Reaching Boys and Girls in Europe

Reaching boys and girls across Europe with the Gospel Message

CEF workers from the Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

Dear Friend,

From the 11th – 18th May, Samuel and Carol Adams and Isobel Metcalfe attended the European CEF conference. Many leaders from 35 countries thanked them for supplies of Gospel Literature or requested literature for their country.

This report consists of interviews from some of these leaders who shared their appreciation and told what the Lord is doing in their country.

I am Ulle Kaarik (on the right top picture) from Estonia and I am leader for CEF in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. What I want to say to this wonderful Mission, Revival Movement Assoc, is from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for helping us to reach the children in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Throughout the years we have received tracts in all three languages “ most beautiful, wonderful tracts, very well done. High quality and this is what our people really appreciate and children certainly have trusted the Lord through those tools for evangelism.

Estonia has received Meet the King booklets. We have reached the children in every home on one of the islands and then other regions of the country. We are looking forward for something to happen in Lithuania. We have our Good News Club co-ordinator in Lithuania and she just told how they trust the Lord to reach the children in 300,00 households in Lithuania starting this coming Christmas.

In Latvia we are looking forward to receive more tracts which will be distributed in September and before the Christmas. So what you are actually doing is amazing and there is no excuse for us not to reach the children in our countries. We do our part, you have done your part and may the Lord bless you richly, dear brothers and sisters, thank you for helping us.


This is Bogdan Bassara from CEF Europe. I would just like to thank very much Revival Movement Assoc, for supplying us for many years with the Gospel literature in CEF Europe. I want to especially think of the last years of printing the Meet the King booklet which is a 20 page Gospel booklet. It has been printed in many languages, it has been possible to distribute 5.3 million of these booklets across Europe and most of those were printed by Revival Movement Assoc.

You have started now to print the Bible correspondence courses and it is a great joy that you can provide us with these lessons. Many children across Europe are taking part. We have right now a new course which is called God Cares about You and we are grateful to you for printing it in Polish, but we also want to have it in many other languages. We are looking forward to co-operation in the future. We have many more booklets yet to be printed in other languages including Russian, the biggest language of Europe. (Literature Co-ordinator for Europe)


We want to give thanks to the Lord for the wonderful ministry that you are doing. It is amazing what God is doing through these booklets in the lives of children all around the world and we are thinking especially of children in Spain. There are about 6 million children in Spain and they need to hear the Word of God, they need to see the Word of God, they need to be able to read it and find out His message for themselves. This booklet Meet the King is just what we need for the ministry in Spain to be able to distribute it among the children. We have plans to distribute it in evangelistic campaigns, in camps, 5-Day clubs, Holiday Bible clubs, and in schools through religious education teachers.

There are people who are working in the jails and they have already asked me for 8,000 to 10,000 of these booklets to be able to use in their prison ministry. Of course, we are very grateful for what you have already done in sending us so many thousands of tracts which you printed for us and which we have distributed all over Spain. These lead to children signing up for correspondence courses. Many, many thanks and God bless you in this ministry. Fernando Carrion (National Director for Spain) with his wife and Paul and Audrey Reid former directors of Spain.


Hello! First of all I would like to thank you very, very much for all the boxes of tracts How to Get to Heaven from Italy and also Good News for You. I am very thankful for all of this. We received some responses from the tracts. This year, I got 10,000 Meet the King booklets and that is Wonderful! I sent some of the Meet the King booklets to people who have a stand on the market in Sicily, South of Italy. Lisabeth Stäheli.


Hello! My name is Lukasz Gruszczynski. I am National leader of CEF in Poland. Dear brothers and sisters from Every Home Crusade I would like to say a big thank you for your work and for all you have done for the Lord and for your big help in evangelizing Polish children. Thank you for all the booklets and Gospel tracts you sent to us, we are looking for the next delivery God Cares about You Bible correspondence course and we are so excited about this opportunity. You are co-working with us and many children in our country can receive a paper missionary. Thank you for your big impact on our society and on our children in Poland. There are about 7 million children in our country under the age of 14. Thank you very much for all you have done for the Lord and please know that we appreciate your help and appreciate your work in the Lord. Thank you very much.


When we first started to discuss on the National Board about the project for Meet the King for every home in Moldova we had big dreams, big plans, and we basically had to lay it out before the Lord. To get 800,000 Meet the King booklets into every home is a big need and then Revival Movement Assoc. agreed to help. The first delivery arrived on Christmas Eve 2009. Very quickly our garage where we stored all the booklets was emptied as many of the churches in Moldova have got involved in the project and used the booklets as part of their outreach programme. In about two to three months the first 250,000 were already distributed to the churches.

What has encouraged us greatly are the little tear-off parts on the booklet which the children can use to enrol on the Bible correspondence courses. These began to arrive from January when the first booklets went out. But since Easter we have seen a big jump in the number of new children, who are signing up for the courses. Just in the last few weeks alone every week approximately 100 new children have been enrolling in the courses “ both Russian language and also in the Romanian language.

We are so encouraged to see how God is using this particular booklet. It is the biggest response we have ever had to any kind of distribution that we have organized in Moldova. So we really believe that God has a special plan this year in using these booklets. The second consignment of 250,000 has arrived in time for the summer ministry. Then, God willing, we receive the last transport in the Autumn which again will cover us for over the Christmas period.

We are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do and a big thank you to everybody at Revival Movement. We have enjoyed a partnership for many years and it is great to continue reaching the boys and girls of Moldova together through printed literature. So continue to pray that children will actually want to know God Himself and receive the gift of eternal life. Thank you to everybody so much. Linda Corry.


Iulian Mangalagiu (National Director for CEF Romania) Left in picture We are thankful to God for the possibility of having this book Meet the King. We are really pleased that two years ago we were able to have the Bucharest project and 450,000 booklets were distributed in our capital and many of the children heard about the King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of them enrolled in the Bible correspondence course of the Romanian version of Wondersurf. Once the project was finished a number of the co-workers asked if they could extend the project. We are so thankful that the project was approved that we could print 1 million of these booklets for Romania. We have received already a part of them. It is very interesting to see that, as soon as these booklets come into the storeroom, immediately they are taken by the co-workers and distributed. A number of co-workers in Romania have already done mass distributions in their own cities in the North West of Romania in Arad, in Baso in the South of Romania. There are very few churches in this area but they all got together and 30,000 homes received the Word of God. Teofil, (centre of picture) one of the national workers in Romania, will tell of how he did his distribution.

Last summer in 2009 together with 15 of the young people who had grown up through Good News Club. They formed three groups and together they were able to distribute 35,000 booklets. What amazed the young people was the openness that there was among the children, parents and grandparents. But, at the same time there is a lot of opposition. Despite the opposition we went on and we were pleased that we were able even to get into Zoroiepress which is the place where Ceausescu, the previous dictator of Romania came from. We hadn’t really thought we would be able to do so much but this Summer we want to do the same and even more.

My wife told some of the stories from Meet the King to a boy Andre whom we want to adopt. She got to the point of talking about the Death of the Lord Jesus Christ and told him what the Lord Jesus had done for us, Andre had tears in his eyes and said, What can I do for the Lord Jesus? He came with us and helped with the distribution and it is a joy for him as well to be able to tell other boys and girls about the Lord Jesus. Thank you so much. We really appreciate so much that we can have these booklets in Romanian.

We didn’t just want to give out the booklets and leave it there. They actually present the Bible correspondence course and also the internet site Wondersurf for children. Every week we have new children join the Bible correspondence course and also the Wondersurf. There are many stories and many testimonies to tell about those children. One girl wrote to us and said, Thank you so much for telling me about the Lord Jesus Christ because my parents are not Christians and I wouldn’t have any other way of knowing, I think you should make it your priority to go to the children who don’t have Christian parents because they need to know. There are many who have put their trust in the Lord Jesus and there are also those who ask for prayer for their unsaved parents which is really encouraging. We have now started to pray specifically for these children and their specific needs. There are so many of them. Claire Bain (Romania) Right in picture


We are very thankful to the Lord for the ministry when we can give booklets to the children. This is very special because many children have never seen so colourful and such nice books. I especially want to share one example. I was this winter in Ekoaia and the children they run to me and received the booklets as a gift. This is a very big joy for each child, the main thing is the Gospel content of these booklets.

I remember one girl. She started to correspond with the Mailbox Club centre when she was 5 years old, but it began with the colourful tract she received and this tract started with words, ˜Do you know?’ The tracts were printed in your printing house. Now she is 12 years old and she says that she came to know God through this literature and she gave her heart to Jesus Christ. We have thousands of stories like this in Russia. Each year in Russia we reach more than 100,000 children with the Gospel. A huge number of these children are reached through the tracts. We need 200,000 to 300,000 booklets, because this is very busy time when we have children’s camps and other activities for children. About 3,000 volunteers help in CEF and, if we will give 100 booklets to each of them, it is not so much. Raisa Anvreva (National Director for CEF Russia)


We are so happy for the Meet the King and we now have opportunity to go out to many people in Denmark. We have just received 65,000 of Meet the King and we hope next week to distribute the first 1,500 and the remainder by Christmas.

Then we are so surprised and happy that people have been working on translating the booklet into the Greenlandic language and already this summer there is a ship going from harbour to harbour to conduct evangelism and they have requested 3,000 or 4,000 of the booklets. We have asked the Post Office how many addresses there are in Greenland and there are about 32,000 or 33,000. We hope that this year before Christmas every home in Greenland will get their Meet the King, it is a very, very needy country. The leaders there were so happy and they say they have almost no literature in Greenland. Kresten Jensen (National Director for CEF Denmark)


I want to say how thankful we are for all the printing that is taking place in Ireland. It is a tremendous help for us in France, but also for the French islands. I am thinking of what is going to happen soon in Guadeloupe. You know that CEF France is working in some other islands and Guadeloupe is one of them in the Caribbean and we hope to distribute Meet the King in every home there and we couldn’t do that without you. So we are so thankful for that and the project is moving on and we are really glad. We already had many of the Meet the King booklets to distribute in different parts of France and Johan Bloomhof is leading the evangelistic campaign. It is a tremendous blessing and we know that so many people, through Meet the King, have discovered the Gospel. So again thank you so much for your ministry. May the Lord bless you and give you everything you need to continue. Philippe Mayhew CEF France.


Samuel, I appreciate your work for Hungary and the different kinds of tracts including the newest one Meet the King. It is a wonderful message for the Hungarian children and I am happy about what you told us. If we do not have enough tracts it is our mistake because you are ready to give us more. Thank you very much. Mihäly Cfiköf (CEF Hungary).


Thank you so much for providing this special literature for us. We plan to distribute this summer in co-operation with another Mission in Greece 58,000 Meet the King booklets. They will go to every house in the South part of Greece, so we are very enthusiastic about this and the remainder of our booklets we are going to distribute in Good News clubs, and in 5-Day clubs. Also 10,000 of the booklets are going to be distributed in Cyprus. We believe that it will be a very big help and blessing for our ministry and a big blessing and an opportunity for many children in Greece, and in Cyprus to get to know about the Lord Jesus. Thank you again very much. Stefanos Botonis (CEF Greece)


We are very happy to have the Meet the King booklet. It was a real blessing to see them coming and we have been able to distribute them to some of the ministers, churches, and this year we are going to give them out at camp, and some of the children’s meetings, we are hoping that we will get feedback quite soon. Ida Johnston, Lapland, Norway.

At the conference Roy and Ruth Harrison stepped down as the European Directors when they were presented with this beautiful painting. We would like to thank them for all of their cooperation and encouragement as we have worked together for the salvation of boys and girls throughout Europe.

During the month we have continued to be very busy in the factory with 4 Container loads of literature being shipped – we will give you details of these in the next report. Please continue to pray for the very large financial commitments that we have in the production of the Gospel Literature and in the shipping and postage costs.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams and Clive Allen

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