1385 Tonnes of Paper used in the production of over 78 Million pieces of Gospel Literature


Over 100 evangelists and volunteers at the beginning of a door to door campaign in India

Dear Friend,  As we look back over the past year we use the words of 1 Corinthians 1 : 9 “God is faithful”. It is very hard to describe the immense power and faithfulness of our Great and Almighty God and so we we take the last words from this chapter “He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord”. We thank the Lord for His provision, His Blessing on the ministry, and His speaking voice to many individual boys and girls, men and women who have received a piece of Gospel literature.
Now we face the challenge of seeking to supply Evangelistic literature to thousands of Christian workers. Already we have many requests for literature waiting, Evangelists waiting, and precious souls waiting in darkness for the Glorious Light of the Gospel. We want to thank all our friends for their prayers and support and we ask that you will continue to join us in fulfilling the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.IMG_0122
On 13th December we shipped a Container to CEF in the Philippines with a further 350,000 Gospels of John in the Tagalog language. This completes their request for 1 Million Gospels of John in Tagalog for their outreach work to the boys and girls in the Philippines. The aim of Child Evangelism Fellowship in the Philippines is to reach over 3 Million children with the message of Salvation during 2013.
On 20th December we sent 10,000 sets of the Correspondence course “God cares for You” in the Ukrainian language to CEF in Ukraine. Each of these sets of lessons consist of 10 individual lessons.
On 20th December we sent 10,000 copies of “Meet the King” booklet and 1,000 sets of the “God Cares for You” lessons  in the Macedonian language for the work of CEF in Macedonia.
On 20th December we sent 45,000 copies of “Meet the King” booklet in the Albanian language to be divided between Kosovo and Albania. These will be used to reach the children of these countries through the work of CEF.
On 20th December we shipped another container of literature to our depot in Brazil. This container consisted of about 4 Million Gospel tracts, 200,000 Gospels of John and many Scripture booklets. Please continue to pray for the team in Brazil.



During the past year we have worked closely with Bible Mission in the printing of the Scripture Calendars, Gospels, Gospel booklets and literature for children all to be distributed during the Christmas and New Year period. This project entitled 1 to 10 will take place in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Urkaine and Moldova, when over 50,000 Christians will each distribute 10 packs of literature.  The Russian Orthodox Christmas is on 7th January, so please pray as a total of 75 Tonnes of literature will be distributed over these few days. The following is a testimony showing the impact of the literature in previous years. As in the past years we again participated in Project 1:10. We would like to share our experiences with you. This is just one example of the many beautiful developments which this project has triggered in the families of our region: Alexander Soldatenko was a very eager Christian. He did much for the Lord and testified of Him in front of all the inhabitants of the village. But he fell into sin and went back into the world. Alcohol kept him in bondage, but the church kept him in prayer continuously. One brother from our church, Roman R., didn’t let go of him at all. He kept in touch with him, visited him, helped him in questions of everyday life, reminded him of Jesus, and invited him repeatedly to Sunday service.
At Christmas, Roman gave Alexander  a literature gift set with calendar. The days passed. On the outside, nothing seemed to change; only the words on the wall worked their way into Alexander’s heart. The red marked days – the Sundays – reminded him four times a month that it was time to go to church. Additionally, there were the jolting by loving visits from brothers and sisters at the church which told Alexander about what was happening there: who had preached and what blessings they had experienced. His mind was always going with them, but his body stayed still in the desolate and bottle-blotched lodging. On one side were loving and forgiving brothers – on the other one a pile of problems and acute remorse. The calendar sheets fell and Alexander felt the Lord’s call more and more distinctly in his heart. Sometimes he thought about just ripping the calendar off the wall and letting it vanish in the trash can, yet he somehow needed it…IMG_8237
One day he took a decision: He wanted to just go to church to see what was going on in there. He stayed for an hour and helped at building a new prayer house. It was still too embarrassing to stay there until the service was over, but now he could at least look at the calendar on his wall much easier. Sometimes he even prayed when turning to the next page. One day the day would come… And it came. Alexander came to service and called upon the forgiveness of our Redeemer. He continued visiting the services, read the bible, and looked up the quotes from the calendar in the Scriptures. When the brothers came with the 1:10 sets for 2012, he willingly took 10 of them and told the Good News first hand. He explained to the people how the Lord had forgiven his sins and had freed him from his sinful habits. A little later he was given a workplace and told his boss about Jesus. He listened to him carefully and asked many questions. Sergej Stefanenko, soon took part in the course “The search of God”. We thank all the workers of Bible Mission in Minsk  for their willing hearts  to make sacrifices and their loving attitude to the Belarus people. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you all.


“Dear Brother Adams,  We would like to express our deep gratitude for supplying all the needed tracts for the Vishakha City saturation programme.  We commenced this saturation programme on the 17th of September and concluded on the 17th of November.   During these 60 days the entire city was covered with the Gospel when 580,077 homes were reached and, as a result of that, 166 people have responded to the Gospel.  A thorough and in-depth follow-up work is being carried on.  Already 10,010 Bible lessons have been presented to the new sheiks. At the beginning we thought this would taken 100 days to reach every home with 100 missionaries.  But, when we commence the programme, local volunteers joined with our missionaries.  Hundreds of volunteers came every day and, by the time we finished, nearly 2,570 volunteers had participated in this mission and completed the task very successfully.  VISHAKHA CITY SATURATION PHOTOS0090We had appointed a steering committee with 75 locals and then the entire city was divided into some zones with each zone kept under the supervision of a zone co-ordinator.  Many also took care of the accommodation of all the 100 missionaries for 60 days which included all of their meals as well as helping the volunteers. Most volunteers are college graduates, postgraduates, teachers, engineers, pastors and church leaders and house wives.  They have taught us so much in climbing lakes and crossing the small narrow bridges in VISHAKHA CITY SATURATION PHOTOS0099different localities.  Men walking miles together every day in reaching the homes.  Their labour has been highly regarded and is appreciated and recognized by the local churches.  In one place a missionary Naiana Rao was distributing the Gospel tracts in a lane when a Rss (Hindu leader) came and he took the tract.  He said that all gods are one.  But our missionary shared the Gospel with him for 15 minutes.  His hardened heart changed and he accepted Christ.  He understood what Jesus had done for him.  He also understood the Death of Christ and he asked us to pray for him.
Thank you once again for all the whole co-operation that we have been receiving from you over all these years and partnering with the ministry of Every Home Crusade. M.M. Prasad.


“Dear Brother Adams, We want to share with you what God is doing through the literature we received from Revival Movement Association.  Every day there are brothers and sisters who come to take some tracts and booklets to preach the Gospel and they are so thankful that they can get them.  We always hear how people are coming to know God through the literature and giving their lives to Jesus Christ.  Churches are growing and there are lots of different groups who are using the sets of Bible lessons to teach the children, young people and adults.  It is a real blessing for them. (Please see the photos of literature distribution in Venezuela).DSC05013
In the state of Merida there is a jail where some Christians are taking the Gospels of John and preaching every week for a couple of months.  (Now they have five different churches in the jail with 200 Christian prisoners who are studying God’s Word.)
Here in Caracas in the children’s hospital there has been an evangelistic activity using the Gospels of John where some Christians went and visited, bed by bed, preaching God’s love.  Lots of patients and parents have received God’s Word and some of them have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Also they had a meeting in a big room of the hospital with patients and families, students, doctors, employees etc., where they shared the Gospel with them.  Now they have begun a Bible study with around 20 people who every week come together to hear about Jesus and are learning more of God’s Word.DSC01715
Tomorrow Douglas is travelling again with a supply of literature to two different states to have meetings with about 20 churches to encourage them to evangelize and distribute the literature explaining how to use it.  Next week he hopes to go to another place so we ask you to keep praying for him that God will give him his strength and protection … Swannie and Douglas Pacheco.
During January we are hoping to be able to ship container loads of literature to Nigeria, Philippines, India and Hong Kong. Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide all the large financial needs of the ministry and that new supporters will be introduced to the work.

Yours for a Great Revival,
Samuel Adams              Clive Allen