120 Tonnes of Literature shipped in February

Dear Friend,
At the end of the Gospel of Matthew we read that Jesus took his disciples to Galilee. He told them, “… All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” (Matthew 18: 18) What a statement to depend on as we labour for Him in these days.
Recently we received a story from Romania of how a group of children had trusted the Lord through literature without any contact from other believers. This story reminds us of the power of the Holy Spirit at work today and also of the promise – “… lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28: 20) Once again we thank you each one for being such a vital part of this ministry.

The following is a report from Mr. Sam Balmer of Bible Education Services:
“During 2009 I visited the countries of Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. While I was in Zambia many of the Pastors, Elders and full-time Christian workers from various African countries told us they would love to use the Bible-time lessons for children but printing was the main problem. While I was in Kenya I met with Brother Moses, his wife and family and his team of volunteers who are in contact with over 30,000 teenagers per month. Moses felt the Bible-time lessons would be ideal. Many had been praying that the Lord would open up doors somehow that this would come to fruition.

Wherever I went I talked about Bible-time lessons and there was a great interest. There was a desire to use Bible-time lessons in churches, schools, village groups, amongst English-speaking children and also children whose first language was not English. I came back with many contacts, but BES were not in a position to supply lessons or to fund printing in these countries. Much prayer was made and the Lord wonderfully answered prayer in a miraculous way when Every Home Crusade agreed to print the 3 year course which consists, in total, of 75,000 lessons per month. We were staggered by their generosity and grateful to the Lord for His great provision which means that lessons will be available in Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa.

The first lessons were printed and shipped last year and last May and June I was able to set up centres and to train markers and give guidance and counsel with regard to the use of the lessons in the best possible way. Much prayer is needed for this ongoing work that these lessons will be used wisely and that the distribution and marking arrangements will be done efficiently and, above all, that the students studying the lessons will come to know the Lord.
In Zambia we arranged two seminars held over two days for approximately 150 who attended from a wide area. This was very well organized and encouraging. They were from a variety of churches and some schools – especially in the Chingola area.

We would like to thank all the supporters of Revival Movement Association for their help in supplying and allowing us to get these lessons distributed to so many young people in Africa. Sam Balmer.

“Dear Samuel, We are in great need of Gospels of John. Weekly we receive requests for Gospels. This is great because it means that people are evangelizing and people hear the Gospel. Could you please send us another consignment of 100,000 Gospels of John as soon as possible?

We have been busy evangelizing in the isolated villages. Praise the Lord we have more contacts than ever before. A couple of weeks ago we walked into a cafeteria and, after a cup of coffee, handed a Gospel to a man behind the counter. “Oh, you are evangelicals. I accepted the Lord 7 years ago in Peru.” Praise the Lord for the immigrants who have come to Spain.

Recently we had a great experience as my wife had to walk our grandchildren to and from school. One afternoon a car stopped beside my wife and a young woman called her. She was a young nurse who had met my wife previously. When she saw me, she said, “I know this man.” Later in the afternoon when she arrived at her home she told us a story which caused us to praise the Lord. She had first heard the Gospel 12 years old in a Secondary school in San Fernando de Henares and that man was myself! Praise the Lord! All our labours have not been in vain. She had been in several evangelical churches and is a radiant Christian with a real burden for souls for Jesus. She has led many to Christ. Praise the Lord for this encouragement.

Loving greetings in Christ Jesus, Aart and Marion Deelen.

“Dear Mr Samuel Adams and co-workers in Revival Movement. We in GLO Ministries in India and Brethren churches in South India are thankful to you for the good work of the Lord you are involved in. Without your help we cannot function since our main ministry is Gospel outreach. Since you are supplying Gospels of John, “Jesus Christ – Light of the World” and “The Way of Salvation Through our Lord Jesus Christ” booklets to GLO India, we are taking the opportunity to distribute this literature through our volunteer and full-time servants serving the Lord in different parts of our country.
Apart from the supply of Gospel literature to Christian churches and Christian organisations who are busily involved in distribution, GLO has two mass distribution programmes in and around Chennai City. They are the Good Friday outreach and the Christmas Day outreach. We also organize another outreach at a Roman Catholic festival during the month of September. In all of these efforts we were able to distribute over 400,000 Gospels of John and over 1.5 million Scripture booklets during the year 2009 – 2010.

So far 11,267 have responded by the reading of the Gospel of John and other booklets. These people who responded are currently studying Emmaus Bible Correspondence courses out of which 982 people professed their faith in the Lord. During the past two years 450 people obeyed the Lord in baptism. Almost every day, except Sunday, we receive letters from seekers. We praise and thank the Lord for the supply of Gospel literature through your organisation.

Please supply us with 1 million Gospels of John in Tamil and large quantities of the Scripture booklets. We are looking forward to receiving this supply of literature from you for our Easter outreach. Yours in Christ, John Pandi.

“Dear Friends, Thank you for the 250,000 “Meet the King” booklets which we have just received. Last week we heard about some children in an area of Romania where there is no evangelical witness. The CEF workers went to them for a Christmas club and, while they were teaching the children, they realized that they knew a lot about God and the Lord Jesus Christ. At the end of the programme they asked the children how come they knew so much. They replied that a few years previously they had received a tract and had enrolled on the Bible Correspondence course. They had been learning from it ever since, although they had never been in contact with other Christians and there is no church in their village! They had trusted the Saviour and are growing in Him. I am sharing this with you for your encouragement. Claire Bain, CEF Romania.

We would like to thank all of our friends for their gifts towards our paper costs – during the month we took delivery of 88 Tonnes of paper at a cost of £67,000.00 and we expect to take delivery of the same amount of paper during March.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams & Clive Allen

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