Testimonies of God’s Grace from India and Eastern Europe


Dear Friend,
At this time of year we have been thinking again of Calvary and the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. A famous preacher once said that the cross is ‘the biggest and the deepest and the profoundest thing in the whole universe.’ In the book of Romans we read,  ‘But God commendeth his love toward us,in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him’. Romans 5 v 8,9. At the cross we see God’s love for sinners and his provision of the way of salvation. Many around the world, young and old, still need to hear of and understand their sinful condition before a Holy God and of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We wish to thank you all for your continued prayer and support for this ministry in these days.

We have been continuing to supply India Every Home Crusade with quantities of literature for their evangelism.  The following are some testimonies which we have received from these friends:-
“During the time of summer project our missionaries conducted 6 Gospel meetings at different locations in Samarlakota town.  Local people arranged for a loud speaking system and also provided a small singing team.  With all these facilities, every Gospel meeting was successful.  People heard the Gospel with keen interest and nearly 233 people raised their hands to accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour as a result of these Gospel meetings.  We have encouraged these people to attend the nearby local churches and, apart from that, we have also planted 6 Christ groups in the interior part of the town.  Right now Sunday services have been conducted by the Bereacah church and a local church is planning to arrange a baptism service for those who are now attending the Christ group and learning from the Word of God.”

“My name is Narsaiah.  I belong to a Hindu community, aged 55.  I used to worship all of our Hindu gods and go on pilgrimages in seeking for salvation.  But I could not find any peace to my life.  One day a team of 4 young people came to our street with bags on their shoulders.  They were distributing Gospel tracts from house to house.  In that way they came to my house also.  When they came to my house, I inquired about Jesus Christ and asked them whether He could save me and heal me from my physical ailments.  I had a problem in the intestines due to which I used to suffer a lot feeling severe pain every now and then in the stomach.

These young men explained to me about God and some of the miracles that He has performed.  When I heard these things from them somehow I felt something happen in my heart.  That night before I go to bed I asked God, ‘Lord, if you are God, heal me and take away all my ailments in the body.’  After a few days, I found there was no disturbance in the body as there was in the past.
Then these young people again came to my house to inquire about me and they also brought me a small Bible.  I told them that I am slowly feeling better physically as well as mentally.  That day they spent almost one hour with me and my family and explained further about the God and Jesus Christ.  After that I realized that I am a sinner, Jesus could forgive my sins and also heal my body.  I offered a prayer to God in front of these 4 missionaries.  They also prayed for me.  Since then I have felt quietness in my heart and also in the body.  I believe that this was because of Jesus Christ.  There was a change in my heart.  Now I am attending to the Christian church every Sunday and listening to the Word of God, knowing more of Him.  Please pray for me and my family as we stand for the Lord.”

THIRUVURU – “We face severe opposition in the area of Thiruvuru.  The entire area happens to be a centre for business.  When we entered the colony some of the local leaders opposed and threatened us with dire consequences if we preached the Gospel there.  Since we were only a few people at the time preaching the Gospel in that area we sensed the danger and, looking at the severe position, we stopped our work and returned to our place.  After 10 days again we went to the same area and silently commenced our Gospel work from the end of the colony instead of beginning at the main entrance.  Though we were going from home to home distributing Gospel work their threat haunted us.  But this time the entire team joined us.  Some people who threatened us came to us and gave an ultimatum that we should leave this place forthwith.  But by then we had completed our mission.  We praise God that through evangelism we covered the entire area with Gospel tracts.  This was how God gave us victory over the people.  When we shared this incident with local churches many shed tears of joy for what the Lord had done and the victory that God gave us.  As a result of this small bold step that we took to enter the same place a second time we had the privilege of leading one strong Hindu fundamentalist to the feet of the Lord Jesus through salvation.”

“I am Barnali.  I have two daughters and one son.  I am a widow and since the demise of my husband I have to stay with my parents.  I was suffering from heart problem for a long time and had gone to many doctors for the treatment, but I was not cured even after many doctors gave their assurance and hope for me.  My parents and I were so worried and hopeless.  We were from Hindu background and so my father had gone to the Hindu priest for the black magic and even tried witchcraft, but all efforts went in vain.  Finally my mother, who often heard of Christians talking about Jesus as the great Healer, decided to invite someone who is a Christian to pray for me even if it is against my father’s wishes.  But, before she could invite anyone, three Christians entered our home with the Gospel.  But, as soon as my mother knew about them, she gladly welcomed them and requested them to pray for my sickness.  She narrated my story to them and so they encouraged me with the Word of God.  They shared the Word to us, gave us some Gospel literature and prayed for me.  Amazingly the next day I woke up, I could feel no longer the pain in me and I felt that something had been removed from my chest.  I told my mother about this and right, on the same day, we went for a medical check-up.  After every test was done, the doctor could not say a word for he was amazed and surprised that everything was clear!  I thank God for His great healing to a person like me.  Please pray for us that we could understand about Jesus and know how to choose the right path.  Pray particularly for our father.”

Mrs Elmira. – “This was the first time in my life to participate in the Gospel work.  In the beginning I was scared so much, even to hold the tracts in my hand and visiting homes and approaching people.  I got boldness and courage as I saw other volunteers doing it.  By God’s grace I could complete the work and shared the Gospel with the other people house to house.  I thank the Lord and I am grateful to the leaders of India Every Home Crusade for providing this opportunity to involve myself in the ministry and this thrilling experience will remain in my memory throughout my life.”

Last year we worked with Bible Mission in the project One-to-Ten.  The following is some of the news which we have received concerning the distribution of the packs of literature which consisted of a Scripture calendar, a Gospel booklet and a children’s booklet.
More than 1,600 churches and 56,112 believers participated with great enthusiasm in distributing the literature and witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ.  The following is one of the first reports which was received:
“I received the literature sets shortly before I had to go to the hospital for surgery.  I took the sets with me.  First I reread all of the leaflets and booklets intensively and prayed.  I asked God to show me the best way to tell others my testimony so that they might understand the truth.  Though I was weak physically, I felt strong in spirit and able to help others.  Then, as I was waiting for the doctor with other women, we talked and the other women said to me, ‘The whole world goes crazy.  Everybody wants to make good business.  But what happens to the poor in health, what does God look at?’  That was exactly what I needed.  So I started to tell them ‘what God looks at’ – that I am a person like them, only that I am a believer.  Then I gave the literature sets to them (by the way thanks for the good combination) and advised them – ‘Now since you have time, read the booklets and think about it.’  Now I am praying for every single one of them and also ask you to pray with me.”  Emma … Ukraine

“I gave the literature sets to 10 people and I could have used more because there were so many who wanted to have it.  All of them were very grateful for the calendars and leaflets.  Three of them followed my invitation to the church service.  One of them said to me, ‘I have been looking for a church for a long time.  Now I am happy to have found one.  I really like it here.  People are very open.  I am going to continue visiting this church.’”  Galina … Russia
“Last year Maria from Moldova visited 5 families in her village, and told them about Jesus and gave the literature sets to them.  The result was a married couple with their 3 children began to visit the church.  On Easter the father repented.  During the summer he was baptized and is now a church member.  He is a student of the Correspondence Bible school.  With great joy he received the literature sets this year, visited his neighbours and relatives and told them about what Jesus did in his life.  Please pray for his wife that she might decide for Jesus Christ too.

A man from Moldova heard the testimony of a believer and got a set of literature which he took home.  He read every single booklet carefully.  Some days later at the market he again met the believer who had given the set to him.  He told him about the huge problem in his family and that he had decided to commit suicide.  Even the gun was prepared but, after he had finished reading the leaflets and booklets in the set, he felt filled with calmness and peace so that he refrained from the suicidal thoughts.  Now he wants to start searching for a church and find out more about his Saviour.

During the past month we took delivery of over 150 Tonnes of paper costing over £110,000. Please do continue to pray for the Lord’s provision for this ministry and that He will continue to burden many others to join us as we seek to win the lost for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen

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