Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”

Presenting the Gospel to boys and girls in the Philippines after a game of basketball

Dear Friend,
In the factory at the moment there are large quantities of literature being printed which are designed to reach children with the Gospel message. Our own children’s lessons in the French language, literature for Bible Education Services and also a variety of booklets and lessons for distribution by Child Evangelism Fellowship.
In the Gospels we see the love of Jesus especially towards children. In Mark 10: 14 Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”
Children are special to Jesus. Their salvation is so important, saving them from much evil in this world. Also, they can go on to live fruitful and contented lives for their Saviour. Thank you once again for your continued support for the work. Please pray for all this children’s material as it leaves the factory during April and goes across the world.

Philip Johnston with the container of Gospels which has just arrived in the Philippines

“Dear Samuel and friends of Revival Movement Association. On the last day of February we received a 20 foot container, 750 boxes which consisted of 450,000 copies of the Gospel of John in Cebuano and a number of boxes in English for the people of Bohol. As I looked at the boxes I started to well up with thankfulness knowing these are not just booklets, it is God’s Word to precious souls. Many will come to Jesus through these wonderful Gospels.
Just like my own grandmother came to Jesus through a Gospel tract so many years ago and everywhere grandma went she gave people Gospel tracts. Grandma is in Heaven today. Now I follow on the wonderful heritage, my turn to run the race and carry on spreading the Gospel.
I want to personally thank Revival Movement Association for printing and shipping the Gospels. Thank you to everyone who assisted practically within the Philippines and Bohol and each one who has continued to pray and see God’s Word going forth.
When we arrived home that evening Daisy Mae came running to the van and gave me a big hug. When I opened the back of my van both Hanna Grace and both Daisy Mae saw the boxes. They immediately shouted out, “Gospels! We need to give them to our neighbours.” They reached for them and ran to their neighbours giving them the Gospels. They have the same heart as Dad. They had caught the vision because they are close to Dad. As I was thinking on this, how true, let us draw close to our Heavenly Father so His heart becomes our heart for this world He loved so much. Love and prayers, Philip and Tracey Johnston.

Mothers in the Maternity ward of Fabella Hospital, Philippines receiving our Gospels of John

The following is a report which we have received from Sowers of the Word Ministries in the Philippines.
During our Fabella Hospital Outreach with 36 volunteers from 2 churches we gave 350 donated baby blankets, along with 350 Gospels of John. The Word of God was shared and many mothers were prayed for. We shared from John chapter 3: 1-3. We explained that each one of us has a soul, body and spirit. The mothers and, even student nurses, were listening and reading the Word. Praise the Lord!

They were able to grasp that, when a baby is born into this world, the baby is born in the flesh. We emphasized that our spirit needs to be born again. One nurse said, “Ah, that is what it means to be born again!” It is at this time first seeing their new born babies that these mothers’ hearts are most receptive to read what the Bible says about Jesus.
During the outreach we talked to May. Her baby was in the ICU, the same as three other mothers we talked to. They were distraught, heartbroken, crying and open to the Gospel. We gave a Gospel of John booklet to each mother. Three to four weeks after the outreach we received a text message. “This is May. My baby and I just got out of hospital. Thank you for your prayers and also for the Gospel of John. I read it, but the patient beside me asked for it when we were about to leave the hospital.”
There was one father near us intently listening about the Word of God. His wife was in labour and was in the high risk area. We asked them to open their Gospel of John to Page 5 and we read the first part of chapter 1 and emphasized John 1: 12. We shared about Jesus and they gladly opened their hearts to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We thank God for the literature and for your partnership.
Friendship games – This is a very exciting evangelistic way of reaching out to different barangays especially those in or near slum areas. God led us to start one in Paco, Manila. We didn’t know anybody in that area but heard that many street kids were from there. We are bringing basket ball shirts for kids and then start friendship games of basket ball. This is then followed by two roads of presentation with testimonies and introductions to the Gospel of John. At the end we had the opportunity of distributing Gospels of John to many people.

The Gospel of John being explained before distribution to people in the Philippines

Jesus Reigns Ministries conducted the San Andres Outreach through tract distribution. They saturated the target areas where they are holding Bible studies or care groups. They oversee approximately 10 Bible studies in the area and these are continuing to flourish as more souls are being won to the Lord. They told us that the tract distribution works in the following ways:
1. Evangelism – the Gospel is being brought to the people first hand through the tracts.
2. A follow-up Scheme – the neighbours here in San Andres are frequently invited to the Bible studies. Those who are not regular attendees are reminded of the Gospel through the tracts.
3. Set the Spiritual Atmosphere – the tract distribution helps in saturating the place with the Word of God, making the Word of God to become welcome personally and in the homes of our neighbours.
We thank the Lord for the partnership of Sowers of the Word Ministries for providing us Gospel tracts to fulfil our purpose in our San Andres Outreach. May God bless you more for resources that may be extended for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Distributing Gospels in India

“Dear Brother Samuel, Recently Brother Sahayaraj visited our office to request for more Gospels. He has such a zeal to spread the Word of God. He said that he has sold most of his property to do evangelism and he travels widely to different parts of India. He visits our office regularly to get material and sometimes comes to me and shares his experiences and shows the pictures he has taken during his travels. I have attached some recent pictures he has taken. Something he said this time touched my heart. He said that he is facing a lot of financial difficulties now to continue his ministry but, if he stops sharing the Word of God, he would die. He does not want to live if he cannot spread the Word of God. God bless him.

Just to let you know that we urgently need the following material – 100,000 Marathi Gospels, 50,000 English Gospels, 200,000 Tamil Gospels, 500,000 Telugu “Who is Jesus?” and 500,000 Tamil “Who is Jesus?” We would appreciate it if the above Scriptures are sent to us as early as possible. With warm regards. Brother V.

Distributing tracts at the

“Dear friends, My name is Pastor Javiersoto. I want to share with you the great time of blessing we had working at the camp at San Jose mine when they were trying to rescue the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground. We distributed a large quantity of your Spanish booklets and tracts to the media people and to the families and even sent some of the tracts down to the miners. I would encourage you to keep on with the great work that you are doing …

Hello! Peace and grace be with you! I would like to share with you some of our experiences concerning the use of the Revival Movement Association literature. These publications of yours have been of such help for me and my husband in our personal evangelism efforts. It is a high quality material and it shows a great variety of titles – very nice. Your organisation is certainly fruit from a heavenly vision and an open door for people to be saved. Glory to God for that!
I have been distributing your literature in my work place, to my clients and to people of all ages who come to my store – especially the children whom I deeply love. I usually share the literature when I take the city bus when I am teaching classes to the children. I see that they love the tracts and read them all immediately. My husband himself does a weekly evangelism at prison facilities. There he is also using your literature. They have been of such great importance to help him share the Word of God with the inmates. On Sundays both of us go to hospitals to reach out to people who are suffering with cancer. We have seen the Lord acting in such a powerful way.

Filling our depot in Brazil with a fresh supply of literature from a Container.

Our prayer is that God will abundantly bless and reward, not just you people, but each and everyone who cooperates this great work which belongs to our Master, Jesus Christ. May the Lord raise new people, day by day, to help you to conduct this heavenly vision and may His Name be magnified among the nations! Praise God for ever! We also pray that the Holy Spirit may speak to everyone who receives God’s message through your literature so that more people may be rescued from the empire of darkness into the wonderful light of Jesus Christ… Jonas and Maryane Maia.

During April we plan to ship Containers of Literature to Burkina Faso, Papua New Guinea, India, Brazil and Kenya. Each of these containers including shipping, paper, and printing costs will average at about £35,000.00 each. Please continue to pray for these financial needs.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams Clive Allen

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