A constant flow of Testimonies, Requests and Appreciation

Dear Friend,
We are constantly encouraged by a constant flow of letters, emails and phone calls from many parts of the world telling about those who have come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through our Gospel Literature. At the same time we are challenged afresh day after day as we receive many requests for Gospel tracts, Gospels of John, Children’s Bible Lessons and our other publications. Many of these requests are much larger than we can supply, such as a phone call telling us that they could use 1 Million Gospels of John in the Russian language. We often forget the huge populations in many of the countries where we are sending literature, so even if the quantities of literature that we are sending appear to be large, they are only a drop in the ocean of need. We continue to be very grateful to all of our friends for their prayerful and financial support.


To all at Every Home Crusade and Revival Movement. Greetings from Bohol in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I want to share with you more good news concerning the Cebuano Gospels of John. During the Summer we had given Gospels for a large camp held every year in Bohol. The Gospels were given out with instructions how to use them. Pastors are distributing them door to door in their towns, villages, and neighbourhoods giving them out freely and telling the people, Read and study this Gospel of John and I will be back in two weeks to ask you how do you want to service Jesus.

A Youth Campus ministry was able to have a stand in a main University in Bohol at the orientation week. They gave out 500 Gospels and 300 of the students who received them left their contact numbers for follow-up to know more about the Gospel.

This same ministry just received 20 boxes of Gospels last week for a special youth gathering. 1,000 students from Leyte, Negros and Sebu will gather in Bohol and be trained and taught in missions and evangelism. Every student will receive 10 Gospels each and witness effectively to the lost. Thank you very much for supplying the Cebuano speaking people in the Philippines with the Gospel in their dialect. Please can we request 1,000 boxes of Cebuano Gospels of John for a greater harvest of souls? Thank you. Philip Johnston and family.


<"Dear Samuel, We are writing to express our sincere thanks for the 100, 000 Gospels of John you sent us and also the other materials for our LIFE project, based on John's Gospel. We want to share with you how the LIFE project is being used in Spain, as Every Home Crusade have played a key role in this project, partnering together with us. Student groups all over Spain are using John's gospels and the publicity that you printed, as a means of speaking about Jesus to their classmates.

Already, 11,300 gospels have been distributed in 12 universities across Spain, and we hope that the rest of the printed resources will be distributed this coming year. In addition, an additional 600 gospels have been requested by local churches who plan to carry out the LIFE project on a local level in different cities such as Cadiz, Badajoz, Seville etc.

Local university Bible groups publicized the LIFE project with the Gospels and the other materials you provided. As a result of this about 20 non Christian students are studying the Bible together with other Christian students in their universities. This is such an answer to prayer and an exciting time for GBU here in Spain.

Students from GBU Spain are very blessed to have all these resources and it is exciting to see non-Christians reading the Gospel of John. Also it is a real gift to see the courage of Christian students who are taking a stand and challenging their friends by giving them the Gospel of John.

We pray for the students who are beginning to seek Jesus, for those who are attending Bible studies, for the close friends of those who are attending the groups and for all of those who today, have a portion of the God’s Word in their home. We pray that the Lord will open their eyes and they might come to know Him personally. We thank you from our hearts for your work and for being such a key part in all of this. Derek and Jane French with GBU Spain workers team (Life project team)


Dear Samuel, We safely received the transport of the Polish God Cares About You lessons. Thank you very much for sending this great supply of lessons. The truck arrived on one of the hottest days of summer and the truck was so big that the driver could not get close to the storage room! It was about 50 metres away. At the beginning there were only 4 of us that started to unload the truck and we thought it would take us all night. To our surprise with every minute new people were joining us. People I don’t even know came to help. Within 50 minutes everything was unloaded and all done by hand. What a great moment it was to see all the boxes sent by you sitting in the storage room.

An even greater moment was the following morning when the first Polish boys and girls received a copy of God Cares About You at a local 5-Day club. It was amazing to see how they enjoyed reading it and doing the puzzle and filling out the question page. The following weekend 200 copies were taken to the camp where children went through all the lessons. Thank you very much for providing us with these great tools. Bogdan Bassara. CEF International Literature.


Dear friends in Christ, Please bear with us that, in the excitement of receiving the container of literature in June, we had forgotten to take pictures at the time it was unloaded. We would like to tell you how we in Share Zambia are distributing the literature for Gospel outreach work.

The hymnbooks and tracts in Lunda and Luchazi and the Portuguese tracts have already been sent to Kabompo and Mr Eduardo has collected some and taken them deep into Angola. Some boxes of the Gospel of John in Chichewa were taken to Chipata and shared among the Assemblies there, while a few of the Gospels of John in Bemba and English tracts and Sunday school Bible lessons were given to believers from Assemblies that came for the July Conference held at Lusaka Gospel Hall.

We are planning to distribute the remainder of the literature during the upcoming Conference season in August and September in the Provinces that have organized Conferences such as Luapula, Lusaka and the Northern, Central and Southern regions from which believers will take supplies to their respective locations for use in evangelism. We are so grateful for the literature. It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to bless you. Wandi.


Please continue to pray for Victor Cardoo (above right) for Rachel his wife and family and all the team working in the depot in Brazil. Above picture – Aramis our graphic designer on the left and Cleisse in the centre. The photo at the top of the page is the boxes of request letters that are waiting to be fulfilled in the Brazilian depot.

The following is a testimony which we have received from our depot in Brazil:

My name is Juarez Kopper Dasilva. I am a Christian Police officer. I regularly conduct evangelism in hospitals, prisons and Police stations and I usually distribute your tracts in my evangelistic missions. I go to the hospital three times a week to evangelize all accessible patients. Back at the prison facility I have around 10 Christian inmates who closely help me to reach the others with God’s Word. These dear brothers need all kinds of help including leaflets, booklets, Bibles and hymnals.

At the Police station my evangelism work is done with the help of pastors and other Christian leaders. We also pay attention to those in need especially the poor people who live in the suburbs. We look to help them in many ways and also to give them proper spiritual assistance. May God bless you in your precious help.


Dear friends, The Gospel of John Seven Steps to Knowing God booklets have proved to be an effective tool in the hands of people who haven’t got a Bible of their own. More and more requests for the booklets, especially in the African languages spoken in South Africa, are reaching our office. The following is a letter which we received:

Greetings in the powerful Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! I received a booklet called Seven Steps to Knowing God when we attended a religious meeting that was held here in prison a few months ago. I have studied the Seven Steps to Knowing God and have signed my name at the bottom of the page. I have been reading through the Gospel of John and this has encouraged me so much. I want to request from you another 25 booklets. I want to share them with some of my friends here in prison as well as with my family members who come and visit me once a month. I want them to also appreciate the message just as I have when I first read through the booklet. Thank you for all that you are doing for the people behind bars and thank you for thinking of me.

Please pray for the outreach team, pastors and volunteers who will be partaking in an outreach event in Mpumalanga Province during September. We are trusting for a fruitful harvest. Cor Reyneke, Every Home for Christ, South Africa.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for the very large financial needs of the ministry. With the increase of production to 5 Tonnes of paper per day this also has greatly increased our postage and freight costs. We have on order for delivery during September a further 140 Tonnes of paper at a cost of £98,000.00.

Please pray that as the Literature arrives in the different countries that the Lord will use it for the Salvation of souls, for the building up young converts and for His Glory.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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