Evangelism and Blessing in Nigeria, Kenya and Mozambique

Bes Kenya

A school classroom in Kenya where the students have been studying the Bible Education Service Lessons which we printed and sent to Pastor Moses. Please see the letter in this report.

“Dear Friend, Month by month we receive reports of how the “Meet the King” booklets, the “Wonder Devotional”  booklets, the Bible Education Service lessons and our sets of children’s Bible Lessons are being a blessing around the world.  In Psalm 78 the Psalmist writes – “for he established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children: that they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.”
What a tremendous privilege it is for us to tell the good news of the Gospel to children. How wonderful that young people can be saved from sin and live lives well pleasing to God. Thank you for partnering with us in the Gospel. Do share this report with a friend as we seek to interest others in this Gospel literature ministry.
On 20th September we sent 30,000 “God Cares About You” Lessons in the Estonia language to CEF. We received the following note on the 27th – Just one hour ago we received the shipment from you! Lessons “God Cares” are so much appreciated, that I can hardly find the words to describe.
We have boxes of letters which are sent by children, young people and during the past year many young people from four youth prisons in Estonia have joined the Club. Lessons God Cares are long-waited and will be very well accepted. Thank you so much for taking time to print for Estonia.  Ulle. CEF Estonia.
On 20th we sent Scripture Calendars and Gospel booklets in the Uzbek, Tajik, Kazak and Turkish language to Bibel Mission. Most of this literature will be shared to immigrants working away from home, where there is more freedom to share the Gospel Message.
On 20th we shipped a container with 400,000 Gospels in the Russian language to friends working in Finland. These will be taken in smaller quantities into Russia.
On 27th we sent a container consisting of 400,000 Gospels of John in the Tagalog language to Sowers of the Word Ministries in the Philippines.


Gospels of John being distributed in Ghana by Jim Gillett – Emmaus Bible Centres

“Dear Samuel, It is with the utmost gratitude and thankfulness of heart that I write to report on the use of the Every Home Crusade Gospels of John, tracts and Gospel booklets through the ministry of Emmaus Bible Centres in Nigeria and Ghana.
The primary use of the Gospel of John in English and in Hausa has been through the Haven of Hope Centre located in Kwang village.  Each visitor who comes, whether for clean water, Biblical literature, education or medical care, receives a Gospel of John in their language – although the majority are given through the Hope Haven hospital.DSC_0725
Each clinic day the patients arrive from villages in the surrounding areas at 9 a.m.  Before the clinic begins the Gospel is presented to the patients, following the presentation of the Good News, the Gospels of John are distributed to each of the patients.  This gives the patient the opportunity to read the Gospel while waiting to see the doctor.
As patients come through the examining room the doctor, either myself or Dr. Arthur, take the opportunity to talk to the patient and share the Gospel one on one.  This method has proven to be an effective way to demonstrate the love of God while preaching the Word of God.  The Lord has blessed this form of outreach and we have seen many profess to put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as a result.  The use of the Gospel of John through the Hope Haven hospital has been a means of reaching and presenting the Gospel to some 4,500 patients who have come through our clinic doors.DSC_0876
In addition to the use and distribution of the Gospels, tracts and booklets through the Haven of Hope Centre, we have distributed in bulk many copies of the Gospel of John to our faithful Emmaus correctors and coordinators for use in their Emmaus Bible Centre ministries throughout Nigeria.  This has enabled many national believers around Nigeria to utilize the Gospel of John in reaching their people in their own towns and villages.  We see this as empowering the nationals to spread the Gospel and we acknowledge the integral part that Every Home Crusade Gospels of John have played in this endeavour.
In Ghana we have experienced the Lord’s blessing in the use of the Gospel of John through our growing network of Emmaus coordinators and correctors.  Our national co-workers in Ghana have found the Gospels of John to be an effective tool in their village evangelism and outreach.  They have found that, because the first course in the Emmaus study system is based on the Gospel of John, that giving a student a copy with their first Emmaus course is an invaluable way to enhance their study – and increase the scope of our outreach to each student.
In short, Every Home Crusade partnership with the ministry of the Emmaus Bible Centres Mission, has proven to be an effective alliance and forward thrust for the work of the Gospel and the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry.  Thank you for your help, equipping and partnering with us, as we seek to bring these much needed Gospels and other literature to the African people – and further our common mission of reaching the lost world with the Good News of Christ and Him crucified.  James W. Gillett.DSC_0446
“Dear Brother, I am a medical practitioner based in Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.  I have been practising medicines since 1995.  I, however, have the desire to retire into full-time missionary work.  I am blessed with a wife who also shares my passion but, in the meantime, we only do our evangelistic work at weekends.  I am the Parish secretary of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and my wife is the immediate past head of the children’s department of the same Parish.
Every Parish of the RCCG has a functional children’s department.  There are not less than 200 Parishes in our state alone.  Each children’s department is divided into strata based on the age.  We would like to receive 1,500 sets of the children’s Bible lessons from you.  We intend to ensure that each set of lessons gets into every class in the Parish.  Aside from our denomination, there are many other churches with well structured children’s programmes.  We intend to also reach them.  Moreover there are lots of Christian schools in this area which will be very glad to receive the literature.  The few copies of the lessons that we did receive have been placed in a few churches and have provoked a very favourable response.  So we are sure the quantity we want will be put to good use. Dr. E. S. Etukakb.


During this month we have just completed the printing of a large number of Bible Education Service lessons for distribution in various countries of Africa and India.  The following is a report that we received recently from Brother Moses Omondi, the leader of the work in Kenya:
A total of 146,652 students are being reached every week with 1,447 of them giving their lives to Christ and 529 lives were rededicated during this past month.  They want to learn how God works and what His Will is for their lives.  It is really encouraging especially when very undisciplined students get saved and then go ahead and preach to their former peer groups and encourage them to receive Christ and change their behaviour.  We give God all the glory for the positive changes that have been taking place among teenagers in the schools which we have been able to reach.  The following are reports from various regions within Kenya:
Siaya region: Through God’s grace we have managed to reach 7 schools and we have received 4 more invitations.  So far we are reaching 2,504 teenagers each week.  One major challenge in the region is that most schools are sponsored by Catholic churches thence it is difficult to enter them for ministry.
Eastern and Coastal regions:  Many schools now in our area have at least 4 born again teachers and are meeting for teacher’s fellowship once every week to pray for their schools.  Friday has been unanimously branded “blessed Friday” and we are all fasting and praying on this day.  We are now reaching 30,499 teenagers weekly in 79 schools.  We are praying especially for the brethren in the UK, including the leaders of Bible Educational Services and Revival Movement Association, for supplying the lessons.
Nairobi region: Many schools have embraced the introduction of lunch or prayer meetings where the students gather in various classrooms and halls to seek the Lord’s face.  We have seen many teachers acknowledging the growth of their teens and showing signs of maturity in the faith.
The schools are appreciative of the BES materials that have been made available to them free of charge.  The students are engaged in Bible study instead of wasting time during their free time outside class.  Many of them have formed small groups to help go through the lesson.  One testimony is from a young teenage boy who went through a series of the BES lessons and was so moved that he went to church and gave his life to Jesus.  Many more schools invited us to involve them in this programme and it is our prayer that we will be able to go to them.  We thank the Lord so much for the authors, publishers and distributors of these lessons and pray that the Lord may expand their borders so that many will come to the knowledge of the Son of God.


The following is a report from Every Home for Christ in Mozambique – Summer Project:
With the target of reaching a maximum of 100,000 homes in Beira and Chimoio and surrounding areas the summer project surpassed our expectations!  For many years our work in Mozambique has been mainly focussed on reaching the remote parts of the country assuming that, since there are many ministries working in the city, therefore the cities might be saturated with the Gospel.  However, this was not true in the case of Chimoio and Manica provinces.  Chimoio has been visited by many evangelists who have conducted many open-air crusades.  Many people have accepted Jesus, but follow-up of these people has been difficult.  So the only way that we can bring the whole of Chimoio to Christ is the home to home evangelism.
People in Mozambique are friendly and will welcome you into their homes during the day.  This has been an effective stepping stone for home to home evangelism and was evident during the summer project.New believers proudly show off their gospel of John at Kukungue recently
Firstly, a team of intercessors prayed for the cities for 7 days.  This prayer was the key to the success of the project.  They left tears of joy on every parents’ cheeks of EHC Mozambique family!  A total of 102,349 responses were received.  These came in the form of face to face response in homes, some through text messages, phone calls and some through e-mails.  One text message read, “I am a 39 year old Moslem man and I would like to know more about ‘ISA’.”  We didn’t know what this meant until we asked a Moslem shop owner who said, “He refers to Jesus.  That is the name us Moslems use.”  After a follow-up call, the man gave his life and household came to Christ and he is excited about discovering new things about Jesus.  However, he still wants to be in secret since he is afraid of being victimized by other Moslems.
A total of 557,098 Gospel tracts were distributed, including Gospels of John.  The following are some testimonies Brother Anacleto has received:
Dear national director, Thank you very much for bringing the evangelistic effort to Beira which my congregation and I took part in.  The Every Home campaign is very effective especially with the support of the Gospel tracts that you made available.  We are always hearing the success stories of Every Home for Christ in the remote areas and we felt that your ministry was only focusing on remote areas yet moral decadency is more evident in the cities where adultery, theft, ritualism and many more satanic acts are very common.  I thank you for remembering the city of Beira.  With the help of your evangelistic tools my church has managed to plant 4 new churches.  This is something which I never dreamt of once.  So, once again, I thank you for giving us a wakeup call in the area of evangelism.  Pastor Benedito
Dear Pastor Anacleto, I have been using the discipleship materials that we get from you printed by Revival Movement Association.  The materials are designed for the Sunday school since they have the pictures and Bible lessons.  Due to the lack of discipleship in our churches we chose to use them even for the adults and found it was good.  The results were just awesome because we discovered that many adults in our churches around the country do not know Bible stories and those materials take them on a chronological Bible journey and help them understand the Bible better.  For example you could have a scenario where an adult does not know the story of Noah and the Ark.  It is a spiritual disgrace for our nation but it is happening in many churches.  My encouragement to you therefore is to encourage all the member churches of Every Home for Christ to do what we did.  They should not limit these materials to Sunday school teaching of children, but to the adult church as well.  Thank you so much in advance… Marcus.
As we receive news telling of  the impact the literature is making we continue to be thrilled by what the Lord is doing. Yet we are constantly challenged to the tremendous needs for the Word of God in so many lands. Please continue to pray for every aspect of the ministry.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen


On the 26th September the Directors and Staff of Revival Movement Assoication had the pleasure of thanking and showing appreciation to Clive Allen and Paul Roberts for over 30 years of faithful service in the ministry.Clive and Paul






Left to Right – Paul and Cecelia Roberts, Sharon and Clive Allen.