Testimonies through Reading the Gospel of John

Gospels of John being distributed to young people in S. Africa.

“Dear Friend,
In John chapter 8 verse 12 Jesus said, “… I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”  This has been true of our own land especially in past days and still today we are blessed with churches, fellowships and individuals who truly shine as lights in the world, because they have the light of life.
This is not so in many countries in our world.  Reports of how people are treated and treat each other show how they walk in darkness rather than light.  One thing we do know and, are assured of, is that God is still building His Church.   Please pray as each ‘Paper missionary’ leaves our factory that with God’s blessing light might shine into dark places, expose sin and bring many into a living relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We deeply appreciate all the support that we receive from many faithful friends who allow us to continue to send forth the message of light and life.

Pupils in a Brazilian School receiving the Wonder Devotional Booklets in Portuguese.

During the past year we had a request from Mailbox Club for 100,000 Telugu Gospels of John, 100,000 Tamil Gospels of John and 100,000 Hindi Gospels of John.  These were given to children who had completed the Mailbox Club set of lessons.  The following are some testimonies as a result of the distribution of these Gospels of John.
“I am Pastor John from an independent church.  By God’s grace I have established this church and reached many in nearby villages with the Gospel message.  Most of the people survive by agriculture and daily labouring.  They are Hindus who worship idols in the temples.  They are not interested in hearing the Gospel which I have shared to them many times. They simply avoid what I share and they are not serious in listening.  But I gave the Gospel of John booklets to children in the village after they finished their Mailbox Club lessons.

5 photos showing young people in India who have received Gospels of John

As the children received the Gospels of John many people became interested in the booklets because of the colourful pictures.  Many of them are now reading and knowing much more of the life of Jesus Christ and His ministry.  People have enjoyed reading these Gospel booklets and many are asking for prayers because of the reading of the Gospel of John.  The people are also very interested because the Gospels prove Jesus Christ is God and helps them to understand His power, along with His authority.  Some people are now even interested in reading the Bible.  I am praying that God will use these Gospels of John to reach many people.”


“I am Ramana, a farmer in a village in India.  I am 42 years old and from a Hindu background.  I live with my wife, and 4 children.  As a Hindu I used to hate Christians and Jesus Christ also.  I would never listen to the Gospel being preached.  Once our children attended Mailbox Club classes along with their friends.  They received the Gospel of John booklets after finishing their course.  I seen their interest in reading these booklets and I also looked at a copy without knowing what is in it.  As I opened it, I found interesting pictures.

Then slowly I began to read and get more interested about the miracles and signs of Jesus Christ.  This made me  read the complete booklet.
After reading it, I started thinking and questioning – why did Jesus Christ have to be crucified since He can do so many miracles?  This thought made me find our village pastor and ask him the reason for the crucifixion of Christ.
The pastor explained to me clearly about the miracles, power, authority, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ in a detailed manner and that opened my eyes to know Jesus Christ as God.  I started to pray secretly for help in sickness and problems.  I have experienced Jesus in my life and I believe Him and accepted Him as my Saviour.  Now I am going to church regularly and became a Christian.  I want to thank those who provided these Gospel of John booklets.”

“My name is Lakshmamma, a housewife.  I am married and have 2 children.  Our children went to my sister’s house during the summer holidays where they attended the Mailbox Club and also received small booklets entitled “The Gospel of John”.  My children brought them home and were reading and telling each other stories from the booklets.  Before going to bed at night, my eldest daughter was telling the stories of Jesus to the youngest daughter.  As I heard these stories, they were very interesting and next day I asked her to read stories from the booklet.

After hearing many stories, I felt I knew more about God and His Son.  Then I asked our neighbour who is a Christian to explain it to me.  Instead of explaining to me, she took me to church and introduced me to the pastor.  The pastor came to me time and again to explain and pray for me.  Likewise my faith in Jesus increased and I started praying.  I also taught my children to pray and to go to church with me.  Later my husband also came to church with us.  In His Will we are, as a family, now going to church and loving the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am so joyous to know the truth and get salvation.  Thank you for helping me to know the way through the Gospel of John.”
“Dear Friends, Thank you for all the literature you sent in response to my request.  As you know I work in the local secondary school.  During the past academic year we had the privilege of baptizing 18 pupils.  We also baptized 8 adults from the church in the town of Leo.  Your literature has been distributed freely in the school and in the prison.  So far this year 52 school children have been converted and 33 prisoners.  These new converts come from Islamic, animist and Catholic backgrounds.  I have been instructing them in the Christian faith but they are eager for literature to read.  This is my tenth year working in the school and some of the first pupils that I led to the Lord are now in government service.” – Pastor Bassono,  Burkina Faso.

A Children’s meeting on the steps of a Police Station in Romania

“Dear Samuel, Greetings from Romania! Last week we had a big evangelism project in Constanta. We worked together with 19 churches to take the Gospel to 43 locations. At least half of these locations will have a follow up through Sunday School or Good News Club. The tracts from Revival Movement Association were a huge hit – you may be contacted by churches looking more – they said they have never seen such quality tracts. Over 2,000 children heard the Gospel as well as many adults and teenagers.
A pastor wrote to us “thank you for bringing the bug to Constanta – the bug of evangelising children!” Children turned to the Saviour and churches are enthused about taking the Gospel to the little ones. Hundreds of Meet the King booklets have been distributed.  In one meeting the children gasped when they heard about Adam and Eve being put out of the garden of Eden. It was the first time they heard the story of Creation and how sin entered our world.

Children listening to the Bible Lesson in rapt attention

The following is a list of items that we could use in our work if you can print them. 1. Do you Wonder Why? 100,000 copies.
2. Wonder Devotion Book 9 & 10 – 50,000 copies of each.
3. Meet the King –  our stock is very low. We could use 250,000 copies for unevangelised areas and for special weeks of distribution.
4. See & Be Lessons in the Hungarian language – 20,000 copies of each of these lessons for the Hungarian minorities.
5. Explorers lessons in the Romanian & Hungarian languages – 20,000 copies of each lesson in each language.
Thank you so much for all that you are doing for the ministry so that children hear the Gospel. We are excited about the potential of printing more literature for Romania.  Claire Bain. CEF Romania.



Claire Bain (centre) with some girls who have been attending the Children’s Meetings.

The following letter was sent by Every Home for Christ in South Africa:  “Dear friends, I am serving a 23 year sentence for robbery, attempted murder and possession of an illegal firearm.  To be here in prison, I can only thank God because I found Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my personal Lord and Saviour after I received a book from your ministry called, “The Gospel of John – Seven Steps to Knowing God”.  When I was outside living in the world, I was was ignorant living in darkness.  Now I am a born again Christian.  I cannot thank God enough for the mercy He gave me.  I really want to know more about the ways of God and I have a desire to study  further and become a teacher of the Word.  I also have a desire to help others find Jesus Christ.  Please help me where you can.  I would appreciate more reading materials, Bible study lessons and a dictionary.  I am waiting for your reply.  G.M.K. Sintu Mule, Correctional Centre, Limpopo Province.”
“Dear Friends, I am a young man and my passion is to spread the good news of the Gospel.  Every Sunday some other Christians and I preach on the streets.  We also go to the hospital to pray for the sick and to distribute your Spanish literature.  We evangelise in the university in order to warn the young people of the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.  The Spanish literature which you send is marvellous and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I hold Bible studies in the church using your literature.
One day when I was preaching on the street a woman who was a bit drunk was listening carefully to what I was saying.  I gave her a tract and then began to talk to her about God.  That evening she accepted Jesus as her Saviour.  The desire for alcohol has left her and she is rejoicing in the Lord.” – Diego Bahomondes, Chile.
“Dear Friends,  Thank you for the Spanish literature that you are producing.  I want to tell you what I did with the literature I received.  Every fortnight I hold a Bible study in my home.  The pastor has being taking us through the Steven Steps in your Gospel of John.  On 14 June we were studying the final step.  That day your parcel of literature arrived and every member of the Bible study (20 people) was able to receive their own personal John’s Gospel.  We then went and distributed the rest of the literature in my district and in Alajuelita.  We give thanks to the Lord for His perfect timing!” – Oscar Leiton, Costa Rica.
From the 16th – 23rd September Samuel and Carol Adams will be attending a conference in Colorado Springs, USA., when “Every Home for Christ” will be bringing together their leaders from over 60 countries. Please pray that this will be a fruitful time as we discuss literature needs in many parts of the world and hear how the Lord is blessing His Word.


Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen