Millions need to hear the Gospel of Christ

DSC_0885A container being loaded with Russian Calendars and Gospels for Bibel Mission

“Dear Friend, The Apostle Paul in Romans 1:16 declared: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto Salvation …” The hymn writer put it well when he wrote:

“My hope is built on nothing less, Than Jesus blood and righteousness ….
On Christ the solid Rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand.”

Across our world people are standing on the sinking sand of false gospels and false religion. It is our duty and privilege to send the Gospel of Christ into the whole world so that men, women and young people might know what it is to have their sins forgiven and to stand on the Rock Christ Jesus.
On the 23rd July we shipped a container to Somma Bibla in Tanzania.  All of this literature was in the Swahili language.  These friends have a ministry of literature distribution all across the country of Tanzania.
On the 25th July we shipped a container with Gospels of John in English, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, Tswana and in Portuguese to Mr Harold Peasley of Multi Ministries.  We also shipped 1,000 sets of our children’s Bible lessons and a supply of Gospel tracts for their ministry.  Brother Harold recently wrote, “This is an extremely busy time for us at the moment.  We have just had 26 Australians here conducting evangelism in the city of Johannesburg and in the various prisons. In August we have an outreach on the South Africa border of Botswana with crusades and evangelistic thrust into 3 towns and the different townships.  At the end of August there is an outreach in Welkom as well as a major outreach and conference at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  In September we have an outreach with 10 different churches.  So we look forward to the literature coming to help us in this work …”
On the 26th July we shipped a container of literature to CEF in Angola.  This container consisted of Portuguese Wonder Devotional booklets and 100,000 Portuguese “Meet the King” booklets.  Later in this report please see the letter from Brother Albert who wrote about the tremendous needs of literature in Angola.

Antonio shares how God is using his testimony to bring satanic worshipers to the LordBro. Antonio shares how God is using his testimony to bring satanic worshipers to the Lord in Mexico

Dear Brethren at Revival Movement Association, This a brief report regarding the ways the Lord has reached the people who need to be saved and also to accomplish His plan of salvation in Mexico.  I trust that you will praise the Lord as we do while we see the miracles God can perform through His children who believe in His power and love for humanity.  We are planning our Summer project named “Defeating Satan on his own throne” and we are involving more pastors and Christians in order to get 200 Christian churches involved for this very ambitious project!  Last weekend we travelled again to Veracruz where another pastors’ Alliance invited us and where we challenged them to join us in reaching this region whose culture includes devil adoration.  The project is to enter into several cities of this region, but mainly into one named Catemaco where witchcraft is a way of life for the community.  People from all over the world come to this place in order to get a “cleansing” of their body and spirit with evil practices.
As you arrive there women (old and young) approach you to offer to read your “luck”.  I always take my Bible and tell them that I would rather read them the Word of God and they always run away!
On the 29th of June Epy (my husband and I) were on our way to take the plane of Veracruz Port in the Gulf of Mexico and after there we would travel by bus to Cosamaloapan where some pastors were ready to receive the challenge to join us in the Summer project.  Suddenly I got a message on my phone from a man named Gabriel Gomez.  The following is his message:Pastors in line to receive first amounts of tracts to start Summer Project
“We are pastors from Guadalajara and God sent me and my wife Mary as missionaries to the State of Veracruz.  We are in the region of Tuxtlas where we are testifying in Catemaco and other cities.  It has not been easy because we have had to confront, face to face, witches, sorcerers, and other demon-possessed people.  I got some tracts and Bible studies named “The Gospel of John – Seven Steps to Knowing God” through some brethren and, just yesterday, we distributed 300 of these out of which 100 people received Jesus as their Saviour.  We are in the middle of the jungle.  We need your help to reach more regions and persons in these communities.”
It is important to tell you that before this mail we had not a Christian contact in Catemaco to whom we could request to introduce us in that very difficult area.  Epy and I began praising the Lord because He answered our prayers and guided us to the Christians.  I immediately answered Brother Gomez and told him that we were on our way to visit his region.  He himself had been a Jehovah Witness for 30 years and is now a faithful servant of God.
Last Saturday we gathered with a group of 20 pastors and 15 ladies to conduct evangelism.  Among them was Antonio who testified that he used to be a witch in Catemaco, but by the Grace of God he was rescued through the ministry of Brother Gomez.  He also shared with us the many miracles that have been witnessed among witches and evil men in Catemaco who have accepted Jesus – and that they were ready to go with us as an army to fight against all demoniac legions that have these people as slaves under their power.
We read in the Bible that these demons won’t be defeated if it is not with prayer and fasting and, for this reason, we beg your spiritual support.  Altogether there will be about 200 Christian churches working together during this Summer to go to Catemaco and to many other cities in the Gulf of Mexico.
Your support with more evangelistic material produced by Revival Movement will be very much appreciated since we need to reach 24 million homes in our country.  Our prayers are for the Revival Movement staff …. Gloria Lopez. Every Home for Christ.Philippines1
“Dear Brother Samuel, Sowers of the Word ministries extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your continued support in providing Gospel literature as a tool for reaching out to lost souls in bringing them to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We may not determine the actual number of people who were truly converted to Christ, but we know that these materials have been received and read by them.  We would like to share with you some life- changing and encouraging stories of our local partners during the distribution of these materials.
“Sparrow Ministry” is a partner based in Zambales who conducted a medical outreach after the devastation in the Northern part of Luzon by typhoons.  They ministered to about 500 individuals using the Gospel of John.  Four of them received Christ as their personal Saviour.  106 recommitted their lives, 112 wanted to grow more in the knowledge of the Lord through studies and 109 wanted to have a Bible of their own.  It was truly a fruitful effort!  Thanks to the Gospel of John booklets.
Another partner “Vision – Isaiah 58” for homeless conducted ministry activities in Fabella hospital catering to the poorest of the poor mothers-to-be in Metro Manila last October.  They gave out 350 blankets and 350 Gospels of John booklets to the expectant mothers in the hospital.  But it is not only the patients they have reached through the booklet, but as well the staff nurses of the hospital.  The Gospel of John has been an ideal tool in sharing the Gospel to expectant mothers as their hearts are very receptive to the Gospel while it is being shared to them while they are in hospital.Philippines2
Once again we extend our deepest appreciation for Revival Movement Association and their donors.  We pray that God will continue to pour His abundant and overflowing blessing for you and your ministry for this very vital and valuable partnership in leading the lost and expanding God’s Kingdom in the Philippines.  In Christ’s service, Brother Saul.Angola4
“Dear friends, We would like to express a vote of thanks from all the CEF staff, pastors and children who received the Devotional booklets in the Portuguese language which you sent to us.  Please thank your donors who paid for the printing, all the shipping, transport and customs’ clearance costs.  May God richly multiply blessings on you in Jesus’ Name.
The literature department is working hand in hand with the national, provincial directors, pastors and all CEF co-workers who are reaching children for Christ.  The container of literature is a big blessing for the country and CEF is making a big impact and is getting known by many churches in different denominations.  Now everybody, every church, every child, is after a Devotional book!  Angola3
The country is thirsty for the Word of God.  Out of the 861 boxes received – 180 boxes were delivered to Huambo province, 200 boxes were delivered to Luanda province, 100 boxes delivered to Lubango province, 80 boxes were delivered to Malanji province, 90 boxes were requested for the Provincial Headquarters of evangelical  churches in Benguela where most of the CEF Sunday school teachers train and Good News clubs take place, 40 boxes were given to other denominations who also received training as to how the booklets can be used.
It is very interesting and exciting to see Sunday school teachers with cheerful faces in front of children sharing the Devotional books!  Even some families are using these and teaching their children.  Some are using booklets and Bible studies in schools and adult classes.  Even Military Police and politicians are also reading the booklets.  The importance of this project is that church leaders are becoming familiar with the Word of God and see the importance of CEF in the country and opening the doors for the projects to expand into other provinces.  Angola1
Now church leaders are knocking at our door.  Devotionals are not enough.  We need more of these.  Angola has 18 provinces, only 5 has received.  What can we do?  The result coming from this project is that now it is more secure to do the follow-up with children in churches, clubs, schools.  Children are gaining experience every day and getting prepared to teach the coming generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The observation we have come to see is that the population are thirsty for the Word of God.  Children and adults are knowing the Lord and getting saved every second.  Send us materials – as many as you can to reach other churches, villages in the provinces who thirst for the Word.  On behalf of the team   … Alberto Tembani.Angola5
“Dear friends, We are very grateful to you for sending us the “Meet the King” booklets in the Portuguese language.  At Easter we used them in a campaign for an evangelistic campaign where children were very happy to receive a copy.  These booklets are a great blessing.  We hadn’t any material to hand out to the children, but now we have!  Most of the CEF workers take one box to their area to conduct evangelistic work together with their trained teachers.  Also churches which want to conduct evangelism use them because it is the only evangelistic booklet in this country at the moment.
Three weeks ago we had 28092012(043)a meeting in our village with more than 150 children from two villages.  Some of them accepted Jesus this day.  Others knew Christ already.  We gave each of them a booklet to help to explain the Gospel to their friends.  In August I want to use this material in the North of this country where we will run a training programme. We want to thank you in the name of the children and children’s workers in Guinea Bissau. Marianne Van Helden, CEF.
We have just taken delivery of a further 70 Tonnes of paper costing £42,000.00. As  we are using 5 Tonnes of paper each working day this supply will last for just 14 days. Please continue to pray that souls will come to Christ and that the Lord will provide all the needs of the ministry.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen