145 Tonnes of Gospel Literature sent to many countries this month


Philip Johnston in Bohol, Philippines where they reached children in 13 schools with the Cebuano Gospel of John.  It’s a coastal town, but the remote areas are very mountainous, in 2 areas they had to leave the van and walk a distance to the school.

Dear Friend, Psalm 119, verse 130 tells us – “The entrance of thy words giveth light.”  As we send God’s Word to the different corners of the earth, light is being shone into dark places.  As you will see in this report, we are sending containers of literature to some countries for the very first time.  Let it be for many of these people just what Charles Wesley wrote:-
“Long my imprisoned spirit lay, Fast bound in sin and nature’s night;
Thine eye diffused a quickening ray – I woke, the dungeon flamed with light;
My chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.”
Thank you each one for all your support for the work of Revival Movement Association.  Please share this report with friends in your prayer meeting.
On the 2nd October we shipped a container of literature to Namibia. This is the first time we have ever shipped a container to this country.  The literature in this container is being divided between Child Evangelism Fellowship and Every Home for Christ.  There was a mixture of English, Afrikaans, German, Portuguese and Umbunda literature in this container.
On the 2nd October we shipped 18 tonnes of literature to Diguna in Kenya.  We also included in this container another supply of the correspondence courses for the work of Bible Education Services in Kenya.  In our previous report we gave details concerning the distribution of these lessons in the schools of Kenya.  We also sent supplies of literature, both in English and Swahili, for the work of Diguna and for other ministries in the country.
On the 9th October we sent 20,000 Gospels of John in the German language for distribution in Germany and Switzerland.
On the 9th October we sent 50,000 Gospel leaflets for distribution by friends of Derek French who are working in the North of Spain.
On the 9th October we sent 16,000 Gospels in the Kiwonga language to Midi Bible based in Switzerland.  These Gospels will then be shipped to the Democratic Republic of Congo for distribution among one of the tribes of this country.
On the 10th October we shipped a container to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Zimbabwe.  This container consisted of 240,000 copies of the Wonder Devotional books in Nos. 4, 5, 6 and also 300,000 copies of “Meet the King” booklets for outreach work among the boys and girls of this very needy land.
On the 11th October we shipped a container with 20 tonnes of literature to our depot in Brazil.  They continue to receive many requests for the literature from all across this country.
On the 16th October we shipped an 18 tonne container load of literature to Mr Kelvin Samwata for his ministry in Zambia.  We also included in this container Bible Education Services correspondence courses and a consignment of literature for CEF.  We also included 100,000 Gospels of John in the Lunda language to be shared among several missionaries who have been requesting these Gospels.
On the 24th October we shipped a container consisting of 300,000 Gospels of John and 200,000 copies of “Meet the King” to Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Philippines.  They are very keen to distribute a portion of God’s Word to many of the young people in the Philippines.
On the 31st October we shipped 8 pallets of literature to Bible Mission.  This is the last consignment for the One-2-Ten Project.  Included in this supply was literature in the Ukrainian, Moldovan, German and Turkish languages.
On the 31st October we shipped 29,000 books, 50,000 “Meet the King”, 40,000 tracts – all in the Hungarian language to Child Evangelism Fellowship.  As the Hungarian language is spoken in different countries this literature will be shared into the Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Hungary.
On the 31st October we sent a pallet with a large selection of Gospels of John in different languages and 50,000 Gospel tracts to Petar Kesejevic for his ministry in Norway.

Please pray for our team who look after our depot in Nigeria.  We received the following short e-mail:- “Dear Sir, We are making a visit to the Conference conducted by Brother Gbile Aknia at Gboko to attend one of their pastors Conferences.  The advanced team left Lagos early in the morning with a large supply of literature for distribution at the Conference.  They were stopped at what they thought was a police checkpoint, but they were attacked by armed robbers and all of their money and mobile phones were stolen.  They of course had no interest in taking the Gospel literature.  We are now at the Conference and preparing to distribute the literature.  Pastor Yemi.
NORWAY – “Dear Samuel, I have just looked into all of your literature.  I must say that I am deeply moved by the spirit of revival and repentance that so clearly shines through all of your literature.  I was especially touched by the leaflet of the 1859 Revival in Ireland.  How we must long and pray for something like that to be bestowed upon us again.  I must say that all of the J.C. Ryle tracts are the best I have ever seen.  I do not know how much material you are able to send me, but I would be very happy if you can send me a full pallet with a selection of Gospels of John in many European languages and English tracts.
The literature will be distributed by mostly myself single-handed here in Norway and on my open-air preaching trips around the world.  There is not much support given in Norway for open-air evangelistic preaching and tract distribution.  So I would greatly appreciate your help in support of this literature. Petar Kesejevic.
BRAZIL – Hello, my name is Nilson Ribeiro Lozano. I’m 30 years old and I have a twin brother named Paulo. We were separated from each other when we were just kids. We were both raised by different adoptive families. I always felt glad for the family I had. I used to be a hard worker, but at the age of 22 I got myself involved with alcohol. That kept me in darkness for about 3 years and caused my whole family (especially my mother) to suffer so much. Since I couldn’t bear seeing her suffer like that I decided to leave home. It was then that I got into crack cocaine and that was just devastating for the course of my life.
I have been in prison for over two years now and I haven’t seen my mother at all during this whole period of time. She’s been suffering with arthritis and I always insisted that she wouldn’t come here because I don’t want her to see me detained. I would certainly feel very humiliated if she comes and sees me in prison. I miss my mother very much and I got to tell you that all this loneliness is consuming me little by little. I attend the inmate’s daily prayer here at the Marília Penitentiary. On one of these days some guy gave me an Interlink leaflet called “How to Know God”. I have been reading and keeping this tract for about 6 months! I was raised Roman Catholic but my prayers are always directed to God through His Son Jesus Christ.pic_prfernando03

I feel I need to open myself with someone but I’m very poor and needy and it is hard to get even a piece of paper to write down a letter here in my cell (it was difficult to get these little paper sheets with which I write you!). I’d like to kindly receive all leaflets from Interlink Missionary Agency. I do hope to find happiness in my life some day and to be close to my family again. Maybe you can help me…


We have been supplying Gospels of John in the Tagalog language for the OM ship, Logos Hope ministry.  The following is a report concerning the distribution of the Gospels:
As the book ship remains in Subic Bay for vessel upgrades local Pastor Tony Paras invited crew members to visit women in Olongapo District jail to help to lead Sunday Bible studies.  Through these weekly events the ships crew members built friendships with inmates who openly shared their struggles with them. Many inmates accepted God’s unconditional love and committed their lives to follow Jesus.
Warden Emily Bueno stated, “These meetings have quickly become the most well attended meetings in this prison.  We are so blessed to have the local pastor and crew members coming here to share about God’s love.  A few months of discipleship resulted in a baptismal service where 46 inmates were baptized by Pastor Tony.  The fruit of the discipleship was evident for which we all give thanks to God.”  During that time crew members distributed Bibles in English and Tagalog as well as Gospels of John.  “Once my eyes were closed but now I see,” exclaimed one of the 46 inmates at Olongapo District jail who found freedom in Christ Jesus.


Hi Samuel, Thank you so much for the great supply of CEF material you sent to us in Barbados. I have already given some to two of our volunteers, James and Pam, who are helping teach Good News Clubs and who also have a separate ministry in schools. They usually speak during assembly in the morning and the big visuals will be so useful, plus the tracts and the other materials. We are teaching “First Christians and Paul” in our Good News Clubs this school term, so the material arrived at just the right time.StLuciaCEF
The Wonder Devotional booklets are greatly needed to encourage the children to have a daily devotional time. I gave them out last week in my Friday Good News Club and the children were very excited to get them. We are involved in the 62 summer camps the Barbados Government holds in the schools during vacation time for 6 weeks. This year we reached 9,000 children of which approximately 3000 prayed to receive Christ. However we did not have any follow up material except a few tracts to give them. So I am so glad to receive the tracts, Meet The King Leaflets, Gospels of John, and the Wonder Devotional booklets. I just can’t thank Revival Movement Association enough for your very generous gift to the work of CEF in Barbados. Diana Bentley.
“Dear Mr. Adams, We are so grateful for sending the material to our country of Grenada. This has given us an opportunity to get into one school that CEF has never been in before. The Principal has allowed ‘The Meet the King’ to be distributed to his entire school body of 550.576488_10151271469788665_242142708_n
We were also able to share the Devotional books in our Good News Clubs reaching 307 children. Since CEF is new here on the Island, our plan for the “teacher sets” is to distribute some of these to Pastors as we introduce CEF to them. Paul & Sandy Rog.
“Dear Friends, We are very grateful to have received the literature in St. Lucia. We are eternally grateful. We recently had our Good News Club workshop, and the packages were part of the curriculum, everyone was able to get their own package. We have also been able to share this literature with some of the Churches in St. Lucia with people who have been trained. The general cry here is that there are no materials that are available to teach the children the word of God, never mind such beautifully illustrated visuals. The Wonder Devotionals are also very welcome by the Good News Club teachers. Thank you so much. This seed will definitely go a long way in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children throughout St. Lucia. Yana Sydney.Guyana1
“Dear Friends, We are so very appreciative in St. Kitts and Nevis for the literature. Next week we  start an island wide Meet the King distribution to every child in all the primary schools in St. Kitts and Nevis. We will be teaching a CEF lesson in the assemblies, and distributing the booklets to every child. Just next week 600 children will be reached with this effort. Additionally, the tracts and Gospel of Johns have been tremendously helpful, and we have been intentionally distributing them, even giving children two, one to have and one to use to witness to a friend. As people are aware that we have them to give away, people have been asking for more!
CEF of St. Kitts and Nevis is very grateful for the partnership in the Gospel, and our intention is to reach every child in the Federation for His glory and to see the Great Commission fulfilled. Sean Miller.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen