Considering the Many Blessings that we have in this Ministry

Dear Friend,
In the midst of the busyness it is good to pause and consider the many blessings that we have in this ministry. We are grateful for the many faithful supporters whose finance allows this ministry to progress year by year. As we have visitors to the factory they are constantly amazed to realize that all the literature we are shipping across the world is going out free of charge. We have the blessing of a stable work force, many of our staff have been in this work for ten, twenty, thirty years and the knowledge and experience that they have aquired is invaluable in the operating of all of the machines. We also have the blessings of knowing that lives are being changed all around the world through people coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


“Dear Brother Samuel, We have been distributing thousands of Revival Movement tracts to many Pastors in regions of Mexico where seldom Missionaries and Christians dare to visit.

Epy, my husband and I visited last week-end a group of Pastors anxious to have evangelistic material. This place is named Palmar Chico Amatepec, there were also Pastors from Las Cascadas, Luvianos (where criminal gangs have their labs to process metanphetamins, Temaxcaltepec, Tlatlaya and Tejupilco. In the photos you can see how happy the Pastors are taking evangelistic material from Revival Movement to their communities. In fact they asked us to hold a 4 day Evangelistic campaign where they all will gather next November 24-27.

In these regions, there are more than 7 million people and we gathered with 35 Christian Pastors who are trying to reach them the people with the Gospel.

One of these spots is Las Cascadas where we went with Cesar to visit a faithful man and his family – Brother Lazaro Garcia. They live on the top of the hills where criminals hide from the police. However, Lazaro and his oldest son Gamaliel, visit home to home to preach the Word of God to the people. Many have accepted Jesus but they did not have any literature to help them grow-up in their new faith. We delivered to them boxes from Revival Movement and also Bible courses.

Lázaro is recovering from an accident he had while he was carrying big rocks to start building the only Christian Church in Las Cascadas. A rock fell on his foot. Doctors told him he would lose his foot because he is Diabetic, but praise the Lord, he already moves the foot and now he is walking with difficulty, but he will recover. He testified that during the time he could not walk, he read the complete Bible twice.  Finally we would ask you if Revival Movement will help us with the printing of more Literature for our ministry. Cruzada Mexicana, Gloria Silva López.


The following are some letters which our depot in Brazil have received.

“Dear friends, One day I was doing street evangelism and a certain man came to me and asked why people nowadays should become followers of Jesus Christ.  He wanted to know exactly what relevant thing Jesus Christ had done for humanity.  Then I remembered I had “Why You Need Christ” leaflet.  I took it and then I answered all his questions according to each point of the text.  The man told me that he had never heard or read anything like this before.  The following Sunday he came to our church and evening service …. Paulo

“Dear friends, My name is Claudine Fei.  I would like to greet you in the Name of Jesus!  Thank you very much for the Gospels of John you sent me and for the wonderful work you have been doing.  I have been an inmate for 8 years now.  I live in a small prison cell with 10 other prisoners.  Seven of them have already come to Christ.  We are all very happy.  When will we receive your literature?  Each time we receive them we pray and seek God’s direction on how to distribute them among our inmate companions.  People here seem to be very happy at the moment they receive these tracts.  When I do my time and be sent out of here, I want to witness of Christ out there in the company of my family.  May God bless you.  Claudine.

“My brothers, May the peace of our Lord be with you!  I just want to express how joyful and thankful I feel each time I have the blessed opportunity to receive more Bible literature from you.  God has called us to go across our city and widely preach the Gospel.  Our evangelistic team has decided to use only the literature provided by your depot.  Our team go to the streets of Angra Dos Reis to reach out to the people with God’s Word.  We have seen many people bringing their lives to the feet of our Lord.  But we know that there is still much work to be done.” Felipe Merques.
The team who recently helped unload the last container of literature into the Brazilian depot.


“Dear friends, We are very grateful to you for the booklets that we received.  We are richly blessed by your ministry.  We are involved in a church planting ministry in Uttar Pradesh.  The church has around 1,000 members.  We have 7 sister churches in surrounding areas.  God is doing mighty works in our midst.  The people are coming from a totally non-Christian background. Many people have heard about Jesus Christ through the distribution of the booklets.  We got many phone calls from people who wanted to know more about Jesus and salvation as they are hungry for the real God.
For evangelism we require 50,000 Gospels so that more souls will be brought to Jesus Christ.  We will give these booklets to the prisoners in jail, children in the schools and also to non-Christian people to whom we will approach and preach the Gospel.  May God bless your ministry abundantly.  We will be highly obliged for your concern and help in our ministry. Your brother, Masih.

“Dear Brother Samuel, Today a pastor came into our office and shared the following testimony. A  pastor from Tamilnadu does Gospel outreach among tribal people. He went to a small tribal hamlet where Kattunayakar Tribal people live in the hills of Nilgiris.  They are an isolated group of people who speak a dialect which does not have a script. It is a mixture of Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages but they can understand and speak Tamil. All of them are illiterates. This pastor spiral bound all the 40 Revival Movement Bible Lessons and made them into books. He distributed these to some of Christians among the tribal people and spent a number of days to teach them from Genesis to Revelation showing the picture charts.

All of them were very interested and grasped everything that was taught seeing the pictures.  At the end, the pastor wanted to test and see if the people remembered what he taught about the Bible.  To his amazement they answered every question he put forward from the Bible. So the pastor has declared them as Evangelists and commissioned  them to use the picture charts to go into other such hamlets and share the Word of God and the Gospel.  God is working in a wonderful way through these valuable Bible Lessons / Picture Charts. Praise the Lord! Selvi, India Bible Literature.
Below – The container which we shipped to CEF Mexico is checked for drugs before it was released by customs officals.


“Dear Friends, Greetings from Romania. Today we received a reply coupon from the “Meet the King” booklet which we have been distributing in the south of Romania. There was a letter attached to it which read:

“Dear CEF of Romania, Thank you so much for giving me the wonderful opportunity to learn more important things about God. I have lived through the times when it was forbidden to draw near to God and the Bible was never allowed to be discussed.I promise to be an active, faithful participant of the Bible Correspondence Course. Sevastita.  Her age is on the coupon – 70.

Praise God that there are still many opportunities to take the Gospel to the people in Romania. Thank you for praying for this vital ministry. Every blessing, Claire Bain.

Please pray for Clive Allen and Heather Mercer who will be visiting India from 8th – 17th October to attend special services organised by India Bible Literature to mark the 60th Anniversary of the commencement of  the work of Dr. Scott in India. Please pray for safety in travel and that they will have no health problems. Samuel Adams will also be travelling to the USA for a few days of discussions with other missions concerning needs and opportunities with Gospel Literature.
During the month we took delivery of 170 Tonnes of Paper costing about £120,000.00. Please continue to pray for all the different aspects of the ministry.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams & Clive Allen

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