Over 100 Tonnes of Gospel Literature shipped this month

Dear Friend,
We are very grateful to our many friends who faithfully pray and support us in this ministry of spreading the Good News of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. We have also been delighted during the month to have had many church groups visiting the factory to see the machines operating and to hear more about the ministry. As we are now using 5 Tonnes of paper each working day in the factory we need to see more people getting interested in the ministry, who will also pray and support the production of the printed page.  We would like to extend to all our friends Season’s Greetings and a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Mailbox Club

Dear Samuel, Thank you for considering the opportunities before us.  First of all, it would be tremendously helpful if you were able to supply Explorers’ lessons for follow-up to all the “Meet the King” booklets which you are printing for CEF in the Ukraine.  Thank you.

Secondly, we have just graduated over 550,000 children through Explorers 1 and 2 in India connected to a network of over 18,000 churches.  These precious children need the Word of God in their hands as many are from devout Hindu homes.  While we have worked with these children in around 10 languages, the main language groups are Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.  We could use the following quantities of Gospels of John for these children to continue getting to know the Lord Jesus: Telugu – 120,000 Gospels, Tamil – 90,000 Gospels and Hindi – 90,000 Gospels.

Finally, we have a huge and growing work in Zimbabwe. One of the most economically stressed and fragile countries on earth.  We would greatly appreciate 100,000 sets of Explorers 1 and 2 in English.  I know these are large requests, yet the fields are truly large and white onto harvest.  Please know that we would appreciate any thing that you could do to help us.  For the children, John Mark Eager, Mailbox Club.

Dear Sir, I would like to request for tracts on behalf of our ministry, Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES).  NIFES is committed to reaching out to the University and College students with the Gospel and nurturing those of them who make a commitment to follow Christ onto maturity.  We have up to 30,000 students’ membership in 318 Colleges and University campuses.

France and Guadeloupe

“Dear friends, We praise God who, once again, has provided the means over the past year for Every Home Crusade to make an enormous difference in France and on the French islands.  160,000 homes received a Gospel of John over the last few months with a copy of the “Meet the King” booklet printed graciously and shipped freely in “to the ends of the earth” – even to Guadeloupe island (close to the USA).  This is the biggest project ever undertaken by CEF Guadeloupe so that every home received two booklets and every parent received a letter – so that nobody on the island could say one day they haven’t heard the good news.  Children who come to know Christ are followed up by CEF workers and the adults by another ministry.

Many families in France have also received and read God’s Word. Possibly not having had the opportunity for generations, since the French Huguenots were persecuted cruelly in the 17th century and had to leave France to be a blessing to many other countries of the world. God blessed the campaigns richly – He raised 40 Christians from abroad to come (see photos) and help many French Christians to distribute 60,000 envelopes to families in 5 different regions of France – and the small French churches were strengthened in their faith – and new people came to the churches – and many children and parents discovered the love of God.  We pray that God will bless the very important ministry of Every Home Crusade and that He would provide again, by His grace through His children, so that the Gospel could be spread even further in the spiritually needy French world.  More than a quarter of a million people have heard the Gospel in France and on the French islands over the last 3 years because of the material provided by Every Home Crusade.
We would like to receive more Gospels of John and “Meet the King” booklets in the French language for our evangelistic programme during 2011.  We would need a total of 140,000 copies of each booklet for the 10 CEF campaigns and the distribution by the churches.  I know it is a lot, but God is opening doors very wide to distribute His Word I think like never before!  I trust and pray that God will provide by His grace for His kingdom. Johan Bloomhof.

Scripture Booklets entitled “The Light of the World” being distributed in Peru.


“Dear Samuel, The distribution of literature during the summer months continues to move along faster than we really expected.  We didn’t really know exactly what to expect!  But now that the demand for Scripture portions for evangelism is upon us, the progress is really encouraging.  A number of churches around Zambia have been to the Scripture Gift Mission, Zambia office, to ask for large quantities of literature for evangelism and discipleship.  We have had churches coming from as far as Lusaka to get the literature.  Many churches have been working very hard sending evangelistic teams on a door to door campaign in our communities and God has been strengthening us for the work.

Just in Chingola we have reached several hundred homes so far through literature which we are distributing through the petrol stations (attendants give the Gospel of John to motorists when they are filling fuel in their vehicles), and some we leave with parking attendants in town to give to motorists as they pay for parking space and also through some local shops.

We like what someone once said, “There is nothing in the Bible that says an entire town cannot be saved.” Sometimes we have this false assumption in our mind that makes us content with a few people being saved, but let us not be content in prayer until we see every lost person saved.  Let us ask the Lord to save everyone in our town of Chingola.  We have distributed thousands of Gospels of John since the beginning of August this year. In His love, Kelvin and Joyce Samwata.


In a previous report we requested prayer for the leader of our work in Brazil – Pastor Victor Cardoo has been diagnosed with a form of motor neurone disease.  Recently he wrote the following: “My health continues to decline slowly and sometimes faster than we expected.  For example, I began the month of October moving around with a walking stick, then had to start using a zimmer.  I ended up the month in a wheelchair so this to me is quite amazing.  I continue to feel weakness and tiredness very easily and I am more and more limited in the use of my hands.  I am having physiotherapy every day now for shocks, infra-reds and ultrasounds on the parts where I have constant pain.  But the Lord has been so wonderful in blessing me with lots of encouragements.  The prayers of so many people have been a huge blessing to me.  It is amazing me how so many people are asking the Lord to heal me.”  (Dictated by Victor and typed by Paula)

Please do continue to pray for Victor, his wife Rachel, his family and the team in the depot in Brazil during these difficult days. Samuel and Carol Adams will be going to visit Victor on the 3rd of December until the 9th of December and they would appreciate your prayers as they travel and visit with Victor and the team.

Please Pray for all of the necessary finance for the many aspects of the ministry. During December we are expecting to take delivery of over 120 Tonnes of Paper which will cost over £90,000.00.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams & Clive Allen

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