asking us to please come and share. We have been invited to participate in a pastor’s meeting in Valparaiso and yesterday we were invited to a national conference here in Chile where we meet with pastors and leaders from 76 different cities. There we asked the Lord for forgiveness for not having been prepared to respond to the situation the Word of God warns us will happen. However, everything is working together for good, because these leaders now support the idea of doing home to home evangelism using all available means to advance the Gospel.

In the meeting they asked me, as the Director of Every Home for Christ in Chile, if we would be able to provide the necessary literature for a special evangelistic campaign in the 76 cities where they minister. The pastors have never been so open to the possibility of working together. Truly problems that come up are not real problems, but rather opportunities; and the pastors here in Chile are beginning to see the opportunity they have to work together for the evangelisation of this nation. Part of the literature we had in stock was used during the Holy week campaign and the rest will be used in the region Metropolitana. So we are eagerly awaiting for the container load of literature with the Gospels of John and 1½ million tracts which you are sending to us. Victor Stuardo.

Dear Brothers in Christ, We are a little church in Northern Paris. There are meetings in French and Spanish. Every Saturday we have an outreach at the bookstand where we display Bibles, Christian literature and give out tracts. We specialize in reaching out to people from North and West Africa, Turkey and elsewhere. That’s why Arabic literature would be very interesting for us. Thank you so much for your booklets with Scripture portions. This is the best we can give out for free. God bless you in your ministry. A. Bode.

Dear Friends, I took these photos after the prayer meeting called by the pastors of Kuhmo to pray over the literature which has just arrived. A consignment left for the childrens camps in the Ukraine this morning. A church leader is taking a few boxes north to the White Sea area on saturday.

The folk are “Over the Moon with the children’s booklets” Thank you for your great help in starting the fire in this isolated town. Prayer is needed for the bus. The engine needs major repairs before I can deliver the literature which is to go to Lapland. Blessings Clifford, Kuhmo, Finland/Russian border.

Dear Friends, It is a joy to hear of your efforts to take the message of the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus to all parts of the world. It is my desire that the Lord will continue to use your organisation to carry out the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

I am the pastor of the 2nd Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Peru in the town of Cajamarca. This year we are planning to take the Gospel message to every home in the shanty town. Our team of 30 Christians hope to reach 5,000 people.

We would, therefore, ask you to supply us with 5,000 Spanish tracts and booklets and also with literature suitable for children. There are many children who are practically fending for themselves as their parents work long hours and are away from home from early in the morning until late at night. They need to know the Lord. Juan de Dios Santa Cruz Padilla.

SUPPLY OF PAPER – During the earthquake in Chile a few months ago, a major pulp producing factory was badly damaged. This factory produced 8% of the worlds pulp – this has now created shortages of paper which has resulted in cancelled orders, and major price increases. We are facing increases of at least £100.00 a Tonne. At the moment in the factory we are using at least 100 Tonnes of paper each month which is an increase of £10,000.00 per month just for paper. During this past month we took delivery of 170 Tonnes of paper in an effort to build up some extra stock. This has cost over £110,000.00 – please continue to pray for these huge financial commitments to keep this ministry running smoothly.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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