Workers together sharing the Good News of the Gospel

“Dear Friend, Sometimes being reminded of life transforming verses of Scripture can be a blessing and encouragement.  One such passage is Matthew 22: 37-38 – “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.
The believer can derive much comfort and challenge from this short passage. Also, if these verses were put into practise by the people of our land, surely the Wind of God would once again blow through us! The Lord also taught us to “love thy neighbour as thyself”. What better way can we love our neighbours across the world than to ensure that God’s Word is freely available to them? We thank you each one as you stand with us in this vital task.
On 24th of February we shipped a total of 14 pallets consisting of “Meet the King” booklets and Gospels of John in the French language for the work of CEF.  Each of these pallets are being delivered to a different region of France where churches have agreed to visit every home in their area – supplying each home with, a Gospel of John, a letter to parents and a copy of “Meet the King” booklet.  Altogether we sent over 120,000 copies of each of the publications.
On 24th of February we shipped a container load of literature to our depot in Lagos in Nigeria.  We are continuing to receive many requests for Gospel literature from within Nigeria.
On 24th of February we shipped 20,000 copies of a booklet “The Heart of the King” in the Hebrew language to Mr Peter Pilon.  These booklets will be used for evangelistic work amongst Jewish people in different countries, including Israel.
On the 24th of February we also sent to Poland 1,000 sets of Creation lessons and 50,000 copies of “How to Get to Heaven from Poland” for the work of CEF.
On the 24th of February we also sent 50,000 copies of the “Meet the King” booklet in the Spanish language to the workers of CEF in Spain.
From the 3rd to 11th February Samuel and Carol Adams visited a number of missions in S. Africa. The following is their report.
During the first weekend in Johannesburg we had the opportunity of renewing fellowship with Hennie and Adriana Henekom who now lead the work of Africa Vision Foundation. We had very good discussions with them concerning the supplying of literature to the church leaders within African countries. With over 20 years of experience travelling throughout Africa Hennie has built up a wealth of experience and knowledge concerning the needs of the church, and who are genuine leaders within their countries.  This type of information is invaluable to us as we seek to work with those who have the same desire as ourselves to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. As Hennie looked at the Revival Publishing books that we have he was very excited at the potential that these books will have in teaching and encouraging Pastors who so often lack good solid teaching from the Word of God.
We also had meetings with John Smith, Cor Reyeke, and Nicky who work in different roles within  Every Home for Christ, Anglo Africa.  (English speaking Africa).  We have been supplying literature to the leaders of Every Home for Christ in many African countries and it was good to be able to learn more as to how the Lord is leading and using these friends for the Salvation of precious souls. It was also a time of challenge as we looked at the needs and the practicalities of getting literature to many needy countries.

It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Louis from Judea Harvest, these are the friends who have developed a Evangelistic programme using the Gospel of John, also a discipleship programme from the Gospel of John and a Church Planting project from the Gospel of John. They have now written a manual on how to use the Gospel of John most effectively, it is called John’s Journey. It was a pleasure to inform him that we had a container load of Gospels arriving with him shortly. This year they expect to use 500,000 copies of the Gospel of John in S. Africa and now they are developing their ministry in other countries.
Before we arrived I had arranged for him to receive one copy of each of our Revival Publishing Books.  When we met with him he told me that they had read the books and they had picked 5 of the titles that matched extremely well with a training course that they have with Pastors. They are now making the reading of the following books compulsory for the thousands of Pastors who they train every year.  – How to work for Christ by R.A. Torry, Methods of Christian Work by R.A. Torrey, Preaching the Word of God by R.A. Torrey, Power through Prayer by E. M. Bounds, and Wondrous Love by D. L. Moody.  When we showed him a set of the Children’s Bible Lessons his immediate response was “these are gold dust” not just for children but for adults as well. They are very keen to start to use these among the churches where they work.

We then joined the Southern Africa Child Evangelism Fellowship regional leaders conference, where the leaders from 16 countries were represented. During this time we had the opportunity to share about the importance of literature in reaching and teaching boys and girls the Word of God. Two of the main publications that we concentrated on were the Evangelistic booklet “Meet the King” and a series of booklets “Wonder Devotional Booklets” designed to encourage young people to have a daily quiet time.
These meeting gave us the opportunity to work into the following new countries, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar,  Botswana, and Namibia where we have never sent much literature. We received large requests for literature from countries like Zambia, Botswana  and Zimbabwe where English is widely spoken. CEF have a thriving work in the Portuguese speaking countries of Angola and Mozambique and the leaders of these countries are very keen to get container loads of literature for their ministry.
The workers in South Africa and some of the other countries need to have the literature translated into local languages. Please pray for these friends as they work through the translation that they will be careful and accurate. We are looking forward to working with these friends as we supply them with literature.
“Dear Samuel, Praise God the container has arrived! All safe and good, we offloaded on Wednesday at my house and already people are coming for the Gospels and Tracts! God is good! We are so grateful for the generosity of all at Every Home Crusade, many will arise and call you blessed! Many children and adults here in Zimbabwe will come to Christ as a result of this literature, it is Gods gift to Zimbabwe. We thank God for you, our team sends their love, blessing and thanks for all you have sent. May God be glorified in every way as we distribute throughout Mashonaland! Your Servants in Christ , Alan  and Dorothy Graham, CEF Zimbabwe.
“Dear Samuel, Greetings from Portugal. We started today with a great joy when we received the boxes with the leaflets “Meet the King”. We are sure these leaflets will be of great blessings to the Work amongst the children here in Portugal. This weekend we are conducting training in the north of the country, with about 45 teachers, and it is going to be a great blessing to be able to share with them the arrival of this very useful tool for the evangelizing of the children here.

I want to thank you, in my personal name and in the name of CEF of Portugal, for your cooperation, and your work in favor of the Lord’s Work all over the world. It isn’t the first time that we have benefited from your ministry, and for that, receive our sincere gratitude with the wish that the Lord may continue to bless greatly your ministry and all your team.
Be sure that we’ll send you witness of the wonderful things God’s Holy Spirit will do as a result of these booklets. Be also sure of our love for your ministry and deep gratitude. Teotónio Cavaco.
“Dear Friends, Here in Santa Cruz de la Sierra I lead a group in evangelism and we have helped to raise other evangelistic groups here in Bolivia. I praise God for the vision to conduct outdoor evangelism which has been extended to brethren in neighboring countries.
I have seen many people who have been working within their churches. But while we are inside the  churches thousands of lost souls  are on the outside. So the longing of our heart is to mobilize God’s people to evangelistic service. Thank God we have obtained a good result.We are really excited by what God is doing in our favor. Well, I can tell the brethren that the 4 Tonne of Spanish literature which you sent via your Brazil depot is making its way to the city of Corumbá, on the border with Bolivia.
I also wish to tell you that  deacon Fabio Benites in the city of Campo Grande  is doing a wonderful work of evangelism and has received a tonne of the Literature.
This year we bought two more bullhorns (loud speaking equipment) for campaign work in public places. We are also supporting the work of two young evangelists, one in La Paz and the other in Cochabamba. It has also been our goal to help young people from various churches to form groups for evangelism within their communities, as is the case of Iglesia Pentecostal youth Congregational Siloe in Paraguay who are doing important work.  Pastor Peniel Dourado.

Please continue to pray for the very large financial needs of the ministry. During this two month period we will be receiving over 200 Tonnes of paper at a cost of about £160,000.00.  We are also planning to ship containers to Ethiopia, Brazil, Angola, Argentina and Russia.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen