News from Haiti and the Philippines

Reports of Literature distribution in Haiti and the Philippines

Dear Friend,

We are so thankful that the Lord is continuing to use all of the Gospel literature which is being printed day by day in the factory. We thank the Lord for new openings and languages. During the month we printed the Gospel of John in six South African languages for the first time and also for the first time we are about to print 100,000 copies of the Gospel of John in the Bassa language for Nigeria. This ministry would not be possible except for the tremendous support of our Brothers and Sisters at home and we would like to say Thank You.

To our dear friends at Every Home Crusade, Greetings in Christ s precious Name. The ministry has been going well. We had many new contacts that have been so thankful in receiving the free literature you send us. Some of the pastors have weekly Bible studies in prisons around the country and the tracts were widely accepted especially now that they are in the native tongue (Filipino Tagalog).

Just this past November the 1st, we have had many pastors come for tracts. This is a day when the whole country prays for their dead relatives. As you can imagine, the graveyards were full of people praying and lighting candles. This gave great opportunity for all of the churches to present the Gospel and distribute thousands of Gospel tracts. People were very open to the literature and were happy to read it. Some even asked if we were selling it (because that is what the Jehovah Witnesses do), but we were glad to say it is all free! Please pray with us that people will get saved through these tracts and start attending church.

We really need more tracts, posters, booklets, children s lessons, children s colouring pages, children s tracts. We need 400,000 variety in Tagalog and 100,000 in English a total of 500,000 and as many of the other booklets and Gospels as possible. We are getting requests from all over the Philippines for this material. The churches we are helping are so delighted that we are here and it is because of you, and all of your supporters, that we are able to help these churches in the Philippines. Recently I attended a conference with 3,000 Pastors who were very eager to receive supplies of literature. (above)

Please pray for us concerning the building of the multi-purpose hall. We have been unable to start building because of lack of finances. This building is really needed to keep the materials safe and to help us with the organizing of it.

Once again thank you so much for all the kindness you have shown towards us and the churches here.



For many years we have been in contact with Brother Juan Bautista Sanchez who works in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after the powerful earthquake which destroyed so much of the neighbouring country of Haiti, Brother Juan wrote to us requesting for 2,000 dollars for the transport of evangelistic teams to reach the people of Haiti. Normally we do not finance evangelistic trips. However, we have made an exception in this case. Brother Juan wrote:

As a result of the disaster thousands of Haitians have fled to the Dominican Republic and hundreds of others are being treated in hospitals on the border. On Mondays and Fridays, the border with Dominican Republic is opened to allow trading between the two nations and thousands of Haitians come into our country to sell goods and buy food and provisions.

Our organisation wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to evangelize the Haitians and to hold 4 outreaches in February on the days when the border is open. Some time ago you supplied us with a quantity of French literature and we have a quantity of this literature left for distribution.

The border with Haiti is 5 to 6 hours away from where we live and we need to send a team of 8 to 10 people each day for evangelism. As you know it is not easy to get the finance to go 4 times in the same month to the border. Each trip will cost 500 dollars. This includes transport and meals for the team. I await your response. Above all, please pray for us as we reach out to the country of Haiti.

Later we received another e-mail from Brother Juan and over 100 photos of our literature being distributed to the Haitian people. He wrote:

The first village to be evangelized was Eliaspina. Some Haitian Christians asked us for literature so they could witness to their unconverted neighbours and we gave them share. In addition, one of the pastors in a church in a village is beginning an outreach work among the Haitians and is holding a monthly service in the Creol. We still have to reach three more villages on the border. Next Thursday we are going to Jimani. We trust that these photos will be a blessing to you and to those who contributed the finance which you sent. Juan

Dear servants of God, I really thank you for the attitude you have exhibited to us here by sending the spiritual food to make us stand strong in the Word of God through reading tracts, leaflets and booklets, as servants of God in this place in death row section.

In this place it is very difficult for us to have the Word of God. I want to let you know that all of my fellow prisoners here are very happy because of the love you have shown us because we have never received such gifts and, to us, we see the love of God and power He has for us in death row.

I received two parcels from you which I opened myself. I have got nothing to offer you apart from a prayer and letting you know that you are daily lifted before the Throne of mercy and also asking God that He may add abundant years towards the work you do for the need around the world.

Just to let you know that this is the biggest prison in the country of Zambia. This is why I am saying I need more and more literature to share to the whole of the prison and to supply them and to preach the message of salvation to all. Here in my section, I have a group of brothers with whom we meet every day for prayer. We are a total of 46 altogether. Your brother Victor Phir

Hello Samuel, Greetings from Chisinau! I just wanted to let you know that our literature store is empty, apart from the 60 boxes that we have set aside for the Baptist Pastors Conference in March. Yesterday we were at the Pentecostal Pastors Conference. They gave us 30 minutes to present the project of reaching every home in Moldova with a copy of the Meet the King booklet. The 80 boxes we took were snapped up straight away. We have orders for another 80 boxes from these pastors. So, as soon as you can send our next consignment, we can use them. If there is any way you can get them to us, this would be great. Thanks again for all you are doing for Moldova. Linda Corry, CEF.

We have produced a new tract designed especially for football supporters as we approach the World Cup in a few months. Already we have printed 500,000 in Portuguese for Brazil and received requests for 500,000 from South Africa (where the World Cup will be held) and 200,000 from each of the following countries, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia in a variety of languages.

During the month we took delivery of over 120 Tonnes of Paper at a cost of more than £72,000.00. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide all of the necessary finance to cover the large financial needs of the ministry. We are planning to ship containers of Literature to South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and India during the incoming month.

Report on the Bible and Book Ministry

During the past year our Bible and Book Ministry has been operating quietly in the background of the ministry. Large and small consignments of Bibles are going to various parts of the world from were we have received requests.

As we have previously reported a major consignment of 18,000 Bibles in the French language was sent to William Brown in the Ivory Coast. We are pleased to say that all of these Bibles have been sold.

We also have shipped a total of 20,000 English King James version Bibles to our friends in India Bible Literature. These were then sold at a subsidized rate at the book fairs which they conduct. India Bible Literature organize these Christian book fairs all across India. They go to a city, hire a large hall and then bring a lorry load of mostly second-hand Christian books which they have received and any other Bibles and books that they can get.

These are all sold at a very low cost over a period of a few days when thousands of Christians from these cities visit the book fair and purchase quantities of the books and Bibles. Many Bible College students also visit these book fairs seeking to get some books to help them in their studies in the Bible Colleges. They are a tremendous means of allowing Christians access to good Christian books and Bibles at reasonable prices. (Photos from the book fairs)

From the sale of the 20,000 English Bibles they were able to buy a quantity of 8,000 Tamil Bibles, 9,000 Telugu Bibles and 3,000 Hindi Bibles, and then they have been able to sell these at a subsidized rate thereby helping many poor Christians in India to receive a copy of the Word of God.

In the container which we have just shipped during February to India Bible Literature we have included a further 3,000 English Bibles for them to sell at subsidized rates.

In the last three containers which we have shipped to Nigeria, we have included 2,000 Bibles in each container where Brother Yemi in Lagos is helping to set up a distribution point for selling these Bibles at subsidized rates. We are hoping to be able to develop this part of the ministry in Nigeria and we are also working very closely with Sid Garland in this project.

We have also sent 2,000 Bibles to Brother Harold Peasley in South Africa and he has now been able to sell these Bibles. Consignments of Bibles have also been sent to Kenya and Liberia and, during this month, we also shipped 2,000 Bibles to Brother Fred Mukasa in Uganda among a whole container load of literature.

We have also been very pleased to be able to help supply several thousand Bibles to Gareth McDowell working in the Philippines. These Bibles have been distributed far and wide to many pastors and Christian workers who have needed them.

Please continue to pray for these thousands of copies of the Word of God which are now placed in the hands of believers. Please pray for these people as they read and study the Word of God for themselves.

We will be continuing to send quantities of Bibles to other countries as we get the right openings, and we would like to thank all our friends and supporters for their prayerful and financial encouragement in this project.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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