Five Tonnes of paper used each working day

Dear Friend,
There is a little phrase in Philippians 4: 5 which is both a comfort and a challenge to the believer, “… The Lord is at hand.”  Firstly it is a comfort to know that the Lord Jesus is coming soon: “… this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.” (Acts 1: 11) Also it is a comfort that in the midst of labour and trials He is right beside us.
The challenge that we are presented with is that so many around our world still need to hear of, and experience, the nearness of our Lord Jesus and the promise of His coming.  That is the work we are engaged in.  Happily we hear daily reports of souls coming to Christ  and experiencing that truly “… The Lord is at hand.”  We do appreciate all your support as we continue to send out the Good News from this  Gospel Literature Factory.


Children in Mexico being reached with the Gospel Message

“Dear brother, Many thanks for your love for the teachers, the children, of the country of Mexico.  This country has approximately 112 million inhabitants.  The majority of the Mexican people are Roman Catholics but the evangelical Church is also strong.  In the country of Mexico there are approximately 47 million children.  I give thanks to the Lord for the ministry you represent and for sending us the Flash Card Lessons “A Saviour for You”.  This set of lessons have been a great blessing as has the 400,000 Wonder Devotional booklets.
These flash card lessons have been used to reach children in many states, I enclose some photographs.  “A Saviour for You” lessons have been used in clubs and open-air meetings.  At the end of 2010 they had been used in 246 evangelistic campaigns in the Nuevo León and in other states.  17,050 children were reached and of these 8,768 children trusted Christ as Saviour.  During the year a total of 151,679 children were reached through the various ministries of CEF.  Many of these children attended the 1,280 clubs, but new clubs have also been opened during the year.

A National Conference of CEF was held during April and May in the States of Morelos and Guerrero. 619 teachers attended.  259 teams were formed, 219 clubs were opened and a total of 8,563 children were reached with the Gospel.  At the same time a group of teachers in the north of Chiapas held an outreach for children in communities where there are no evangelical churches.  This is an area where people are persecuted and even killed for sharing the Gospel.
Another project was undertaken by the youth evangelizing the south east and they also had an excellent outreach event and new clubs were opened.  The Wonder Devotional booklets that you sent have been used to reach into many isolated areas, places you couldn’t even begin to imagine.  Pastors, teachers, young people and children of small communities, villages and towns have been blessed by this evangelistic material.  Although we don’t have the exact figures or photographs, I hope to be able to give you more information at the end of December and January.
God willing, next year we will have a new project.  It’s “2012 for 2012”.  The objective is to open 2,012 teams in the 52 districts of the state of Nuevo León.  The aim is to reach 105,000 children or more in the State of Nuevo León.  We would like to request you to print and send us 3 Million copies of the Gospel booklet “Meet the King” and with these we want to visit 3 million homes by the end of 2013, that is if the Lord provides us with this quantity of the booklet. We are meeting up with key people in each state.  We would need to know the weight and the volume in order to plan how we would store and transport the literature for the 32 states of Mexico.

Our goal is to train 70 workers for the nation of Mexico and we hope to open CEF offices in new states of Mexico.  We also have a dream to start up an International Institute of leaders in the country of Mexico.  Please continue to help us to reach new generations in this vast nation.  Please pray for our plans and also for these 70 full-time workers that we hope to train as quickly as possible – certainly by 2013.  Please pray for me as the Director of CEF in Mexico for the spiritual, physical and economical resources to travel through the nation of Mexico to promote the Gospel amongst the workers.  Enrique Serralta, CEF Mexico.

“Dear Brother Samuel, Yesterday we had the joy of receiving the container of literature which you sent to us.  It has been delivered in the morning and immediately it has been unloaded.  Praise the Lord for His undertaking in this!  Thank you for the literature you sent us.  We are very grateful and trust that it will become a blessing to many needy souls here in this country.  Yours in His service, Pastor Engels, Venezuela.

Children who live on the banks of the Amazon river in Brazil receive our tracts.

“Dear Brothers, I ask in Jesus’ Name for a donation of evangelical literature such as Bibles, Gospels, booklets and leaflets that will explain the love of God for the souls enslaved by Satan.  We have a great work of evangelisation in prisons, hospitals, schools, houses of detention for juvenile offenders, meeting places of drug addicts in the community and to the people on the streets.  The main goal of our ministry is to win souls for Christ.  Please send us a supply of literature as soon as possible.  We are currently unable to work for the lack of this important material.  May God bless you greatly to help all the reapers of the harvest of the Lord.  … Pastor Luiz Fortes, Brazil.

“Dear  Friends in Every Home Crusade,  We are very thankful to the Lord for the way He has given us strength at the most difficult time of our lives. I praise God, for we can confirm everything people so kindly have said about Victor and his dedication to the Lord through his work and life. In his last days in hospital I asked the Lord to have mercy on him because he was suffering a lot, and the Lord took him to be by His side.  Now, my only comfort is to know that he is not suffering or locked in himself anymore and is enjoying the presence of the Lord.
We are very sad, missing him badly and trying to learn how to live without his sweet and loving presence, specially as a husband. I always said to him, that he was the best husband in the whole world. He knew he was very special to us. Oh how I thank the Lord for all that he meant to me. I was so blessed since I met him.
Now, I want to say thank you so much for the way you loved  and blessed him with your kindness, support, prayers and for everything you did for him. May the Lord bless  the whole team at Every Home Crusade. Many Brazilian hugs,  Raquel Cardoo.


Pictures of Evangelists who have received the Gospels of John for distribution

Every Home for Christ, Tanzania (EHC Tanzania), is a national outreach ministry.  The vision of EHC Tanzania is “… serving the Church to reach every home with the Gospel …”  The ministry has seen numerous successes in reaching targeted areas of the country.  So far EHC Tanzania has reached 11 out of the 26 administered areas in Tanzania.  The population of Tanzania is more than 42 million people who live in over 40,000 villages and rural towns.  In each village the inhabitants hold many things in common such as language, a subsistent standard of living and a fear of spirits, sicknesses and death.  Everyone knows everyone else.  There is also a network of family and other relationships that link the villages to surrounding villages.
The number of people, who have entrusted their lives to take the message of the Gospel of the kingdom to those who have never heard and to take care of the converts to grow to maturity, is still very low.  The goal of EHC Tanzania is to see that unreached communities in the country are reached through the equipped workers who are trained to reach unreached homes as well as prepare others to do the same.  One of the ways for obtaining this goal is to make use of the distribution of Gospel literature throughout the country of Tanzania.  Literature distribution is a powerful way of reaching unreached people with the Gospel.  It gives the messenger a starting point in the conversation about the Gospel and is something to leave behind to the hearer who can refer to it after the messenger has left.  Gospel literature also encourages the workers to reach the unreached as it equips them with the necessary tools for the task – making them feel well prepared and not afraid of what to say to those whom they meet.  At the moment EHC Tanzania has seen more than 100,000 people make decisions for Christ and, through this, they have formed 9,247 Christ groups.

We would like to thank Revival Movement Association for the literature they have been supplying to us.  With an increase in Gospel literature distribution the achievements can be dramatically increased.  The literature is also instrumental in teaching the new believers to grow in their faith.  We would like to request for two container loads of literature – one for the beginning of 2012 and another one for the middle of 2012.  All of the Gospels of John, “Pardon and Assurance” and Scripture booklets and tracts should be in the Swahili language … Benowartd A. Ungele.

Hello Samuel, CEF Bulgaria would like to launch the “Church to Children” project as soon as possible and therefore they would like to request 100,000 copies of “Meet the King”, and 30,000 of each of numbers 1 – 10 of the “God Cares about You” correspondence course lessons.  CEF of Poland would also like to request 50,000 copies of the tract “How to Get to Heaven” from Poland.   Thank you so much for all of your wonderful help.   Bogdan Bassara.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to meet the very large financial needs of the ministry. We have been receiving recently requests for literature in a number of new languages, please pray that we will be able to get the necessary translations and preparation made for the printing of Scriptural literature in these languages.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen