Over 120 Tonnes of Literature shipped during March

“Dear Friend, At all times of the year we should think on the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.  At Easter time our meditation on it is a precious experience.  An old writer said, “It is true that the glory of God’s handiwork is seen in Creation, but the splendour of His heart work is unveiled at the Cross.”  God’s Word tells us “… that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; …” (2 Corinthians 5: 19)  It further tells us that God has  “… committed unto us the word of reconciliation.”  What a honour and responsibility we have in proclaiming this message across the world through the printed page. We appreciate your partnership with us in the Gospel in these days.
On 7th March we shipped a container load of Emmaus correspondence booklets in the Aroma language for Ethiopia.  We printed a total of 40,000 copies of each of the booklets.  However, the friends in Ethiopia have already got 28,000 people signed up to do the correspondence course even before they arrive!
On 8th March we sent 12 pallets of Bible Educational Services lessons in the Romanian language to the friends in Romania.  Altogether we sent over 500,000 lessons in this consignment.
On 9th March we shipped a 12 foot container holding about 20 tonnes of Gospel tracts, Gospels of John, all in the Portuguese language to our depot in Brazil.  These friends are continuing to do a tremendous work in handling all the correspondence from over 8,000 villages in Brazil.
On 15th March we sent 300,000 Gospel leaflets for the work of Every Home for Christ in Bulgaria for a special evangelistic campaign which they are holding.
On 20th March we shipped a container with 18 Tonnes of Wonder Devotional books Volumes 1 to 4 in English for the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship in Zimbabwe.  We printed 100,000 copies of each of these 4 booklets which will encourage boys and girls to take time to study the Word of God and to pray every day.
On 27th March we shipped a container to Bible Mission.  This container included 360,000 Gospels of John in the Russian language and 100,000 Gospel booklets for distribution at the Euro football matches being held this summer in the Ukraine.
On 29th March we sent a consignment of “Meet the King” booklets in the French language with some of our sets of children’s Bible lessons and a supply of our own tracts in the French language.  This entire consignment consisted of 310,000 copies of the French booklet “Meet the King”.  These booklets went to the following countries – Benin, Central African Republic, Niger, Senegal, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon and Togo.
On 29th March we also shipped a container load of Spanish literature to Argentina to our friends in Every Home for Christ.  This container included approximately 3 million Gospel tracts, plus Gospels of John, “Pardon and Assurance” booklets and our Scripture booklets.
Dear Samuel, please receive the heartfelt gratitude from the leadership of hundreds of churches and thousands of believers for equipping them with literature and this way making it possible for them to reach friends, colleagues, neighbors etc with the Gospel.
In all the 20 years of “freedom” in the lands of the former Soviet Union, the project 1:10 became one of the most effective and massive projects of personal evangelism, and the demand is growing more and more. We are just glad that in our days, God is doing great things and that He is using us too! Please find attached testimonies which we have received as a result of the 1:10 project. Thank you for everything. God’s blessings to you. Paul Hagelgans, Bible Mission.

“I am so grateful to the Lord that I can carry the good news to people in our hospital.  Just before Christmas I went into the sick room and I saw one of my friends lying on the bed and his wife next to him.  I used to know her very well.  Now we were meeting after almost 30 years!  I gave her a gift of the Scripture calendar and the booklets from Bible Mission.  Then we talked a lot about Christ and all the other sick people that were in the same room were listening to us.  Then my friend began asking God for forgiveness.  I had not even offered him to pray.  He asked Jesus for help.  When I came again on the next day his wife told me he had been taken to surgery where they would amputate his leg.  Later when I saw him his face was unusually calm.  Before meeting Christ he had been reeling and cursing all the time and he also had had a stroke.  Three days later I visited him again, his wife Galina said, ‘Tonja, I wonder, he is not using any bad words any more ….’” Antonina

“Maria Magdalena from Moldova is a little girl attending second grade at school.  She had been given a literature set last year and began reading the booklets in the package.  The result was that she began going to church and made a decision to follow Christ.  Now her grandmother comes with her to church.  We pray that her grandmother too will accept Jesus as her personal Saviour.  Please pray for her and for all the people who receive literature this year.”
“Gladly I share with you the joy and experiences I had distributing the 1:10 gift sets during Christmas time.  My name is Anastasia and I am 16 years old.  Just after the transition to this school in 7th grade all my classmates learned that I believe in Jesus.  I was born and raised in a Christian family and I was taught biblical values from childhood.  As I watched the lifestyle of my classmates, I somehow felt sorry for them.  I dreamed that they also would know the truth about a happy life and find reason and hope in it.  I wondered who could help me to tell my school friends the good news.
The answer to my prayers was a lesson in folk law where I had the opportunity to talk about my belief during the topic of world religions.  I spoke about the beginnings of Christianity and then could also display the basics of the Gospel just as I had learned in a seminar.  The reaction was astounding.  My classmates posed many questions and all of them took a 1:10 gift so that I distributed 20 of them in just one lesson.  Project 1:10 taught me to stand up and be courageous about the Gospel.  Thank you very much for providing me with this possibility.  Because of your efforts many people have heard the saving message.  May God bless you …..”

“In the name of our church I want to thank you affectionately for the literature gift sets.  Although geographically remote we yet try our best to reach the people around us with the Gospel.  This was the first year that we could take part in the project 1:10.  Apart from some older people all church members participated.  Looking back, there is one thing I know, nothing has ever made this church as excited as this distribution campaign for our friends.  It left us aroused, strengthened, and encouraged. We are very grateful to the Lord for these experiences.  We prayed much beforehand for us and those who would get the gift set.  So far many of us have never testified about the Lord for many different reasons.  After Christmas we all grew in this respect.  People are setting their feet over our threshold for the first time because of this project.  We are going to stay in prayer for them continuously.  Thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for contributing to this growth in our faith.” Pjotr Tschubenko
“Thank you very much, dear brothers and sisters, for your irreplaceable ministry of help for evangelism.  I want to share with you what I encountered when I testified in our town.  The cooks from our cafeteria first reacted restrained to the booklets I handed them.  They gladly took the calendar, but said they had no time for reading because of work at home with the children.  So they just took one piece.  When I met them the next time they called from behind me. ‘Well, those little books you gave us were somehow unusual.  First time reading it I even understood something about Jesus.  The next day I opened it and read it again.  I again understood a little more.  You won’t believe it, but now I read it quite a few times – again and again I feel the need of taking it and reading it.  Please give me some more.  I don’t have the time to read thick books but I can manage those booklets.’” Evan Lepeshow.
The following are a number of letters which we have received from the British Isles and Ireland during the past month:
“I am currently residing in Holloway prison and I have always believed in God but have never actually been baptized or even deeply, from the bottom of my heart, actually took Father God as my Saviour until today!  I am a 25 year old with a son of 9 due to turn 10 this month.  I am coming from a background full of pain and hurt and, even more a lot of anger, which I honesty want to change because I honesty believe I have to break a cycle that has followed my family. I honesty believe taking Father God as my personal Saviour and changing my life for the better can only make my future brighter for me and my son and loved ones.  So I would appreciate if you could possibly send me some free literature and a copy of the booklet, “Pardon for sin and Assurance of Peace with God” for my further studies of getting to know Father God.  I appreciate you taking time out to read my letter.” M. Emma
“I read your tract and my soul was blessed.  I always take these little leaflets when I see people giving them out but, believe me, I never read them through.  But, as I got off the train, I saw this man close to where I was passing.  I was feeling really down and, when I read this leaflet, it was such a blessing.  God is good.  He is a merciful God.  Please can you send me your booklet, “Pardon for sin and Assurance of Peace with God”?  P. H. London
“My name is J…  I am 6 years old.  I asked God to take away my sins on Monday night and I would like more leaflets to read please …”
“My name is E …  and I have been ‘down in the dumps’ for years.  I don’t wash or get dressed at times.  I cannot go to chapel because it turns my feelings ‘up side down’ and I can’t stop crying.  I love God very much and I also know that God is very much alive and He always will be with me.  I can’t ask Him for, or pray to Him, because the guilt is so overwhelming so I would love one of your booklets.  I really need some spiritual guidance.  Thank you. E…”
“Thank you for this opportunity to write to you. I am looking forward to receiving this helpful booklet. I need conversion and I must say I love your leaflet. God love and bless you… A Roman Catholic nun from Limerick.
Recently a young man from Ballymena contacted us.  He had been a drug addict and then, after the death of his father, he became an alcoholic.  Six months ago he felt that life was utterly hopeless and he cried out to the Lord to save him.  The Lord answered prayer and that young man is now distributing our Gospel tracts in Ballymena seeking to reach others for the Saviour.
“Dear friends of Revival Movement Association, It was a real joy to visit and see around the factory.  What a blessing!  Thank you for all your hard work to make God’s Word available to the world.  Thank you very much for your donation of literature, prayers and support.  What a blessing you are to us!  On behalf of all the Seamen’s Christian Friend Society workers, all the seafarers and their families who are blessed by the spiritual and practical help we give, lives are changed for eternity.  The seafarers are usually a forgotten people.  Thank you for showing your love and concern for them.  It means so much to them to know someone cares and is thinking of them. May the Lord bless you for your generosity.  With love in the Lord,  Colin Jenkins and family

“Dear Samuel, Firstly, I want to say thank you for the literature sent to us at the end of 2011, for the efficiency and friendliness.  We have been evangelizing at night in some parts of London.  We were in Soho, Piccadilly Circus, the doors of gay clubs and pubs.  We were also in Kemptown town where we always find many Brazilians.  The acceptance of the literature has been easy.  Most people take it and start to read it.  We believe that the seeds fall on fertile ground.
For a few months some Brazilian pastors have been meeting to carry out evangelistic work.  At one of these meetings we discovered that the churches had difficulty with literature in Portuguese.  So we presented the literature of Revival Movement Association for them to see and we shared our supply with one of these churches.
On April the 21st these eight churches will be united in one evangelistic effort in various strategic points of London at the same time.  We would like to know the possibility of receiving a shipment of literature for that day.  If possible, we would like to receive 5,600 Gospels of John in Portuguese, 2,400 Gospels of John in English, 8,000 Gospel tracts in Portuguese and 4,000 Gospel tracts in English.  May the Lord be always blessing this ministry faithfully.  Thank you …. Debora Brandro

“Dear friends, I have been receiving some of your literature through a friend which is used purely for evangelism.  This literature has been a tremendous blessing.  Thousands of people have been blessed by reading these gems.  I do evangelism in London on a daily basis  so this has been absolutely a blessing from God through you. Oliveira …
Please continue to pray for the consignments of literature as they travel, that they may arrive safely. Please also pray for the financial needs of the work, for Postage, Shipping costs, Paper, and Printing so that we can continue to help many Evangelistic organisations around the world.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen