God’s Word Transforming Lives

Pupils in a Kenyan School receiving the BES Lessons

“Dear Friend,
In John 20: 31 it says, “But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”  In the Gospel of John we read of Jesus; the ‘Good Shepherd’, the ‘Light of the World’ and the ‘Bread of Life’.  We have been sending this Gospel out for many years and are now printing it in up to 50 languages.
In last month’s report we read of how vital the Gospel of John is in Mozambique.  In this report you will read of 450,000 Gospels sent to Rwanda in the Kiryawanda language. Both countries have recently been war torn.  Pastors and people alike lack Scriptures and often our Gospel of John is their only piece of God’s Word. This is also seen as you  read in this report of the tremendous need for Scriptures in Ethiopia.
Increasingly we see how important these Gospels are and we appreciate all your support in sending out the ‘Good News’ to very needy countries.


Kenyan school pupils displaying the BES lessons that they have just received.

Some of the shipments we have sent out during June and July

On the 2nd June we sent a container load of literature to South Africa.  Half of this container was Gospels of John for Rodney Brown working with Evangelical Mission Press.  The other half of the container was for Pastor Harold Peasley.  In his consignment there was a total of 4,000 sets of the children’s Bible lessons.
On the 9th June we shipped a container of literature to Kenya.  In this container we sent 200,000 copies of the Wonder Devotional book for CEF.  We also sent a large supply of literature for BES, and included 360,000 Bible lessons for “Feed My Lambs” children’s ministry.

On the 24th June we shipped a container to our depot in Brazil.  This container included approximately 4 million Gospel tracts and also a supply of Gospels of John and other evangelistic booklets.
On the 5th July we shipped a container of Russian literature to Bible Mission.  This is the first container which we are shipping as part of the One-to-Ten Project which we support each year by the printing of Gospel calendars, Gospels and evangelistic literature in order to reach 500,000 homes in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova at Christmas time.
On the 11th July we shipped an 18 Tonne container load of Gospels of John in the Kinyarwanda language to Evangelism Explosion for their work in the country of Rwanda. This consignment consisted of 450,000 copies of the Gospel of John – this is the first time that we have been able to print the Gospel of John in this language.
On the 21st July we shipped a container to Venezuela.  This included a large consignment of Gospel tracts, children’s Bible lessons and Gospels of John – all in the Spanish language for the use of Pastor Engels, Douglas and Swannie.  Please pray for them as they travel extensively throughout the country distributing this literature.

BES lessons being distributed to pupils in a school in Kenya.

“Dear friends, The BES lessons which you sent to us have been a blessing for our ministry.  For a long time we have been praying for God to provide discipleship material that we would use for discipleship.  Many students are happy for the opportunity to study the Word of God through these lessons as it engages them more in the Word.  The growth in their lives is evidenced in many areas as most of the schools we work with are in the slums where children and teens suffer from all sorts of worldly vices.  6,279 lessons are going out every month.  The distribution of the lessons is being led by Esron in Teens for Christ.
The lessons have been received with a lot of excitement.  In various schools, teachers and parents are saying they are seeing a lot of spiritual growth in the students’ lives as they use Bible Time lessons every month.  Some of the schools are opening their doors for Teens for Christ ministry due to Bible Education Services Discipleship materials.  Our regional director Luke is working with regional leaders and teachers to help in the distribution and in the marking of these lessons.

BES Leaders arriving at a primary school in Kenya with some lessons.

Some of the topics covered in Bible Time lessons are being preached on by our leaders during weekly students’ meetings in the schools.  Luke says they have so far distributed 45,000 BES lessons in High schools and Upper Primary.  They are using level 3 and level 4.  He is looking forward to seeing 80,000 lessons reach students by the end of the July.
Lazarus says God has opened the door for the lessons to be used at Nairobi Baptist Church and already 1,000 lessons are being sent to them every month for use by the Sunday School Department.  They are also pursuing an opportunity at All Saints Cathedral school.  That will require 1,200 lessons every month.  It was great for us when one of the prominent schools  owned by the state house controller at the President’s Palace opened their doors for ministry due to the use of Bible Time lessons at their school.  Please pray for the expansion of this work as we conduct the distribution of these lessons in the schools in Kenya.  Pastor Moses Omondi.

Russian literature arriving at Bibel Mission Headquarters

In June we had a visit from a pastor from Ethiopia who comes  from the Tigrai region of the country.  He explained to us a little about the situation in Tigrai.  4.5 million people speak the Tigrai language but the illiteracy rate is 75%, hence only over one million people can read.  There are 120,000 Ethiopian Orthodox clergy in Tigrai and all can read.  In each church service that is conducted daily there is a reading of the Gospel and the Epistles, but the people don’t understand a word since it is read from the Liturgical language Geez, like Latin is for Europe.
Three years ago the translation of the New Testament into the Tigrai language was completed.  However, due to the lack of finance, only recently 10,000 copies of the New Testament have been printed.  We told him that, if he could prepare the Gospel of John for us to print, then we would be able to help him with Gospels of John for the people.  Recently he wrote:
“Dear Mr Adams, Our greetings to you from Ethiopia. I have completed preparing the Gospel of John and I am sending it to you for review.  The translators of the New Testament are begging me to voice their request for the printing of the whole of the New Testament.  Their reasoning is that the Ethiopian Orthodox clergy who have no Scripture to study and to teach from badly need the whole New Testament.
Revival is inevitable with the Word of God in the hands of the people.  The clergy a few years ago were calling a person holding a Bible as anti Orthodox and a heretic and, in some instances, attacked such physically.  Now the clergy are begging for Bibles or any part of Scripture.  Both the young (50% of the population) and the old are asking the clergy to teach them in their language but, without the Word of God, the prevailing hunger cannot be satisfied.  Our prayers are with you that the Lord of the harvest will pour out His blessing until there is no room to contain it.  In His Name and for His Glory, Gebre Beyene.
We have explained to these friends that we are not in a position to help them in the printing of the New Testament, but we have agreed to send them a container with 450,000 Gospels of John in the Tigrai language.
“Dear Revival Movement, I am involved in mass literature distribution here in the South of Italy.  We are reaching villages and towns with no evangelical witness at all in the greater Naples area.  I am an elder too in a Brethren Assembly but, we have the vision, with our mission in GLO, to reach the surrounding area through mass literature distribution.  A number of years ago GLO received a quantity of Gospels of John in Italian and I was involved in that project as well.  Since then, my wife Jennifer and I are involved in reaching new areas with the Gospel of John and I am wondering if you could help us with the provision of Italian John’s Gospel.  Currently I am distributing Gospels in the town of Solofra near Avellino and I need, by September, 4,500 Italian Gospels –  a Gospel for every home – as we have a team of young people from Northern Ireland coming out to help us with this project… Patrizio Zucchetto.

Setting off to distribute Gospels of John in India

“Dear Brother in Christ, Many thanks to Revival Movement for supplying Gospel literature to GLO India.  We are busy in distributing Christian literature in India because you are busy in printing millions of Gospels of John and other literature for India.
Last April on Good Friday we organized several distribution programmes in different cities of Tamil Nadu State.  With the help of different churches and organisations five cities namely Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, and Erode were blessed by the printed Word of God.  About 60,000 houses were reached with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your timely support of literature through India Bible Literature.
The churches, teams and individuals involved in literature evangelism in India are looking forward to Revival Movement to supply literature to GLO India.  We are helpless since all the literature sent to us in the past has been exhausted.  We have no stock of literature with us.  Please print another quantity of Gospels of John and booklets in Tamil for us.  Can you please print 500,000 Gospels in Tamil.  John Pandi, Gospel Literature Outreach.
Aramis from our Brazil depot has sent the following news – I have just received this interesting testimony from a Brazilian missionary to Bolivia. His name ir Pr. Peniel Dourado. He works from the Mission HQ in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. He and his local missionaries distribute leaflets in public markets, squares and streets. He tells us that many Bolivians are raised in a Roman Catholic background and thus have a certain notion of Christian values. But, others especially peasants and rural people are still much influenced by paganism.

Some of the Evangelists and volunteers at a service before commencing evangelism.

Peniel’s team is formed with missionaries from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. His mission also helps a team of Bolivian missionaries from different churches led by a young missionary called Elvis Camacho, from Cochabamba. Part of the literature we sent Pr. Peniel was redirected to this young missionary. This young man and his team speak Quechua (a native language spoken by most of the Bolivians) and thus were also able to reach those small villages and peasants.
Peniel tells us of a testimony given by an old Christian lady, called Irene. Irene received some leaflets from his missionaries and left them on the table at her house. Her daughter read the message and was touched. Her son, a taxi driver, also read it and was profoundly touched. Both gave their hearts to Jesus that day.

Pastor Peniel, his wife and child with the 22 boxes of literature sent from the Brazil depot.

As we continue to receive many requests for Gospel Literature please continue to pray that we will be able to meet as many of these requests as possible. During the month we took delivery of a further 88 Tonnes of paper at a cost of over £70,000.00.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen