Literature for 3,000,000 young people in the Philippines

Punjano conference

Jim Tanner speaking at a Bible Teaching conference in Papau New Guinea

Dear Friend, As we approach the Christmas Season we are filled with awe at the truth of the Scripture which states:  “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.” (2 Corinthians 8: 9)
The carol tells us:
“With the poor, and mean, and lowly,
Lived on earth our Saviour holy.”
Our hope and desire is that, as the literature is distributed across the world and special times of seasonal evangelism take place, people will come to experience the unsearchable riches of Christ.
We wish you, our friends and supporters, a blessed Christmas and New Year – and thank you for standing with us in the year that is past.

SAM_5006“In the picture is Pastor Edu Tamayo a Filipino missionary and our vice president at Cambodia Baptist Bible College here in Cambodia with Cambodian missionary Pastor Matthew Phon Pen  and a Cambodian pastor, who have received the Bible Lessons Firm Foundations – these are being used to help with teaching in the Bible College”…

On 8th of November we shipped a container to Sowers of the Word Ministry in the Philippines.  In this container we included 1.5 million Gospel tracts in the Tagalog and English languages.
On 14th of November we shipped an 18 tonne container load of literature to CEF in the Philippines.  This container consisted of about 400,000 copies of “Every Day with God” in the Tagalog language for the special project that we are involved in with these friends at the moment.  Please see the letter in this report.
On 22nd of November we shipped an 18 tonne container load of literature to Challenge Enterprises in Ghana.  These friends have an extensive ministry all across the country.  We also sent supplies of literature to Bible Educational Services and to CEF in this container.
On 28th of November we shipped a container to Mr Jim Tanner in Papua New Guinea.  This container consisted of 2,000 sets of our children’s Bible lessons and 20,000 books consisting of teaching material from the Epistles in Pigeon English.  Please see the letter in this report from Jim Tanner.
On 29th of November we sent a container to CEF in Brazil.  This consignment of literature consisted of 200,000 copies of the Wonder Devotional books, 200,000 copies of “Meet the King” and 100,000 copies of “Do you Wonder why?” all in the Portuguese language. We also included a supply of tracts and Gospels of John for distribution through our depot.
At present we are involved in a huge project for Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Philippines.  This involves supplying them with 1.3 million Gospels of John, 1.3 million “Meet the King” booklets and 1.3 million “Every Day with God” booklets (daily devotional booklet for 2 months).  These are to be printed in the Tagalog and Cebuano languages.  The following is a letter from CEF Philippines.


100_2321“Dear Brother Samuel, Pastor Joel, the leader of our work, sends his sincere appreciation for the special privilege that you have afforded CEF Philippines with this huge project.  We are truly grateful for your wonderful partnership.  Here in our country opportunities are wide open to bring the Gospel to the children.  We have 34 million children, half of them in the schools.  There are 42,000 elementary schools in the country with an enrolment of 17 million children.  This still leaves 17 million children with no education.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
For several years we have now been doing evangelistic campaigns in the public schools after Pastor Joel sought an audience with the Secretary of Education some years ago. (see photos) We use the Wordless book for this after which we distribute any literature which we have available.  So these materials from Revival Movement are God’s timely provision.
Our evangelism goal for the next year is to reach 3 million children with the Good News of the Gospel.  We have over 50 areas with 150 full-time workers and around 8,000 volunteers helping us. With God’s help we will reach this goal.  The Gospel of John and “Meet the King” will be distributed to the children through these evangelistic campaigns.  As opportunities allow, we follow through this evangelistic campaign with “The Elementary School Values Education” which are weekly discipleship classes for school children. The “Every Day with God” devotional booklets will be distributed through these classes being held in public schools in many parts of the country.  Truly we see God’s Hand in this exciting partnership.  Thank you very much.  Yours gratefully in Christ, Joy Sidro100_2311
The following letters have been sent by Every Home for Christ in South Africa:
“Dear friends, When I was hospitalized in July this year I received a visit from two people who were part of a team from a local church in the area.  I believe that this visit came just at the right time for me because I was in need of prayer and moral support as I was facing a serious operation.  I was given a Gospel of John booklet that I was allowed to keep and read in my own time.  I found much consolation in the chapters.  I want to share with you that I have committed my life afresh to the God of the universe.  The operation was successful and I was released from hospital 6 days later.  Thank you for your prayers for me.  I will be forever grateful.  Patrick S. F. South Africa
During October we printed and sent to Switzerland 16,000 copies of the Gospel of John in Kiwongo for distribution in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Liliane and Daniel are on a mission trip in the Province of Bandunndu Democratic Republic of Congo with a group of Swiss pastors and they have just sent the following news –
In the afternoon they had Conferences and Daniel was able to speak. There was a great interest among the people to the preaching of the Word of God.  On Sunday Daniel preached during the service in Balaka and Gene – Prairie Besse preached in Kipuku during the worship service from 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Then they were able to distribute the Gospel of John translated into Kiwongo.  People were queuing to receive the Gospel of John in their language.  Absolutely wonderful to see the joy!  The Gospels were distributed in a couple of minutes and the supply that we brought with us has been exhausted.  There is so much demand.  They have a real thirst for the Word of God. The remainder of the Gospels will be shipped in a Container to Congo… Philippe .. Midi Bible.
“Dear Samuel, During the past week we have been conducting John’s Journey Training programme to 100 pastors in Lesotho.  We have supplied them with 50,000 Gospels of John so that, during the next year, they will use these Gospels to visit every home in the region – and our plan is that each of these pastors will plant a house church.  Some of these Gospels of John will be going to Mogothlong mountains, where there are still many unreached peoples.  Thanking you for making this possible.  Dr. Louis Blom, Judea Harvest.DIGITAL CAMERA
“Dear friends, To God be all the praise and glory!  Our container of “Meet the King” booklets arrived on Monday the 26th of November in Windhoek.  CEF of Namibia are overwhelmed with this huge blessing and with it the realization of responsibility to get it into the hands of every school going child.  Please pray with us for the permanent secretary of the Department of Basic Education.  We requested permission that we could distribute the “Meet the King” booklets in the public schools throughout Namibia.  There are approximately 426,000 children enrolled in public schools.  A private Christian radio confirmed their partnership in the distribution and promotion of the project and we plan to have a mass distribution from the 28th of January to the 28th of February, 2013.  Please pray for all the logistics and that God’s blessing and favour will be on this “bigger than man” project.  May God receive all the glory.  Henk Dauth.
“Hello, my name is Jon–Jon and I am the Day Centre Manager of a drop-in centre for rough sleepers and people in need in London, Westminister, at an organisation called the London Jesus Centre.  I placed an order for some of your free literature in the languages of the largest ethnic groups that we serve at our centre as many of our visitors express an interest in the Christian faith, but struggle to communicate in English.  We see around 65 people a day who come for food, showers, friendship and prayer.  I found out about your website from one of our volunteers…
“Dear Sir/Madam, I have been saved through the kind distribution of a Gospel tract at a shopping mall. I am so happy and relieved of anxiety and depression. Now my desire is give out these Gospel tracts to my colleagues in my college. I distribute some in the parks and shopping centres so that others can be saved. Please send me more… H. B.  London.
“Dear Samuel and staff, Our trip to Muluma for a pastors’ seminar was one of those incredible chapters in our lives!  God had prepared the hearts of the 50 pastors and their wives and they were so eager and hungry to hear the Word.  They were thrilled to have us with them and even built a new hut for us to stay in.  They prepared all of our meals for us too.  They hadn’t been around many white folks and we often drew crowds – especially with the children when I removed my false teeth to brush them! We were able to introduce the Bible lesson book which you printed for us last year and teach them the first 27 lessons.  Later, during a discussion time, we were in awe of what God had taught them.  We were also more than a little surprised at how mixed up they had been.  One elderly man said, “We have believed in the Trinity since we first heard about God and we have held Him in our right hands, but we have also been holding onto strong things from our ancestors in our left hands.  Now we know that those things are powerless compared to God and we should let them go!”group shot
We also attended recently a Bible Conference which was held in the remote village of Punjano.  (Above) The people there are very poor, but they had gathered $2,000 to pay for a helicopter to bring the speakers in for the 5 days.  They sat in rapt attention to the teaching, eager to know what God said and wanting to obey Him.  At times, as the truth of God’s Word was spoken or read, they would break out in applause.  Some of these people walked 3 days over rough trails to attend.  One session taught by a very gifted national speaker named Itebe brought many of us to tears.  He was speaking about the rejection Christ endured to make a way for us to be saved.  Who would have thought that at this stage of my life I would be blessed with such rich ministry.  Please thank all the staff there for all of their work in printing the books.  We sure appreciate all you have done and we look forward to receiving the next 20,000 books.  In His Grace, Jim Tanner.
We are using 5 Tonnes of paper every working day in the production of the Gospel literature. This alone costs £3,500.00 each day plus all the other expenses. Please pray that the Lord will bless our supporters and that many new friends will be burdened for the ministry.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen