90 Tonnes of Literature sent


The Web Leader printing press is operated by Robin McCulla (left) and Douglas Condell (right). This machine prints all the inside pages for the Gospels of John and the Pardon and Assurance booklets.

Dear Friend,
We would like to thank all those who have been praying and supporting us in this vital ministry of providing Gospel Literature to Missions and Christian workers all over the world. This newsletter just shares a little sample of the letters and reports which we are constantly receiving from around the world. Often we receive phone calls, sometimes we receive visits from the leaders of other missions coming to share their appreciation and thanks for the literature that they have received. Often we hear and read the same words – Please pass on our thanks to the friends whose gifts allow us to receive free supplies of literature.

The following are some letters which we received from Victor Cardoo who is looking after our depot in Brazil.

Hello, my name is Davi. I am 8 years old and I have evangelized people since I was 6 years old. I have learned the Word of God from my parents, named Jessie and Simone. I go to the streets to share the Word of God in the company of my younger brother Daniel. We also visit slums and public schools with our mother to evangelize people. I like very much the kids tracts from Interlink (our depot). They are so beautiful and colourful. When I share the Word of God with another child, I usually give him a leaflet. The kids I meet listen very carefully to what I have to say.

In January 2010 we held in our church a Bible school for kids. That day it was raining so much that my mother was very concerned. She was worried that nobody would come but, early in the morning the rain stopped, and we went out to the streets to share the Gospel and to distribute some leaflets. We also invited all the children that we met to come to the event that we had prepared for that day. About 1 oclock p.m. the rain started again and it was very heavy. To our surprise the children showed up even under such heavy rain. The church was filled with them. Some of the kids were very wet, but they just didnt care about that. I was so glad to see all the kids that I had reached that morning.

We had 3 days of Bible study and 278 children were instructed in Gods Word. Two years ago, when I began to share the Word of God with people, I couldnt even read but I could speak and so I did speak of Jesus to those kids that didnt know His Word. When I grow older I plan to be a pastor. I want to win many children to Jesus and I want to take care of them. God wants to use your life just as He has been using mine. May God bless you all. ¦ Davi.

Hi. I live in a small town in the North East of Brazil. I found one of your tracts on the ground and decided to read it. I thought it was amazing. You wrote about problems we young teens face. We have lots of doubts about things and we dont know where to find help. I would like you to send me everything you can because we need to learn. My friends and colleagues also want help because we dont want to fall into bad ways. Congratulations for the wonderful work you do and I trust you will grow stronger. ¦ Dommilinne.

I am very poor, but very happy because I have Jesus Christ and my joy is complete because you are sending me Gospel literature to win souls for His kingdom. I won one soul for Him through your tract How to Know God Sebastiao.

People are always in a hurry, but are very happy to accept an Interlink tract printed on excellent paper and good quality. They often put them in their pockets to read afterwards. Once we evangelized a mother and a son coming out of hospital in the middle of the night. A few days later, the mother met us again and asked us to visit her son who had a health problem. We went along and prayed for him and he was healed. They both accepted Jesus as their Saviour and always come to our church. ¦. Cleuza

Using Gospel tracts gives us great opportunities to talk about Jesus. I dont know which tract it was, but we gave one to a young man who was in the bottom of the pit of his life. He was a gay and a drug addict, but always remembered that he had read that Jesus loved him and this caused a real impact that he cried a lot. He asked God that, if He existed, that He would show Him the way “ and he found an evangelical church that was conducting a service. He walked in and heard the message, cried a lot again and gave his life to Jesus. Now he is engaged to be married. Literature has been very important to him to help him and many others. Please continue doing this marvellous work. ¦ Matima

Victor writes:

Praise the Lord for a large order of 40,000 copies of the Gospel of Luke in Arabic from one of Brazils Islamic strongholds. The long established Arab evangelical church plans to do a city wide distribution during the month of July. Pray for the salvation of many Moslems.

A Presbyterian minister was very impressed with our Portuguese copy of Escape the Trap . Of the 100,000 copies that he ordered, 50,000 have been delivered and are being distributed in the Universities and Secondary schools along with an invitation to respond with a short essay on the booklet “ and then receive a free copy of the Bible. Some very large schools and Universities, as well as the Police Cadet Training Centre, have requested lectures and power-points on the subject. Pray for a massive impact that this initiative will have on many young lives. 

Dear Brother Clive Allen, Thanks once again for sending valuable Christian literature to us. Yesterday we received 2 boxes. We sincerely thank you for this very kind and vital assistance. One of the booklets that you sent was Escape the Trap  which deals with the sin of pornography. There were 4 of these precious booklets in your packet. This little booklet deals with this subject in a very clear way. Pornography has become one of the major sins among our young people here. This sin is so much rooted in the lives of school children. We have planned a country wide campaign to help schools and we can share thousands of these little booklets if we can have them shipped to us. Please help us if you can. May the Lord richly bless you as you labour in the print ministry. S. Punalall, Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship, Guyana.

Dear Samuel, It is several years since we received the last container load of literature from you. The need for good literature is greater than ever, the chaplains in our hospital are always overloaded with work. The outreach into neighbouring Maniema Province is showing us how little understanding there is of the Gospel. So few people have any access to the Scriptures. People combine the Gospel with any belief that comes into their head or comes from the past. This is their biggest need “ just the Scriptures. We are very excited to know that you can help. We would like 200,000 Gospels of John in French and 200,000 Gospels in Swahili. May the Lord bless you. This is coming just at the right time. Lynn Lusi.

Above – Pastor Ndagano, wrote thanking us for the supply of literature he received in Burundi.

Dear friends of Every Home Crusade, We are delighted to share with you about the distribution of the 318 boxes of Cebuano Gospels of John which we received. At the end of February 100 boxes were shipped to Cebu to be distributed to 100 churches for summer evangelism and Bible studies. Another 61 boxes were given to those who attended the annual Faith Festival in Bohol where up to 600 pastors from remote areas of the Visayas attend. This is the first time for this group to receive Cebuano Gospels of John and the leaders are thrilled and excited to equip their people with the Word of God in their own language.

Another 10 boxes were delivered to a Campus ministry which reaches out to University students in Tagbilaran city. Many Gospels have been given in remote areas and mountain villages where people often have no personal Bible. Just this week a pastor approached me asking for Gospels for street evangelism. I recently met a local Chief of Police. As I witnessed and shared about the Lord, he has welcomed me to visit his barracks and give Gospels to all his work colleagues. Many thanks to everyone as we continue to spread the Gospel together… Philip Johnston.

(Below) Photo – taken on the 29th April showing the container of literature arriving and being unloaded in South Africa. (Above) While unloading they laid hands on the literature and prayed for the Lord to use the Gospels of John in the salvation of many precious souls in South Africa.

Dear friends, Thank you for the literature which you sent which I distributed mainly in prisons. I would be grateful if you would send me more literature in Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. I hope to distribute it in Vigo which is a fishing port and a centre for tourists. When I was in Spain in one of the prisons, I had the opportunity to speak to a man who had been in prison for 30 years but who said, ˜This is the best place I could have been because it was here that I heard and responded to the Gospel. I was also able to speak to some Chinese prisoners “ two of whom trusted the Saviour.

This year I visited two new prisons in Portugal one of which was extremely difficult to find. The Christian man who finally directed me there told me that he had suffered from such severe depression that he contemplated suicide. However, when he accepted Jesus as his Saviour, his life was completely changed. ¦ Ignacio Pineiro.

Please continue to pray for the very large financial needs of the ministry. As we increase the amount of literature that we print our paper and shipping costs continue to rise. Yet we are not fulfilling many of the requests that we are receiving for the literature from around the world. The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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