880 Tonnes of Paper Used Last Year

Dear Friend,

As we look back over the past year our hearts are full of thanks and praise to the Lord for His goodness to us in this ministry. The past year has many highlights – During the year we printed 2.5 million Gospel Leaflets for distribution to Every Home in Ireland. During September we also opened our new factory and we have been delighted with the additional machinery which was purchased. We know that all of this would not have been possible without the fellowship of many believers to whom we are very grateful.

Dear Samuel and all the EHC team, Greetings from Diguna Mission. Our team is back from Kisangani. They just finished an evangelistic outreach for 4 months in and around Kisangani, together with CNCA, the church which Maizie Smyth worked with. I am sending you some pictures of our lorry and team (including picture at the top of the page) as they travelled around Kisangani and to Ituri where they also conducted some outreach work among the Pygmies. We have distributed a lot of your Gospels of John and Scripture booklets, thank you so much. Greetings and blessings, Kurt Zander.

Dear friends, Between the years of 2000 and 2005 I have distributed approximately 300,000 of the Gospels of John that you provided me in Italy. After serving in Italy for over 8 years conducting outreach evangelism, I have been called by God to work in North East Thailand. I have been here for over 3 years and God has opened a large door of opportunity in this land that has been unreached and forgotten for so long.

My work is to encourage and equip local believers to conduct outreach. I host six to eight short-term mission teams and always work alongside the local churches. Since arriving, I have found that local schools in rural villages, and the cities, always welcome us to come and put on a two hour programme where we teach English, sing Christian songs and share the Gospel boldly.

God is moving in this place in the hearts that have no knowledge of God or Jesus Christ. They are open to listen to the Word of God and many are praying for Jesus to come into their lives. I know that they need to read God’s Word. The Gospel of John that you print with Seven Steps to Knowing God will be used by the Lord in a mighty way here. If there is any way I would like to receive 100,000 copies and they would be distributed and read. There are over 20 million people here known as Isan’s and they read and write the Thai language. I would estimate that over 99.5 per cent are Buddhist and mostly poor rice farmers. Please consider this request. I know that the Lord would be pleased to have His Word in the hands and hearts of these gentle forgotten people. May God bless you in all that you do. In His love and for His glory, Chuck C.

Dear Samuel, We are astonished at what God is doing and how much interest there is amongst churches in France and abroad to spread the Gospel in France. God is doing abundantly more than we ever could imagine or prayed for. At this stage churches in five different regions in France have asked for campaigns in 2010 mainly distributing the material you print in French, exactly the same as last year the Gospel of John, Meet the King, and the letter to the parents.

In total we would like to distribute within France about 70,000 sets and possibly, 100,000 on one of the French islands where CEF France has got a well developed ministry. We call this immense project in Guadeloupe Everyone Should Hear and we trust that the people in every home in Guadeloupe will hear the good news of Jesus Christ by this means. Our team will contact the different churches in Guadeloupe in the coming months. Do you think that you could print 170,000 sets of this literature in French? We do trust God with you, if such is His Will, to provide the funds. I also ask the churches which participate in the project to pray also with us.

May God bless your wonderful ministry by which He enables thousands of children and parents in France (and other countries) to hear the good news for the first time in their lives. Johan Bloemhop.

The Diguna team with the Pygmies.

A Gospel of John is given to every person who visits the Logos Hope in Guyana.
Dear Samuel, Greetings in the Name of our Lord! Today we received the container load of Gospel literature which was loaded on the Logos Hope in Georgetown, Guyana. I have just looked up your website awesome new factory! Praise the Lord! Many, many thanks for this and thank you to all who support your tremendous labour for the Lord. Yours in Christ, Gareth Kirk, Straid Congregational Church.

Revival Movement Association helps Philippine churches reach out to thousands

Dear Friends, 2009 has been another significant year of outreach and evangelism in the Philippines. The Gospel has been preached and accepted by thousands of people from the Highlands of Beaguep, to the plains of central Luzon, to the streets of Manila’s urban centres and to the towns around Laguna Lake.

At the forefront of this awesome work of God are the valuable Gospels of John booklets and evangelistic tracts provided by Revival Movement Association distributed through their Philippine partner, Sowers of the Word Ministries, Inc.
The last half of the year saw the distribution of 300,000 Gospels of John, 343,000 evangelistic tracts and 225 sets of Sunday school material. These tracts and Gospels of John booklets were used in conjunction with local churches, evangelistic programmes and other ministries. Pastor Gutierrez of Jesus Reigns Ministries reports: We distributed tracts in many parts of the country and conducted various spiritual activities in our church and on our campus site. We incorporate the Gospel of John into the spiritual retreats in our campsite in Amadeo and more than 1,350 students benefit from this programme. In addition to this wonderful news the distribution of tracts and Gospels of John have helped expand our jail ministry from 800 participants to 1,200. Pastor Joel Manliclic exclaims, Not only are the students being led to a relationship with Jesus, but the teachers and some security guards as well! He narrates, In Sto. Nino Elementary after leading the children to prayer, I asked those who had accepted the Lord to raise their hand. I was surprised when the teacher also raised her hand showing that she had also accepted Jesus. I know God will use those booklets for them to know more of Jesus.

174,000 Gospels of John and 42,000 Gospel tracts were distributed in connection with Relief Aid efforts which were mounted in response to the needs of families affected by three successive typhoons that hit Luzon.
The Relief Aid distributed 6,620 food packs. Each of these contains 5 to 10 Gospels of John or Gospel tracts. Easily we were able to reach more than 30,000 individuals – all affected physically and materially by the floods and landslides. The distribution of the Gospels of John and evangelistic tracts have given these people access to the living Word of God and a constant reminder of God’s unfailing care and love in times of trouble and despair.

On behalf of the thousands whose lives have been changed by the saving knowledge of God’s love and the hundreds of partners who have seen growth in their ministries through the distribution of Revival Movement Association booklets and tracts, we express our profound gratitude for providing us tools to reach out and touch lives. We pray that God will continually bless you and all the work and expand the ministry until the Word of God is preached and shared in every nation, tribe and tongue. Don Anagaran, Sowers of the Word Ministries.

Please Pray for Samuel Adams and Gary Bolton as they visit Ukraine and Moldova from 1st January – 11th January. They will be seeing some of the distribution of the literature which we have sent to Bibel Mission for the 1 to 10 project which takes place over the New Year and the Russian Orthodox Christmas (6th January). They will also be visiting CEF in Moldova. Please pray for their safety as there will be a lot of travelling on icy roads.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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