Containers shipped to 4 countries

Containers of Literature shipped to – S. Africa, Zambia, India and Nigeria

The concepta printing press operated by Simon Wade (left) and Junior Hilland (right). This machine is frequently printing at a rate of 200 Metres per minute and each of these reels consist of about 180,000 Gospel Tracts.

Dear Friend,

As we look back over the previous month at our shipping diary we are delighted to see very large quantities of Gospel and Scripture literature moving out to many different parts of the world. Apart from these consignments we also supplied 100,000 Gospels of John to friends conducting evangelism in England and 70,000 Gospel Leaflets for distribution over Easter weekend in the Dublin and Cork areas of Ireland. We would like to thank all of our friends for praying for the ministry and for enabling all of this literature to be printed.

During the past month we have had a lot of church groups visiting our factory in the evenings and during the day. We have been delighted to be able to show many of our supporters the machinery operating and the literature being produced, it also has been an excellent method to introduce others to our ministry.

Above – A dedication service for Evangelists preparing to go for Evangelism.


Dear Brother Samuel Adams, Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. We are happy to share with you that last December we selected 10 towns and cities in various states in India to reach every home in those places with the message of the birth of Christ.

During the project we reached over 500,000 homes presenting 2 tracts at every home “one for adults and one for children. God has really blessed our efforts and, as a result of this programme, we received over 27,000 responses from the people. We also were able to commence 30 new Christ groups which consist of young converts meeting to study the Word of God together which normally develop into local churches.

Altogether our missionaries have distributed 1.3 million tracts or booklets in different languages. We are able to complete this project in the given time because of the availability of the booklets that you have provided to us. Thank you very much for all your efforts in providing the needed literature. We look forward to the continuing supply of booklets.

God willing, we are taking up again another 10 cities for saturation during the Easter season. We are hoping to reach again another half a million homes in India “ apart from our regular tract distribution programme. The following is a testimony that we received:

I am a RMP Doctor. I believed in all gods. I visited all temples and visited Masid also. I believed there is only one God, but my doubt is that who is the real God? I never went to church. While I was thinking to know about this God, a person came to my house and shared the Gospel of Jesus while giving me a Gospel booklet. Because of his sharing the Gospel, I realized that I am a sinner and I also realized that Jesus is the only One who can take away my sins. Therefore I have decided to believe in Him and also decided to go to church. 

In an area of Kerala state the anti-Christians surrounded our missionaries and started questioning them as to why they were visiting the homes. They telephoned to their gang members to rush to the point for their action, but our missionaries told them that they came to hand over a beautiful Christmas card to all the houses prior to the forth- coming Christmas. Our missionaries have given Christmas cards to them also. By seeing the Christmas cards they allowed our missionaries to visit all of their houses. Praise the Lord for the way God prepared even in the midst of the enemies of the Gospel. Our prayers will continue to uphold your ministry at the Throne of His Grace. Thanking you. M. M. Prasad. India Every Home Crusade.

Aaron Graham and Wesley Agnew operating the folding machines which annually are producing millions of Scripture and Gospel Booklets with Clive Allen operating the Guillotine in the background.

Dear Samuel, The container you shipped to Zambia safely arrived at Musenga Mission last Saturday. We give praise to God. Can you pass our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the churches and believers who support the work of Every Home Crusade. Please let them know that their faithful giving to Every Home Crusade has made it possible for people in Africa to be reached with the Gospel in a very effective and systematic manner. These Scriptures will not only help them spiritually, but will also help them to learn how to read and write.

So far 11 churches and 2 government schools in Chingola alone are already interested to let the children start the postal Bible school lessons. I have been discussing with a Zambian couple and they have agreed to help with the marking and distribution of the lessons. Many church leaders are very excited. They say that this is a real answer to many years of prayers. This country and, Africa in general, have very little or no children’s Sunday school materials. We can only thank God for this answer to prayer. We are also praying that thousands of our children in our churches and schools will now be effectively reached with the Gospel. Children are very receptive to the Word of God and in fact children’s lives are changed. To God be the glory. Kelvin and Joyce.

Dear friends, Greetings from Chile! Even when we are being afflicted by constant strong aftershocks after the major earthquake which we had, we are delighted that you have agreed to ship a container load of Gospel literature to us “including 1½ million Gospel tracts, Gospels of John and 3,000 sets of children’s Bible lessons.

In Every Home for Christ  in Chile, I have made an evaluation about the situation concerning other pastors and church leaders. Many of them are in difficult situations, but with an open heart to work and keep preaching and teaching the Good News. We are looking forward to receiving the literature “ hopefully in the near future. In the meantime we are organizing the groups and reviewing once more our strategies to reach the people in the most efficient way. I want to thank you for your kindness towards our country and for the literature that will go to millions in our land. Be always blessed by our Lord. Victor Stuardo.

Since the picture below was taken we have received a further 100 Tonnes of paper to enable us to continue printing the Gospels of John. Each tonne of paper is costing over £600.00. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide all of the necessary finance for the ministry. We are now planning to ship container loads of literature to South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil and India.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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