A Tribute to Victor Cardoo

“Dear Friend,
It is with deep regret that we inform you that our brother Victor Cardoo went to be with the Lord on the 30th September after being ill for over a year.  Victor opened our literature depot in Brazil during 2004. The following is a short tribute which was sent to be shared at his funeral service.
“Well done, good and faithful servant; … enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” “It has been our privilege and honour to know Victor Cardoo. For us he was the dedicated, faithful missionary to the people of Brazil for the past 43 years. We got to know him during his time in CLC and at that time we were so impressed with his commitment to that ministry.
We were therefore delighted when he agreed to join us in Revival Movement Association in 2004 and to open a literature depot in Brazil on our behalf. As we look back this was clearly the Lord guiding us. So many details had to be sorted out in commencing and building up the ministry of Interlink in Brazil. The words Faithful and Dedicated simply sum up how Victor worked in Interlink, but not only in Interlink but in every aspect of his life.
Victor cared about about every detail of the ministry but not only did he care about the ministry, he cared about people – those who worked in Interlink and those he came in touch with day by day. He was gentle, caring, compassionate and soft, his life displayed the example that Lord Jesus Christ set for us.
Everything Victor touched was for the Glory of God. A life given for the people of Brazil. How many thousands if not millions when in Heaven will say “Thank you Victor for being a link in the chain for my salvation. Thank you for that book you sold, thank you for that tract you passed on to me”
The Revival Movement Association and the Interlink family would like to pass on our sympathy and prayers to Raquel, Paula and Jimmy and to the wider family circle. Many miles may separate us but you are in our hearts, we love you and just want to give you a big hug the type that Victor would have given, today we uphold you at the throne of grace.”
During December 2010 when Samuel & Carol Adams visited Victor they asked him would he like to share his testimony in a book as to how the Lord has led and guided him throughout his life.  He was very positive about the idea and for hours he sat and shared his story – this was all recorded and brought home. Victor Maxwell kindly agreed to take the recordings and write a book entitled “Links of Grace and Glory”. We trust that this book will be a blessing and a challenge to all who read it and that it will be a living legacy from Victor Cardoo to the Glory of God.

“Dear Friends of Revival Movement Association,  As you know, we as the Interlink team in Brazil are feeling very sad after Victor’s passing away. By the begining of last week, we somehow knew that his precious days were coming to an end as his suffering was increasing at the hospital where he was being taken care of (in the neighbour city of Jacareí). Then, God called him to His glorious presence at 14:50 (local time), Thursday September 29. Of course, a tremendous sorrow came upon all of us as we knew it, specially over those who walked God’s journey beside him.
His funeral was held at his church, the Primeira Igreja Batista no Jardim das Indústrias (First Baptist Church at Jardim das Indústrias, in São José dos Campos, São Paulo). People started to arrive there early on that Thursday night. Soon, the church was filled with friends and relatives.
Many people phoned me as well as the other members of the team from distant cities telling that they were trying their best to make it to his funeral. The first service started around 10.00 p.m. Everybody was deeply touched from the commencement of it. Abundant tears couldn’t be refrained as his body arrived at the church. We then sang some of the beautiful and touching songs Victor loved most.
Pastor Marcos Davi opened the memorial service sharing his long experiences with Victor. He offered the opportunity to anyone who wanted to say a word about Victor’s life and friendship. Many people came forward and shared wonderful experiences they had with this blessed man of God. Many church friends, relatives, all members of Interlink team, teens who experienced the UK exchange programme that Victor conducted, old friends from CLC, SGM, local council of pastors, etc. All of them had something very special to say. The service ended around 1:30 am. Many people remained at the church overnight.
On the next morning, the service started at 9.00am. and lasted for over 3 hours. Again, many people came forward to say a word about him. We heard many beautiful stories of his love and tender care towards his friends. Roseleen (his sister) gave her own testimony on Victor’s life. It was also very touching. The atmosphere was at the same time sad and glorious like I never have seen before.
The cortege made its way to Parque das Flores cemetery outside São José dos Campos around 1.30pm. As we all arrived there we started a spontaneous service. Pastor Marcos Davi conducted us in singing many beautiful songs. Victor was buried around 3.00 p.m.
Victor’s life and ministry was unique. He’s certainly one of those men of God “of whom the world was not worthy” (Hebrews 11:38). One of our friends from Interlink said at the funeral that Victor was the greatest Jesus-like man he ever met! Personally, I have never seen any other Christian like him. His love, grace, friendship, care and faithful devotion impressed every one who came close to him.
We certainly feel very very sad as our beloved friend was taken away from us. But, also we feel glad in our spirit just to know that Victor is now enjoying the most blessed and glorious presence of our Lord. This is where he always longed to be.
To God be all glory.  Aramis C. DeBarros.
Please pray especially for Raquel, Paula and Jimmy and for the whole team looking after the depot in Brazil during these difficult and lonely days.

Every Home for Christ 65th Anniversary

The Leaders from Europe and some from Asia

From the 16th to the 23rd of September Samuel and Carol Adams attended the 65th anniversary of Every Home for Christ in Colorado Springs.  This Mission had brought leaders from over 70 different countries from around the world for this celebration.  Unfortunately quite a number of leaders from different countries could not attend because they could not get a visa into the USA.  The following is their report:
“It was a tremendous privilege to be able to attend this anniversary and to have the opportunity of meeting up with leaders from many countries who are using our literature in their evangelistic outreach work.  Many leaders came to us to thank us for the literature that they have received and told of the blessing of souls coming to know the Lord as their Saviour as the literature was distributed.  We also received many requests for further supplies of literature from these friends.
The work of Every Home for Christ is divided into 6 regions of the world – Europe, English speaking Africa,  French speaking Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, South Asia and India, East Asia and the Pacific region.

Latin American Countries

On Sunday morning we attended a large church where part of the service was dedicated to prayer for the nations.  The national leaders had been asked to dress in their national costumes and then carry the flag of their country into the service.  The leaders then stood in their regional groups and the church was asked to pray for these countries and for all of the evangelism that is being conducted through the ministry.  This was an extremely colourful event and displayed in a tremendous way the nations that need to be reached with the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
During the week we had an opportunity to speak and present the work of Revival Movement Association to each of these 6 groups.  We also had a time for questions and answers concerning getting supplies of literature.  Because of the number of countries represented at each of these meetings, it was impossible at these meetings to take time and talk to each individual leader.  The result was that, during all the breaks from the main meetings (mornings, tea-breaks, lunch, afternoon break and the evening) were taken up with individual people coming and talking to us about their own particular literature needs for their country.
Leaders from a number of countries approached us and asked us could we print Gospels of John in their language to make them available to their people.  Some of the languages requested are Chinese, Thai for Thailand, Pigeon English for Papua New Guinea, Creole for Guinea-Bissau, Creole for Haiti, Sinhalese for Sri Lanka and Gospels for Indonesia.  Some others recognized that they could use our set of children’s Bible lessons if they had them translated into their own local languages.  So we are sending the English translation to a number of countries for them to work on translating into their local language.  The leader from Burundi has almost completed the entire translation of the set of lessons and is wanting us to print a very large quantity of these lessons when the final corrections have been made for his work in Central Africa.

The Leaders from English speaking Africa

Once again we received many requests for literature from Central and South America.  One of the leaders of the work in Mexico was recently kidnapped by drug dealers.  Frequently people in Mexico are kidnapped and held for ransom.  However, when they realized that this man was distributing Christian literature, they kept the literature and told him to go and not to come back to this area.  Please pray that this literature will make an impact in that region of the country.  These people are distributing about 100,000 tracts a month in Mexico.  We also had requests for millions of Gospels tracts and hundred of thousands of Gospels of John from Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.
We also had discussions with the leaders from all across Europe as many different countries are planning at this time to organize evangelistic programmes with literature.  Much planning and preparation is taking place.  We had requests for hundreds of thousands of leaflets from countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Russia and Armenia.
Once again we discussed the literature needs for the vast country of India.  It was very challenging to hear reports as to how the literature is being distributed in this country and where many of these evangelists risk their lives in going into Hindu and Moslem villages where they can be attacked, beaten up and even killed, as they witness for the Lord.  The openings and opportunities within India are immense and we are already doing as much as we can for this nation.  However, there are more openings than we can cope with!
We were also very encouraged to hear of the openings and opportunities for Gospel literature in English speaking Africa.  Brother Fred from Uganda told us how they have commenced using our sets of Bible lessons to teach boys and girls in Sunday schools in Uganda.  Today they are absolutely amazed at the number of boys and girls attending Sunday school where they hear the Gospel being taught from the set of Bible lessons. Supplies of literature were requested from numerous African countries.
One of the tremendous challenges of the world today is to reach those living in the Middle East.  We were very encouraged to hear what God is doing in some of these countries and, in one particular country, we were asked to supply them with a container holding over 400,000 Gospels in the Arabic language.  For security reasons we cannot give any more details about the exact location of these countries.   We are delighted with this opportunity to bring the Word of God to those who are living in darkness.

With receiving so many requests at the one time it is impossible to supply all of these friends immediately.  Please pray that we will have wisdom and guidance as to giving priority to the countries where the literature is needed the most.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen