Souls saved during summer evangelistic outreach in Europe

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Children from Moldova who received Meet the King booklets

“Dear Friend, It is almost 2,000 years since Redemptions work was completed at the cross, after which Jesus uttered these words to his disciples: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  Since then the way of salvation has been proclaimed.  Yet still today many have not heard the Gospel message.
When Hudson Taylor arrived in China, a Buddhist searcher after truth on hearing the Gospel had been known in England for hundreds of years asked – “Why didn’t you come sooner?” The whole world needs Jesus!  We are busy at the factory sending the Gospel worldwide to some who are hearing it for the first time.  Thank you for joining with us and supporting us.  Do tell others of our ministry so that they too can be partners together with us in sharing the good news of the Gospel of  the Lord Jesus Christ.
On 12th August we shipped a container load of Gospels, Scripture calendars and Gospel booklets to Bible Mission in Ukraine.  This is part of the consignment for the “One-to-Ten” Project which will be taking place at Christmas time in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
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Children in Romania attending one of the many 5 day clubs.

On 23rd August we shipped a container to CEF in South Africa.  This container consisted of 100,000 copies of each of the Wonder Devotional books, Volumes 1 to 3 and also included 160,000 copies of “Meet the King” for their ministry amongst boys and girls in this country.
On 28th August we shipped 100,000 tracts in the Macedonian language to Brother Bore Blazevski for his evangelistic ministry in this very needy country.
On 28th August we sent 1.5 million tracts in the Romanian language to Mr Paul Williams who is working in Romania.  They have a total of 6 marquees which they use with the believers in Romania to conduct evangelistic missions in many villages and towns.  Last year they visited over 90 villages and towns for campaigns.
On 29th August we sent 8,000 copies of the set of Bible lessons entitled “Five Important Questions” to CEF for worldwide distribution.  These lessons were in the English, Spanish, French, Russian and Armenian languages.


“Dear Friends, We had a blessed time in our evangelism camp which was made up of 16 from Bulgaria and Romania.  The week before the camp began the temperature was 40 degrees CelBulgaria Groupsius but, it was a little better during the camp, when it was 34 to 37 degrees.  After breakfast, we divided into 4 cars and every group was going to a different direction and different locations.
The Lord has blessed us enormously!  We reached a record number of 43 villages and 2 towns in 5 days!  17,043 homes have received the good news.  Because it was a mountain region we had to walk a lot.  Every day we walked nearly 30 kilometres.  Some days Bulgaria sort leafletsit was so hot that we did not want to take lunch.  We drank only water but, even at that, our hearts were full of joy.  We saw so many people reading the leaflets.  They sat in the shade and were reading the Gospel.
One woman when she received the pamphlet and saw that it was about Jesus Christ exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!” and began to make the sign of the Cross.  We met a man 85 years old who told me, “All my life I wanted to have a Bible.  I am so happy that you will send one to me.”  Bulgaria manThis week I received a letter from another Orthodox man who wrote to us, “All my life I have lived with fear of God.  Today I continue to live with faith in Jesus Christ.  All my life I dreamed to have a Bible.  I am not a rich pensioner but I think I can pay for one in my old age.”
In some villages it was hard to spread the leaflets especially in gypsy quarters.  The streets are very winding.  You begin to spread the pamphlets and at the end you don’t know where you are!  But God provided this time again.  One man began to spread literature in one gypsy quarter and the people asked him who he was.  Bulgaria girlHe told them that he is a Romanian and, at that moment, more than 20 big men surrounded him!  He became a little bit afraid.  The leader of that gypsy group invited him to come and took his leaflets.  After that he divided them amongst 3 groups of these men and told them to go to the different parts of the quarter and distribute the leaflets to every home.  He also provided a child to act as a guide to help him with the distribution and then help him to exit from the quarter.  This was a tremendous help.Bulgaria house
In the region there were at least 10 Muslim villages.  One day we arrived in a Muslim village and some Bulgarians (Orthodox) said to us, “Please go from this village.  We are not joking!  The people will beat you.  Please go out!  If you want, we will take you with our car and we will transport you to another village.”  Before that, I met Policemen who asked me if I knew what kind of village this is.  I said, “Yes, and these people need Jesus Christ too.  He died also for them.”  The Policeman said to me, “They can beat you.”  I answered, “This is not a new thing.  Jesus Christ has been beaten and killed.  The same can be with us but we don’t fear.”  They wouldn’t believe what I was saying to them.
The wonderful thing was that all the people received the leaflets (only one woman refused) and they thanked us for them.  Two men completed the answer card immediately and asked us to send them a Bible and correspondence course.Bulgaria lady
In one village we met an Orthodox woman who greeted us, “May God bless you!”  Usually the Orthodox people don’t say this.  I had never heard this from an Orthodox person.  The woman invited us into her house to talk about Jesus Christ.  She was so happy.  She told us how she began to believe in God, that she reads the Bible every day and prays much.  Also she recognized that the biggest pain for her was to see that most of the people from the Orthodox Church have a dead faith and don’t know God personally.  She shared with us that the people from her village called her sectarian.  She answers them that she goes to the same church as them, but she has repented from her sins and follows God’s Word.  I have been so surprised.  In her eyes I could see joy and smiles.  I encouraged her to find an evangelical church.  Please pray for her.  Her name is Svetlana.Bulgaria Donkey
In the last village before we finished we parted into 2 groups to be able to finish the village faster.  I remained the last to check that all the streets were covered.  I went into one street and saw that one house had a pamphlet but the house near it did not have one.  So I tried to see what had happened.  I saw that there was a man in the yard who took the leaflet and he was reading it.  I tried to take a picture but his dog had seen me.  The man came and asked me if we distributed the leaflets.  I said, “Yes.”  Then he asked me, “And now what do I have to do?”  I did not understand his question so I asked him what did he mean.  He told me about his sinful life and that he feels himself guilty.  Reading the leaflet he understood that the wages of sin is death.  He asked me, “What do I do now?”  I explained to him that Jesus Christ has died for us and all that we need to do is to come to Him and to believe in Him – and to ask for Christ’s forgiveness.  He then asked if he could do this immediately.  So we prayed together and he asked God to forgive him.  He was so glad that he went into the house to get some money to give me.  He wanted to thank me somehow.  I did not take anything.  He completed the card to receive a Bible, and a Bible correspondence course.  Please pray for this man.  I also took his phone number to keep in contact with him.
During the camp 39 people have completed immediately the answer card to receive a Bible correspondence course.  When I came home, I found another 30 answer cards in my post box.  We have never received so many answers in one month!  We are so glad that God has listened to our prayers for this camp.  Thank you for supplying all these leaflets.  May God bless and reward you in all of the ministry which you are doing. With love in Christ, Pavel. Every Home for Christ.


“Dear Samuel, We are so thankful to God for the “Good News Across Romania” Project.  We have 5-Day clubs in 79 locations and over 3,800 children heard the Gospel.  Each child received a copy of the “Meet the King” booklet.  It was a great opportunity to take the Gospel to children in parks and in the open-air.  We know of 199 children who trusted the Lord last week.  It was really amazing to talk to them and hear of their clear understanding of the message of salvation and their need of a Saviour – clearly a work of God.  It seemed that they were just ready and prepared by Him to take that step and turn to God for forgiveness. I was sitting next to a boy called Timothy and during the lesson he turned to me and said, “Is it true that Jesus loves me?”  I said, “Yes, do you know how you can know?”  And Timothy (who did not speak Romanian very well) replied by stretching out his arms because He died on the Cross.  MTK Balti 1Yes, that is how we know that God is love because He sent Jesus.  Praise God for thousands of children who heard and understood this truth this week.  God blessed in a special way and we praise Him for all that He has done and yet, more than ever, we are aware that there are still so many children who have not heard. There is still much to be done.  Thank you so much for all you do for the ministry among boys and girls of Romania.  Claire Bain. “Dear Samuel, I have attached some “Meet the King” and Wonder Devotional book photos from our recent “Good News Across Moldova” Project in County Balti.  We had 5-Day clubs in 43 places each day.  About 1,500 children were evangelized, 96 were counselled for salvation.  Every child received a “Meet the King” booklet and a Wonder Devotional booklet.  About 20 churches were involved in the project.  We were so encouraged in seeing how God worked during these days and how He will continue to work in the coming days.  Linda Corry.
“Dear friends, My neighbour came over to see me the other week.  To my surprise he wanted to talk about spiritual things.  He has started to read his Bible and was enjoying this very much.  I was thrilled – he went on to tell me that the JWs had been visiting him and that he had gone to a kingdom hall which felt very uncomfortable.  He wanted to know a church that I could recommend.
I pointed him to the local Baptist church and, strangely enough at that very moment, the pastor was driving past and was able to give him a personal welcome.  He asked me what I thought of the JWs.  I popped into the house and returned with one of your booklets, “Does the Teaching of the Jehovah Witnesses Agree with the Holy Bible?”
The following week he popped in to see me again and thanked me for the booklet which had convinced him that they were wrong and that he would not be having them in his home again.  He was very thankful.  I invited him for coffee the next week and we ended our time with prayer.  Please pray for these neighbours.  Blessings on the work.  G. H. England.
“Dear Samuel, We greatly appreciate the thousands of copies of “Creation and Evolution” which you kindly printed and sent to us here in Spain.  Many of these illustrative lessons are now in the hands of teachers (photo above) and various parts of the country.  The latest opportunity that we had for making them available was when 90 teachers of religion met in Madrid for a few days of conference.100_1337(1)
Here in Spain there are teachers trained and recognized by the Government to give evangelical teaching to Primary school children.  The parents have to give their written consent for this.  So most of the 10,000 children who attend these classes come from Protestant or gypsy backgrounds, but some also from Roman Catholic homes or homes where the parents are totally indifferent to spiritual matters.
The conference in Madrid was a good opportunity for our CEF representative in that city, together with several other CEF volunteers, to get them a copy of “Creation and Evolution”.  We are convinced that these lessons will provide a great tool in the hands of the teachers to give the children the truth of a Great God Who is their Creator and Who wants to be their Saviour.  Paul and Audrey Reid.
On average we use five tonnes of paper each working day in the factory and yet we have many more requests for literature which we cannot fulfil. Please pray that the Lord will increase our resources so that we might be enabled to help many others with supplies of Gospel Literature.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams                            Clive Allen