Hundreds of Thousands of Gospels going into CHINA

DSC_0731“Dear Friend, As the Resurrected Lord Jesus gathered His disciples together at the end of His earthly ministry He was able to declare with authority, “… All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” (Matthew 29: 18)  What a declaration to inspire us as we send the literature from the factory!
Recently we heard from a Town Official in Mozambique who testified that the Gospel had the power to reduce criminal activity in his town. Thank you each one for joining with us in this ministry and please pray that across the world as the Gospel of Christ is distributed that truly it will be “… the power of God unto salvation …” (Romans 1: 16)
For many years as a ministry we have had the desire to be able to reach people in China with the Good News of the Gospel through the literature.  DSC_0716
On 5th June we shipped a container to our friends in India Bible Literature.  Most of this literature was in the Tamil and Telugu languages as they have been receiving many requests recently from these regions of India.
On 7th June we shipped a container with approximately 20 Tonnes of literature to our depot in Brazil.  Sueli, and all of the staff, are doing a tremendous job in getting this literature distributed to many churches throughout this huge country.
On  11th  June we shipped 90,000 copies of Volume 1 to 3 of the Wonder Devotional books in the Kinyarwanda language to CEF in Rwanda, Central Africa.
On 21st June we shipped a total of 20 pallets of literature to CEF in various Caribbean countries.  Each of the consignments consisted of “Meet the King” booklets, Wonder Devotional booklets and sets of Bible lessons on the life of David and the life of Paul, all in the English language.  The following is a list of the countries that we shipped to – Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grand Cayman, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Virgin Islands.
On 21st June we also shipped a consignment of literature to Mr John Honores working with Seamen’s Christian Mission in St. Lucia.  We sent a mixture of literature in the English, Spanish and Tagalog languages for distribution amongst the sailors who travel around the world.
On 21st June we sent a consignment of Hungarian literature for the work of brother Peter who works for Every Home for Christ in Hungary.

DSC_0712However, due to the restrictions by the Communist party in China, we have never been able to send any substantial quantity of literature into the country.  In recent years a new ministry has commenced called “China Tourist Ministry” which is based in Hong Kong and Macau.DSC_0705
For many years Hong Kong was under British rule due to an agreement with the Chinese government and the enclave of Macau was under Portuguese rule.  In 1997 Hong Kong and Macau were both handed back to be under Chinese authority.  At that time the Chinese government made the decision to keep Hong Kong and Macau as two separate countries and leave them to have a  democratic government with all of the freedoms of religion and business.  This means that there are no restrictions for evangelism in either Hong Kong or Macau.
Many Chinese people are now free to travel to Hong Kong or Macau as tourists.  Hong Kong has many different tourist attractions, while one of the major attractions to visit Macau is to gamble at the many casinos which operate in Macau.  Gambling within China is strictly forbidden but, in recent years, Macau has developed some of the largest casinos in the world.DSC_0692
It is estimated that, at this time, approximately 20 million tourists leave mainland China to visit Hong Kong and Macau every year.  “China Tourist Ministry” was developed in order to reach out with the Gospel to these tourists.  The friends working in this organisation make up gift bags with a selection of Gospel booklets, leaflets and CDs presenting the Gospel.DSC_0698
In Macau one of the famous tourist attractions is the frontal facade of an extremely old church.  It is estimated that upwards of 20,000 people can visit this site in a day.  So there is just a steady stream of tourists from China pouring into this site all day.  “China Tourist Ministry” have full permission to operate at the entrance of this site and they hand out the gift bags to the tourists as they arrive.  They identify themselves as Christians simply by telling the people as they approach, “Jesus loves you. This is a free gift bag.”  Frequently, people immediately stop and start to chat so that the team members can quickly take time to share and explain more of the Gospel with these people.  A common sight is to see people opening their gift bags and then sitting down and having a look at the booklets and tracts.
DSC_0861Some people clearly have some knowledge of the Christian message with the result sometimes people are ready to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.  Other folk request a copy of a Bible to take home.  For those who pray the prayer of salvation and for those who receive a Bible, they give their details to the team so that they can be followed up in due course. See photos of literature distribution and followup.
Revival Movement Association had its first request from “China Tourist Ministry” last September requesting Gospels of John, “Pardon and Assurance” booklets, children’s tracts and children’s Bible lessons.  The first container was shipped in November which arrived in January and, since then, our literature has been included in all of the gift bags which have been handed out.  We have now shipped a second container of literature to this ministry and this is due to arrive in July.  Each packet will now have a Gospel of John, a “Pardon and Assurance” booklet, three adult tracts and two children’s tracts which we have supplied.DSC_0828
In Hong Kong the teams also operate at major tourist spots so as soon as the people arrive on the buses, they are immediately greeted by members of the team offering them the gift bags.  Since “China Tourist Ministry” commenced the JW and Mormons have also copied the idea and they also try and stand at these major tourist spots promoting themselves.  In the last few years this ministry has grown so that they are now distributing about 50,000 of the gift packs each month to the Chinese tourists.  This involves a considerable amount of background work.  They have teams of people who make up the gift bags with the complete selection of literature in each bag.  These then need to be packed into small suitcases so that the teams can carry them easily to the distribution points.
When people have filled in a decision card this is used to follow them up.  Normally people are asked for their phone number so some of the team will actually phone the people later to enquire how they can be helped further.  People often ask for more literature and others request contact with a local church.  The ministry has developed contacts all over China and they, in turn, put people in touch with a church which will be relatively close to them – so that they may have fellowship with other Christians.  Last year “China Tourist Ministry” had 30,000 decision cards which had been filled in so a lot of work takes place following up these people in order to help them to trust the Lord as their Saviour or to help them grow spiritually.DSC_0873
This ministry has tremendous potential in reaching the people of China.  If they manage to distribute 50,000 gift bags each month, this will mean that we will be sending 600,000 Gospels of John, 600,000 “Pardon and Assurance” booklets and millions of Gospel tracts into mainland China during this year.  Not only will this be literature that is delivered into the country, but it will also be distributed and touching many more lives within the country.
They recently heard of one young person who received the CD and they made copies of the CD and gave it to each of the guests that they were having at their wedding.  Recently they had a visit from a young man.  He told how his aunt had received a gift bag, came home, shared the literature with the family and how, for a period of time, he read the Gospel literature. Eventually he became a Christian, got in touch with the ministry and came for a visit to learn more about the Christian life.DSC_0687
Please continue to pray for this vital ministry and for all of the team both in Macau and Hong Kong as they carry on this witness day by day to the tourists from China.
“Dear Samuel, Once again, many thanks for the help that you give to us with supplies of literature from time to time.  We are most anxious to get as many Gospels of John as possible – mainly in English, but also Afrikaans.  The other main languages are Zulu, Northern Sotho and Tswana.  Further more, if you have any tracts especially children’s tracts, they would be so welcome.  Please don’t forget the Sunday school lessons.  They are in great demand.  Recently we visited the Northern section of South Africa at Musina on the Zimbabwe border.  We had a meeting in a school with about 600 kids and I had an American team sharing.  When the service was handed over to me, I shared the Gospel with the children at the end.  I asked if there were any who would like to receive Christ to stay behind as I had a little John’s Gospel to give to them.  There were 600 kids there and I had only brought 35 Gospels with me! You can imagine my surprise when 180 stayed to hear how to receive Christ!  I told them that the Americans were outside and were happy to talk to them about various aspects of their ministry.  If they liked, I would stay to still meet with them.  Hardly anyone moved as they wanted to be saved.  I was naturally embarrassed by not having enough John’s Gospels with me (forgive my lack of faith) and I promised I would have a box full of John’s Gospels there within a week.  It was amazing how excited they were to receive them.  I have no doubt in my mind that one of the most powerful tools that we have is John’s Gospel.  It is a joy to hand it out and to see many, many responses. We are having some major outreaches in July, August and September and it would be great if we could get these as soon as possible.  Many thanks.  Harold Peasley.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
“Dear Samuel, Greetings from Romania! Last week the 8 pallets arrived from you.  The lessons look really great.  Anica, in the Bible correspondence course department, had just asked what she should do as she was running out of lessons – and I was about to write to you to ask and, before we knew it, they were here!
The “God’s Cares” BCC lessons are really appreciated in Romania.  Mostly we still send them out in the post but with the “Church to Children” project, there are also a number given hand to hand.  In Satu Mare there were 252 children who received the lessons hand to hand.  We are so thankful to God for the way that He is using these lessons in Romania.  Thank you so much for all that you have done to make it possible.Every Blessing,  Claire Bain.

Please continue to pray for the very large financial needs of the work including paper costs, shipping and postage. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to people in different parts of the world who are receiving a portion of the Word of God for the first time.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen