91 Million pieces of Gospel Literature

10,760,000 Gospels
22,082,000 Scripture and
Gospel booklets
58,846,000 Gospel Tracts and Leaflets
55,000 Sets of Children’s Bible Lessons
80,000 Books

Dear Friend,
As we look back over the past year our hearts are filled with Praise to the Lord. We are thrilled to be able to share the Good News of a huge increase in the amount of literature which was produced this past year. With 350 extra Tonnes of paper used last year this has meant a 33% increase in production over the largest previous year. We want to thank you who are our friends for all of your faithful support and we want to thank all our staff for all their hard work in the factory day by day.

From 15th November – 2nd December William Brown visited the country of Burkina Faso on behalf of Every Home Crusade. We very much appreciate the willingness of William to take on this trip to visit churches and missions in this country. The following is his report.

With a population of approx 16 million people and 78 different ethnic groups, this landlocked French speaking country has had to face many challenges. I had the privilege of meeting up with church leaders to make them aware of the French material that EHC currently has available. Armed with samples of chronological Bible lessons, Scripture booklets, Gospels of John and a variety of tracts, including tracts for children, I was excited at the possibilities, having witnessed firsthand the impact of the literature in Ivory Coast.   The following are just a few of the highlights of my visit.
On the first Friday morning I was there, I met with a group of twenty church leaders from different denominations. The president of the group welcomed me warmly and said in his opening remarks, ‘For too long Christianity in Africa has been known to be a mile wide and an inch deep’.  He continued, ‘One of the ways we can address this problem is to make good literature available to our people’.

Sunday 21st November is a day I won’t forget!  I was invited to share about the work of Every Home Crusade at the ‘International Centre of Evangelism’ in Ouagadougou.  When I arrived I was surprised to find the church already full with a staggering 3500 in attendance!  During the three hour service I was shown around the various Sunday school classes which make a total of approximately 800 children.  The Sunday service is broadcast on a local television station to enable all the city’s inhabitants to have access to the gospel.  I was challenged concerning the emphasis the church placed on prayer.   The pastor informed me that they have a team on duty day and night, 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week and people are free to contact them at anytime on their 24hr prayer phone line. However this particular church is the exception; many churches consist of a small number of believers seeking to maintain a witness for the Lord.

Five hours bus journey south west of Ouagadougo is Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso’s second largest town. There, Pastor Job Dao who is President of CMA’s six hundred churches scattered throughout Burkina Faso, met me.  He shared with me the particular challenge of reaching tribal groups in isolated villages in his area.  CMA has a number of colleges and primary schools and has therefore asked to receive a large quantity of chronological Bible lessons to reach these children and young people with the gospel.

Several folk said to me, ‘You have got to meet Joseph Dayamba.’  Joseph is the director of a Christian primary school, situated in the heart of a Muslim community, in Ouagadougou.  One morning I had an appointment with Joseph in his office. He welcomed me with a beaming smile and it wasn’t long before I sensed that here was a man with a heart for reaching children.  Joseph started the school with 12 children but persevered despite persecution.  One day the ‘Imam’, a Muslim leader who lived next door, arrived with six men armed with machetes and ordered him to immediately stop his work among the children and leave the area.  However Joseph is hugely respected in the community and many Muslims defended him and said he must stay!   Today he has over 200 on his roll and at least 85% of these children come from Muslim families. Amazingly the Imam ended up agreeing to sell his house to Joseph and today it serves as two classrooms!  Only God could do that!

Joseph is a strategic thinker and has several irons in the fire!  He is not just passionate about reaching children but realises the value of training children’s workers. He travels extensively in Burkina Faso and is in much demand for training courses on reaching children with the gospel.  When I showed him the chronological Bible lessons he was speechless for a moment and then repeated several times, ‘Wow this is so good!’  He placed such a substantial order for literature that I had to tactfully remind him that other churches and missions had ordered material too and it all had to fit into one container!

I also had the opportunity of spending a morning in prison. (just visiting!)  There are 1600 prisoners in Ouagadougou prison.  We were escorted around by a prison warden but allowed to share the gospel with groups of men, women and young people whose lives had been spoiled by sin.  You could see the sadness and look of despair in many of their faces.  The Pastor with me reminded them in a gracious and loving manner that we are all condemned whether we are outside or inside prison walls.  However there is hope and that is to be found only in the Lord Jesus Christ! He concluded by telling them that they could be free even within prison walls!  Afterwards two young men said they wanted to commit their lives to Christ.  I was able to give them Every Home Crusade’s booklet ‘Christ is the Answer’. Also many of the prisoners received the newly produced French tracts until our supply ran out!   Before leaving the prison I met with the prison chaplain who was delighted to place an order for Gospels of John, French Scripture booklets and French tracts.
One day I was on my way to get something to eat, only to find the main road closed to traffic. As I got closer I saw a huge crowd spilled onto the road outside the local mosque.  I was told that each Friday at lunchtime the road is closed off at both sides of the mosque in order to allow the Muslim population to pray undisturbed. Islam accounts for over 50% of Burkina Faso’s population.  Pastor Karim Zongo, President of the Evangelical Churches Council, passionately believes that churches need to seize the opportunity to evangelise with literature while they are free to do so.

I met several missionaries and national workers who are involved in translating the Scriptures into some of the tribal languages so that people can have the Word of God in their mother tongue.  They were thrilled to learn that EHC is willing to get alongside them in this ministry by printing gospels of John for larger people groups, where translation work has been completed.  During my final afternoon in Burkina Faso I met a missionary who is in the process of translating the New Testament into the Fulfulde language.  With modern technology it was possible to bring home one of the translated gospels on a memory stick ready to put into print!

I managed also to get over the border to Ivory Coast for four days before the borders closed for the elections.  It was so encouraging to share with new groups of believers and to see the impact of the literature from two containers sent out in recent years.  Pastor Koné and I were stopped at numerous rebel checkpoints and almost every time we were asked for literature!

Thank you so much for praying for my visit. Also I would like to thank all those in Burkina Faso, both missionaries and national Pastors, who helped me in so many ways.  I am grateful to EHC for entrusting me with the responsibility of representing this great work. I came away humbled, challenged, blessed and enriched, having met many new brothers and sisters in Christ who are labouring sacrificially, yet joyfully, in order to make Him known!  What a privilege to be able to offer them tools to help in this great task.

William Brown

Altogether William received requests for 650,000 Gospels of John, 700,000 Scripture Booklets, 15,000 Sets of Children’s Bible Lessons,  1,750,000 Gospel Tracts and 700,000 other Gospel Booklets.

Samuel and Carol Adams visited Victor and Racquel Cardoo during 4th – 9th December. Victor has been leading the work in our literature depot, but during the summer he was diagnosed with a form of Motor Neurone disease. This visit was to encourage and support Victor, Racquel and the whole team in the depot.  Victor is now virtually paralysed and the doctors have told him that he will soon lose the power of his voice. Please continue to pray for him and the family during these difficult days.

It was encouraging to see the work continuing in the literature depot and to be able to spend some time with the staff.  We had a meeting with the Council who oversee the work and it is tremendous to know of all of their support and help at this time.

During the month we took delivery of 130 Tonnes of Paper for the production of the Gospels of John, Scripture booklets and Gospel Booklets. This paper will cost approximately £100,000.00.  During the year we have seen a huge increase in paper prices and the cost of paper is continuing to increase.  One tonne of paper is £765.00 and we are using 5 tonnes of paper each working day. Please pray for the huge financial resources that are needed to meet these costs aswell as the many other running expenses including shipping and postage costs.

Please pray for Samuel Adams and David Watson (A Director) who hope to be able to visit Nigeria towards the end of January assuming that they receive their Visa. We are in the process of opening a depot in Lagos for the distribution of our literature all across Nigeria.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams & Clive Allen

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