Opportunities among the 150 Million Nigerians

Dear Friend,
Recently at one of our deputation meetings a lady told us of how she was converted to Christ.  In the year 1963 she received a leaflet from Every Home Crusade through her door.  On one side it spoke of Heaven and on the other side it spoke of Hell.  She experienced conviction of sin and came to trust in Christ as Saviour.

What an encouragement this lady is to us! Firstly it reminds us that; “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, …” (Isaiah 55: 11)  Secondly it reminds us; “… that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” (Philippians 1: 6)

We appreciate all your support and encouragement in the work and please continue to pray for many to be won to Jesus Christ and to go on to live fruitful lives for Him.

From the 19th of January until the 27th of January David Watson and Samuel Adams visited in Nigeria.  The following is their report:
We visited the city of Jos which is in many ways the Headquarters of Christian Missions and church denominations within Nigeria therefore it has become a vital link to reaching out all across Nigeria with the good news of the Gospel.  Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been increasing problems with pastors being killed and churches and homes being burnt by Muslim extremists.  On Christmas Eve three bombs exploded in “Christian” markets where over 40 people were killed.  After this numerous Christians had their homes burnt and others have been killed.  Please pray for peace to reign in this city and that the hand of the evil one will be stayed.

For many years we have worked very closely with Dr. Sid Garland who is a missionary working in Jos.  A number of years ago he had the vision of providing Bible College students with theological books to help them in their studies as there was tremendous shortages of this kind of literature.  Since then he has commenced the ACTS organisation which now has a number of bookshops across the country of Nigeria.  For the last few years we have seen a need to develop a depot in Lagos city where we could unload our containers of literature and, at the same time, ACTS wanted to commence a new bookshop in the city.  So we agreed to have a partnership to develop a literature centre.

The Headquarters of ACTS is in Jos and we had the opportunity of meeting with the management team to discuss all the details and practicalities for our partnership in Lagos.  We also took time to share with them our vision of reprinting classical Christian books to sell at prices which people could afford – in order to make this kind of good Christian teaching material available to as many as possible.  We had brought samples of the books which we had recently printed with us and they were delighted and excited to see these titles and they are looking forward to the first supply of these books arriving in Jos.  They also kindly hosted a number of other meetings for us to meet as many key leaders of organisations as possible.

At the completion of our meetings we realized that we had touched organisations who covered all age groups and types of young people.  We had the opportunity of meeting with a leader of “NIFES” who work among University and College students.  At present they have a membership of 30,000 students with whom they work in 293 University and College campuses in Nigeria.  They are requiring large quantities of Gospel tracts and Gospels of John for their outreach.  We also met the leader of the “Fellowship of Christian students”.  These friends work in 3,500 Secondary schools among 1 million students across the country.  They have over 1,000 volunteers who conduct Bible studies and outreaches among the students.  They were very interested in our booklet, “Escape the Trap” which deals with the subject of pornography.  This is now proving to be a major problem among young people in Nigeria.

We met with the leaders of “Child Evangelism Fellowship” who are reaching out with the Gospel to boys and girls all across the country.  They are very interested in receiving quantities of children’s Bible lessons as they have huge needs for literature as many people have no teaching material for children.

We had the opportunity of meeting with Pastor Maiyanga who distributes hundreds of thousands of our Gospels of John in different regions of the country.  He told us that frequently he is stopped at Police check points.  He immediately asks the first Policeman how many men are at the check point and immediately gives them that number of Gospels of John, so that each police man can have his own copy.  The Police are more than willing to receive these Gospels and then happily wave him on his way!  He told us that sometimes he visits Mission Conferences with a quantity of Gospels of John.  However, so many people want to have some Gospels for outreach work that he has to limit the number of Gospels to 10 or 20 copies to each person who is looking for a quantity for evangelism.  Such is the demand.

We also had the opportunity of meeting with the President of the COCIN churches and Dr. Musa Gotom, a former General Secretary of the denomination.  These friends have over 3,000 congregations in Nigeria and have been asking us for very large supplies of Gospel literature for their work.

We  had a meeting with Pastor Raymond Gobum who works with the ECWA denomination.  He has developed a ministry of encouraging pastors to teach the Word of God through expository preaching.  Each year he holds 12 major training sessions when an average of 200 to 300 pastors attend.  He not only is involved in this work in Nigeria, but also in Ethiopia, Uganda and Cameroon.

When we introduced our books to him, he was very excited as he explained that these are exactly the type of books that he needs to be presenting to pastors so that they can teach and preach the Word of God clearly.  He explained that he would make up a set of books, including all of our titles, and sell these at a low cost to the pastors who would be attending his training sessions.

During our time in Jos we appreciated very much the support, care and fellowship of some of the Mission Africa missionaries especially Pamela and Musa Gaiya, and Ricky and Angie Fitzsimmons.

When we arrived in Lagos we were taken to the new literature centre and we were delighted to find that a tremendous amount of work has already taken place in the clearing and rebuilding of a site which had been derelict for a number of years.  The site is sufficiently large for ACTS to be able to have their bookshop and stores for their books and also for us to be able to operate a literature depot and stores for unloading the containers of literature as they arrive in Nigeria.  

The site also provides some car parking space for anyone who is coming to get supplies of literature. For many years we have worked very closely with Dr. Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi and Pastor Yemi who have been a tremendous assistance to us in helping to clear the containers through customs and who have helped in the distribution of the literature across Nigeria. 

On Tuesday the 25th we had our official opening when Dr. Obey performed the opening ceremony for our depot. At this time we presented him with a plaque expressing our appreciation and help for many years in the ministry. Before we arrived, we had produced a flyer to let people know that the books and Gospel tracts and leaflets were available.  Pastor Yemi told us that when people saw some of the titles that we are printing that frequently he heard the comment, “These are the type of books that we have been looking for and yet we have not been able to find them in bookshops.”

In the Revival publishing side of our ministry we have now printed a total of 14 books.  However, in the container which had just arrived in Nigeria only 8 of the books had been completed at the time of shipping.  The 8 titles available consisted of – “How to Work for Christ” by R A Torrey, “Holiness” by J C Ryle, “Expository Thoughts on Matthew” by J C Ryle, “Weighed in the Balances” by D L Moody,  “Wondrous Love” by D L Moody, “Methods of Christian Work” by R A Torrey and “Power Through Prayer” by E M Bounds.

There was a lot of excitement as soon as our depot was opened and immediately we commenced selling some of the books.  We were in a position to be able to sell all of these 8 titles for the equivalent of £6 so that people were delighted with the quality of the books and also the cheap price.

At the same time people were getting free supplies of the Gospel tracts, Gospels of John and sets of children’s Bible lessons.  One man had arrived at the opening with a letter telling of his work with Emmaus and how he wanted 50 boxes of literature.  Another lady arrived and told us how she travels on the buses and carries with her a microphone, a loudspeaker and stands at the front of the bus and preaches the Gospel to all the passengers.  She uses our literature to distribute when she is finished preaching.  She also was looking for a fresh supply of literature.  Once again we would like to thank Dr. Obey and Pastor Yemi for all of their assistance. 

Please pray for Pastor Yemi as he develops the ministry in Lagos with a population of 14 million people and also to many other cities throughout the Southern area of the country.  There are huge needs and opportunities in this land.  We pray that we will be able to encourage and support many Christians in their ministry and that these books will also be a source of Biblical strength to the pastors and Christian workers in Nigeria.

Please continue to Pray for every aspect of the ministry, including the very large financial needs of the ministry at this time. We continue to use 5 Tonnes of Paper each working day at a daily cost of £3,500.00. We are now preparing to ship containers of Literature to Brazil, Nigeria, S. Africa, Burkina Faso and India.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams & Clive Allen

We are sad to announce the home call of Mrs Kathleen Allen, the wife of Ernie Allen, the founder and General Secretary of the Every Home Crusade who died on 13th January 2011. We wish to pay tribute to her life and witness.  Her funeral service in Castlereagh Baptist Church was attended by a large number of family, friends and supporters of the work.  Pastor Neil Watson and Pastor Victor Maxwell paid tribute to a life well lived.

Kathleen Hull was born on 3 August 1926 in Portavogie, a fishing village on the Ards Peninsula.   Kathleen trusted in the Lord Jesus as her Saviour at the age of 11 at a meeting conducted by two Faith Mission pilgrims.

Kathleen met Ernie Allen at the Portstewart Convention and they were married on 30 September 1953.  Ernie and Kathleen were united to serve the Lord in the work of the Revival Movement Association.  Near the end of the fifties  Every Home Crusade was formed and became a branch of Revival Movement Association.  Their vision was to reach every home in Northern Ireland with a piece of Gospel literature.  At their home in Oakland Avenue they had a small printing press in the front room.

Kathleen was whole-hearted in the work as it grew and moved to various locations – Newtownards Road, Redcar Street, Clara Street and more recently Kinallen.   She continued as book-keeper for Every Home Crusade until she was 70 years old.  Her work was meticulous and conscientious.  Indeed she was so eager to pay bills on time that one of the paper suppliers had to ask her not to pay so quickly as it complicated their system.

Up until the age of 80 Kathleen maintained a close interest in the work and enjoyed reading the letters from supporters.  She was able to perform the opening ceremony at the new factory in Kinallen in September 2009 and remained a director of the work until her death.

Kathleen had a gracious, quiet spirit which she maintained even as her health deteriorated. We as a staff are very thankful to the Lord for all of her support and encouragement in the ministry for many years.

As a family we have been deeply touched by the many expressions of sympathy which we have received and we are sorry that we cannot respond to each one personally.

“The life of one we love is never lost … Its influence goes on through all the lives it ever touched” (Helen Steiner Rice)
Deuteronomy 33:27 “The eternal God is thy refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Clive, Paul and Heather.

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