News of Containers of Literature arriving in Brazil, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Congo

Dear Friend,  The well known hymn says, “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear.”  Romans 5: 8 tells us, “But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”
Dr. J. C. Ryle commenting on this verse says, “Ask all the tribes of mankind, from one end of the world to the other, and you will nowhere hear of a deed like this.  None was ever so high and stooped down so low as Jesus the Son of God: none ever gave so costly a proof of His friendship; none ever paid so much and endured so much to do good to others.  Never was there such a Friend in deed as Jesus Christ!”
As the Gospel of this Mighty and Powerful Friend is sent out from the factory pray that many needy souls will be able to say:

“I’ve found a Friend, Oh such a Friend,
All power to Him is given.
To guard me on my onward course.
And bring me safe to Heaven.”

On 12th April we shipped a container load of Gospels of John in the Russian language and literature in the Ukrainian language to Bible Mission.  The literature in the Ukrainian language will be used during the Euro 2012 Football Games.
On 30th April we shipped a consignment of the French “Meet the King” booklets to both Cameroon and Ivory Coast.
On 30th April we sent 30,000 copies of the Croatian booklet “Meet the King” and also, on the same day, we sent 20,000 copies of the “Meet the King” booklet in the Georgian language.  This is the first time that we have printed literature in the Georgian language for this small former Soviet Union country.
On 4th May we shipped a container to Every Home for Christ in South Africa.  This container consisted of literature for Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Zimbabwe and included Gospels of John in Afrikaans, Zulu, Tswana, Southern Setho, and English.
On 17th May we shipped a container of Wonder Devotional books to CEF in Botswana.  This consisted of 100,000 each of Volumes 1 to 4.
On 29th May we sent a container load of literature to Hong Kong for distribution amongst the Chinese tourists.  This container consisted of 300,000 copies of “Pardon and Assurance” booklets, 200,000 Gospels of John, 600,000 children’s tracts and 900,000 adult tracts – all in the Chinese language.
On 30th May we shipped a container of literature to Kenya.  This container consisted of supplies of literature for many different Missions, including Diguna, Bible Education Services, CEF, Fame, Vision For Kids, ACTS Kenya, and small supplies for many individual pastors and churches.  This literature was in the English, Swahili, Kamba and Kikuyu languages.
“Dear friends, Greetings from a cold and wet Brazil!  Today it was a great day at Interlink as we received two containers of literature (one container had been delayed at customs and the second container caught up and was released at the same time).  We had a lot of work to do.  A lot of volunteers came to help.  It was raining most of the time, but there was a lot of joy and we praise the Lord for the people who came and collected their orders straight from the container into their lorry, car or van.  Sam and Daniel were very good at organizing the boxes in a way that, in the end, we had room for more.  Sueli and Celia were great looking after the food for those men to keep them happy and ready to work hard.  They were even singing away!  But thank you again for blessing us in such a big way and it was good to see Victor’s book arriving in the Portuguese language.  We pray that the Lord will always bless Every Home Crusade so that many countries will continue to be blessed … Raquel Cardoo.

Sueli Crawford who is leading the work in our depot with Alessandro who is one of the leaders of Every Home for Christ in Brazil.

More news from Brazil – Yesterday we had the visit of some brothers from Lagoinha Baptist Church from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.  This is one of the largest evangelical churches in Brazil.  They plan the evangelisation of one million people in their city.  They have picked up 1½ tonnes of different leaflets and booklets.  We also sent one tonne of leaflets to a church in Teofilo Otoni.  They also plan a mass evangelisation in their city.  This will let you see that the literature is quickly moving out of the depot in Brazil …. Aramis


The Head man of the Savane area with his new shoes and a Gospel of John.

Recently Every Home for Christ in Mozambique received a container of shoes from “Soles for Jesus” as a gift.  Each person who received a pair of shoes also received a Gospel of John. The following is part of Pastor Anacleto’s report from the distribution:
“We arrived at Savane where a multitude of people were waiting for us singing and dancing.  It was such a wonderful time as a multitude of people received the Gospel in a pair of shoes.  The crowd of the brethren in Christ consisted of five congregations who were gathered in one accord.  The distribution was a success at Savane and many people were touched by the demonstration of love shown by the pastors who were washing the feet of their church members.  This was something new to them and they appreciated it a lot.  Some of the feet of the beneficiaries were already badly damaged by jiggers, cracks and many other infections.
Amongst the people who came to witness the occasion was the head man of Savane.  This happens to be the man who closed down the works of many Christian ministries in Savane but spared Every Home for Christ.  When asked what he thinks about the Every Home for Christ work in his area Paulo Jolo said, ‘Every Home for Christ is free to do all its activities in Savane because we saw that, Every Home for Christ does not meddle in politics like other Christian ministries and non governmental organisations that we banned here in Savane because they were encouraging people to rebel against the government.  We have repeatedly secretly sent our agents to Every Home for Christ meetings but, we discovered that Every Home for Christ only speak about the things of God and nothing else.  So feel free to do Every Home for Christ work here.  We know that the Gospel has the power to reduce criminal activity in Savane.’
We praise the Lord for all the breakthroughs brought by this method of presenting the Gospel to the people.  Pray for the Lord to give us wisdom in distributing the other shoes that are still in our custody.” … Pastor Anacleto.
“Dear Samuel, We do hope that you are fine and going on well with the work of our Lord.  Here in Diguna mission we are pressing on towards the end of the race – especially with the distribution of Christian literature during our ministry to various churches and schools in Kenya.  We would like to receive more of the Gospels of John, “Pardon for Sin and Assurance of Peace with God” both in Swahili and English.  Kindly also send us more of the children’s Bible lessons in English, possibly 4,000 copies.
We would like to also have 50,000 copies of each of the “Way of Salvation” Scripture booklet both in Swahili and in Kikuyu.  We would also like to have 20,000 copies of each of your other booklets such as “What Prayer can Do”, “God’s Wonderful Book”, and “Mighty through God”.
We would be very interested in getting some of the books which you publish so that we can make these available to people who do not have any access to Christian bookshops.  We thank you so much for your work and we are really thankful for your support.  Looking forward to receiving the consignment. Pastor Godfrey Mwaura, Diguna Mission, Kenya.

Showing villagers copies of the Hymn books which have just arrived.

“Dear Samuel, We have just received the first 100 cartons of the Emmanuel Hallelujah hymn book which has been brought over from Kampala by Diguna.  It is wonderful! (This is the hymn book in Swahili, Lingala and French which Miss Maizie Smyth prepared a number of years ago.)  We are so excited to have them in hand at last!  The printing is excellent as usual and the cover is much more durable than the last time.  This will be a great boom for the churches here.  People are anxious to get them into use.  We are really looking forward to singing from them and having the extra French hymns that we were able to include.  Our French services were getting a little repetitive with only 14 hymns to choose from!   ….Ted Witmer, Crossworld.
“Dear Friends, Just to inform you that this morning I met the missionary Marianne Van Helden who works with CEF here in Guinea-Bissau.  She informed me that she had received 40 boxes of literature which you had sent to Guinea-Bissau in a container through “Helping others Worldwide”.  She gave us 25 boxes for our ministry.  We are extremely grateful for the Gospel of John and for the Portuguese “Meet the King” booklets  …. Julio Joaquim Dasilva, Every Home for Christ. – Photo on the left.
Dear Samuel, Some wonderful news – a few boxes of Lunda Gospel of John turned up at Chit. We have distributed them among the missionaries on the station but I was able to get a whole box which I am so delighted about.  I have been so disappointed to hear from Calvin that they were all finished shortly after the container arrived.  So, when we received these boxes, it was such a wonderful answer to prayer.  I am so glad that he has ordered a further 100,000 copies.  We are so desperate for literature in Zambia.  The need is great and there is a wide open door for Gospel outreach.  The patients in hospital particularly asked for reading material all the time.  We get Portuguese, French and English speaking patients so I also use the Gospels of John in those languages but the majority of the people never have literature.  So I cannot tell you how thrilling it is to get these booklets.  Thank you so much for your work on them.  Julie Rachel Elwood.  
Photo Right – shows the arrival of 400,000 Wonder Devotional Booklets for the work of CEF in Zimbabwe.  Pastor Edmund Nkala who is the leader of the work (on the right) phoned a few days ago to thank us for the booklets and to tell us that they have already distributed 130 boxes of the booklets to boys and girls.
“Dear Friends, I am very very glad to inform you that the long anticipated container of 890 boxes has arrived in our compound today. First of all we as ECS Ethiopia office and East African ECS Director Wim, would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and the entire organization in Belfast. Thank you so much for your donation due to your compassion for us.
Thousands if not tens of thousands of Ethiopians will be able to read booklets in their own mother tongue and have a better understanding of their Bible and their Lord as well. Many have already been calling and writing to check the arrival of these Oromifa booklets. It is one of the greatest pieces of news in their life time … Degefa. – Photo Left.
During the month of June we hope to be able to ship container loads of Literature to Brazil, Nigeria, India and Russia with smaller quantities of material going to many of the Carribean islands. Please continue to pray that the Lord will use this literature for His Glory.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen