1361 Tonnes of Paper used in the production of over 83 Million pieces of Gospel Literature

Dear Friend,  As we look around at a world in financial crisis it is good to remind ourselves of the words from Lamentations 2 v. 22 – 23 “… His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.”  I am sure that you will join with us in praising the Lord for all of His Faithfulness in providing for the production of these  hundreds of tonnes of Gospel Literature that have been produced during this past year.  We know that the Literature is impacting millions of lives all across the world, souls are being challenged and many people are coming to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. We would like to thank all those who have supported us with their prayers and giving and we pray that the Lord will continue to use us each for His Glory.

11,742,000 Gospels
21,505,000 Scripture and
Gospel booklets
49,507,000 Gospel Tracts and Leaflets
71,000 Sets of Children’s Bible Lessons
204,000 Books 

49 Containers shipped, plus many pallets and parcels of Literature

“Dear Brother Samuel, We are so thankful to our Lord for your great help with the pamphlets you printed for us.  We could distribute the written Gospel message in many villages and towns.  The pamphlets you printed for us (200,000) were distributed in 93 villages and 11 towns.  We received 120 replies and 170 people have begun the Bible courses.  Probably half of the Bible courses were sent to gypsy people.  They are so interested to study the Bible that everyone recommends at least 3 other people to do the Bible course.  Most of them don’t have a Bible so, after they finish the Bible course, we send them a Bible as a gift.  They are very happy because they are poor and cannot buy a Bible.  The other half of the Bible courses was sent to Bulgarian people.  One Bulgarian student has written to us after finishing the Bible course.  “I believe in God and I want to be one of His people, but I still have a lot of sins.  I have asked God to cleanse me of every sin.  I feel myself so sinful and, even though I love Jesus the more the evil one sees that I lean upon God, the more he ambushes me.  Please help me.  I think that in my heart already a battle has started.”
Thank you for your desire and readiness to print leaflets for us next year.  We appreciate this very much.  It is a great help for us.  We plan to distribute next year 300,000 leaflets.  Can you print for us such a big number?  May God bless all of your organisation and reward you for all your part in the evangelisation of the Bulgarian people.   With love in Christ, Pavel Kalkov, Every Home for Christ, Bulgaria
During recent months we have shipped more than 3 container loads of literature to Bible Mission for the One-to-Ten Project which means that individual Christians will be taking 10 packs of Gospel literature and speaking to 10 individual people, or families, and presenting the literature and the Gospel message to them.
Bible Mission have shared with us that 1,160 churches have become involved in the Project One-to-Ten in 78 regions of 5 countries of the former Soviet Union.  Thirteen different denominations are taking part with 1,040 churches leaders who have been trained and who will now train 53,700 believers who are mobilized to distribute the literature.
God gave us wonderful partner churches on the field and we can rejoice that the project has been developed at the right time.  The challenge we face is due to the changing political situation in the countries and the attitude towards the evangelical believers, but here too God is revealing and showing additional opportunities. Despite all the difficulties we have faced (a new law in Kazakhstan, in Belarus we had to wait for 11 weeks to get the literature through customs, in Omsk, Siberia the customs authority did not release the shipment onto the middle of December).  God is blessing this ministry in a wonderful way and we can see fruit today.  Please pray for over half a million people who will receive a selection of Gospel literature between Christmas and the New Year period.

“Dear Samuel, Warm greetings.   I wanted to forward you news from Albania and Kosovo CEF concerning the distribution of the Meet the King booklets.  Our workers Lluka and Irena in Albania shared …
“This has been a busy time. Four weeks ago we received the booklet “Takoje Mbretin”and since that time we have been distributing them to the churches in Albania. Until now we gave 32,000 copies. On December 17th we had the celebration of Christmas with the children here at BUFSH center. There were around 42 children from Durres.”
Our workers in Kosovo have picked up 25,000 copies of the booklets in Durres 10 days ago and started immediately with the distribution. The pictures are from a few days ago.
This afternoon I have received the following message: “Today I was at Roma Colony and had 97 children, it was so good, we delivered Meet the King booklets and they were so happy!” We deeply appreciate all the help we are getting from you and wish you a wonderful celebration of the arrival of the Saviour! He is King and as we have met Him many children can meet Him, too.  Sebastian Edelmann.

Dear friends, We are thankful for the vision that God has given Child Evangelism Fellowship of France to reach all of the unreached regions.  We thank God for all of the printed material that you have sent to us again this year.  Quite a lot of children have visited the French evangelistic website because of the distribution of the children’s evangelistic material.  During this past year more than 27,000 children visited the website.  God has recently called many new teachers who are well trained to answer the children’s questions about the Bible.  Quite a few children have made a confession of faith.  We praise God and give Him all the glory!
During one of the evangelistic campaigns I met a man on the corner on the road.  He had two little children with him.  He looked so sad.  He saw I was giving envelopes to children and he wanted to know what it was.  I offered one to him.  He opened it immediately.  Then I explained that the Gospel of John was a part of the Bible and that the Bible has a message of hope.  He replied that he really needed hope at that point in his life.  He sadly said that their last baby passed away recently.  His wife couldn’t handle the stress any more and one day just left him alone with the two other children and she never returned.  The eldest of the two boys was listening to his Dad, he then insisted that he also wanted to hear about God’s Word.  I told him that there is another little booklet especially for children in the envelope “Meet the King”.  His Dad promised to read it to the child as soon as they got home.  The man also was very eager to get home in order to read God’s Word for himself.
One day I was putting the envelopes in the post boxes when I saw a man standing on the sidewalk with crossed arms outside of a café/bar.  I thought to myself, “Here is some trouble coming!”  When I got closer he told me that he already had an envelope the previous day from one of my colleagues.  He just wanted to tell me how much he appreciated the contents.  It reminds him of his childhood when he used to attend church.  He told me that he had given the children’s booklet to his grandchildren and told them to discover the good things about God.  What a wonderful surprise and encouragement to hear in anti-religious France!
During a church project  one small church distributed 10,000 envelopes with an invitation to a special Bible exhibition.  The following week they couldn’t believe their eyes what God was accomplishing.  Little by little people started to stream into the church.  Then (in great numbers for France) finally more than 200 people came to see the exhibition.  It was nearly like a revival.  Children listened to Bible stories, parents were also interested, some of the mothers enrolled their children in regular church activities, and they themselves started to attend the church service.  Let’s pray that even more people will start to come.  Johan Bloomhof, CEF France.

“Dear staff and supporters of Revival Movement Association. I know we have thanked you before for the huge project you completed for us.  But I wanted to tell you that, as I was checking through the books the past two days, floods of thanksgiving are flooding over me wave after wave!  I had to keep stopping to praise God and pray for all of you.

These 25,000 books with lessons through the Epistles will bless individuals, families, small groups and the churches of Papua New Guinea.  Thank you so much for the hard work and for all the time, talent and money you poured into seeing this project completed.  We have Phase 1, 2, and 3 lessons that need to be printed.  I don’t know how badly our last project may have affected you financially.  Is it even a possibility you could print these other lessons too?  We pray God’s blessing upon you.  In His Grace.  Jim and Kathy Tanner, New Tribes Mission.

“Dear Samuel, The following is a breakdown for the next container of Johns’ Gospels which we need: English 200,000 copies, Zulu 100,000 copies, Xhosa 100,000, Afrikaans 100,000.  We already have 30 training sessions for the John’s Journey ready in place.  These 30 training sessions will train at least 2,000 pastors who each will train at least 10 house evangelists and then they will take the Gospels of John into the homes.  So we urgently need the container load.  Can you estimate when it will arrive in South Africa.
Thank you very much for your great contribution towards our vision for the John’s Journey to reach 4 million homes and thus 12 million people for Christ in our country.  This vision and project could transform South Africa with His power as 12 million people is a quarter of our nation!  Blessings.  Dr. Louis Blom.

We have already begun to receive requests for Literature for this incoming New Year. In January we plan to ship container loads of literature to South Africa, Tanzania, Brazil, India and the Philippines.  Please continue to pray for the very large financial needs of the work.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen