Two Machines – each producing 60,000 booklets per day


One of the two Saddle stitchers each of which produce on average 60,000 Gospels of John and other Gospel booklets each day in the factory.

“Dear Friend,  One of the best known verses in the New Testament is found in Matthew 11: 28 where Jesus says: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” This verse is deeply comforting and instructive.  It describes the case of millions in every part of the world.  Where are the labouring and heavy laden?  They are everywhere.  They are to be found in every climate and in every country under the sun.  What does Jesus call them to do? “Come unto me, …”
It is our privilege, along with you, to proclaim the Gospel to the heavy laden.  Please pray with us that in these days many will find rest for their souls in our Lord Jesus Christ.
On 6th of February we shipped a container to the Philippines.  This container consisted of 300,000 Cebuano “Every Day with God” booklets and 300,000 Tagalog “Meet the King” booklets for Child Evangelism Fellowship.
On 11th of February we shipped a container to our friends in Every Home for Christ in Mexico.  This consignment consisted of over 2 million Gospel tracts, 150,00 Gospels of John and we also included 8,000 flashcard Bible lessons.
On 21st of February we sent 4 pallets of literature to Child Evangelism Fellowship in Finland.  This consisted of 100,000 “Meet the King” booklets and 100,000 “God Cares for You” Bible lessons.
On 21st of February we sent to CEF in Slovakia 10,000 “God Cares for You” lessons.
On 21st of February we sent to Every Home for Christ in Slovakia 100,000 Gospel leaflets for their door to door distribution campaign.
On 21st of February we sent 100,000 Gospel leaflets to Brother Drago who is the leader of Every Home for Christ in Slovenia.
On 22nd of February we shipped a container to Kenya.  In this container we had a large supply of Bible Educational Service lessons for their work and we also sent a supply of literature for Rodney Davison and for the work of Diguna.  This mostly was Gospels of John, Scripture booklets and children’s Bible lessons.


The Life of Christ Gospel Film being shown at an outreach in Kangui village in Kenya.

“Dear Samuel and the team, Thank you for sending us the 71 boxes of Gospel literature, earlier this year! It has been a great help to many in the Ukambani area of Eastern Kenya. Not only has this literature been given out to children at many schools and also at outreaches in many villages but it has also reached 1,000’s of people via a group of evangelical church pastors.

OWe armed these pastors with quantities of the various literature you sent, especially the Gospels of John and they each agreed to take this literature to at least three New Churches in their  area. Most of the members of these churches don’t have a bible and do not hear the gospel clearly preached. I estimate that over 6,000 people received Gospels of John through this single effort.
I understand that you plan to send another container to Kenya, can you please, please send us as much of the same Gospel literature as you can? The Gospels of John and also the Scripture booklet in Kamba ‘The way of Salvation’ are especially good. We are very grateful for the literature you have sent us and we pray that God will bless it to the salvation of the many souls who have received it. Rodney Davidson, Field Leader with FAME.


Rodney distributing Gospels of John to some Pastors in Kenya.

“Dear Friends, Greetings from us from Bunia in Congo.  Last year we were blessed by the different booklets which you sent in a container.  We are now beginning to look forward to be prepared for the New Year because we are also planning to have a 6 month outreach in Kisangani with a small team later this year.  We, as a family, with a small team are based in Bunia next to the Headquarters of the CECA 20 denomination.  Last year we celebrated 100 years mission work in Congo and it was really a blessing to remember what God has done during the last 100 years and also looking forward to be part of God’s Kingdom.
You have helped us so much with the great number of booklets and it is really a blessing to hand over to people tracts, Gospels and hymnbooks because, especially here in Congo where many areas have been affected by the different wars, there is not much literature left from former times.

OWe would like to have a supply of Gospels of John in the Lingala, French, Congo-Swahili, Lugbara, Alur, Madi, Zande, Luganda; “Pardon for Sin and Assurance of Peace with God” booklets in Lingala; Scripture booklets “The Way of Salvation” in Lingala, French, Congo-Swahili; and sets of children’s Bible lessons in Lingala and French; and a further supply of the Hymn books which you have previously printed for us.  We shall look forward to hearing from you.  Your sincerely,  Wilfried… Diguna.
Testimonies from “Every Home for Christ”  in South Africa:
“I have attended a church service in Springs during December last year and was introduced to one of your ministry Bible booklets called ‘The Gospel of John – Seven Steps to Knowing God’.  I found the seven steps study very helpful and have decided to share the lesson with my two younger children whom I see every second weekend when they come to visit me.  They responded very positively for which I am so grateful.  If you have any other literature or studies available, can I please place an order with you?  God bless you for enriching the lives of so many people.” Jbwilsenach
“I was given a ‘Gospel of John – Seven Steps to Knowing God’ booklet when I dropped into Lesotho for the Christmas holidays to visit my family.  I had a couple of hours (while I was in the taxi) to read through the booklet and I thought it would be appropriate to write to you and express my sincere appreciation for what you are making available to the world.  What I appreciate most was that the booklet was written in Sesotho which is my home language.  This made it possible for me to give the Gospel booklet to my elderly mother who was able to read it and understand it as it is written in the only language that she understands.  I praise God for the work that you do.”  C.Z. Chakela.

Daniel with some of the volunteers filling our depot in brazil after another container has arrived.

DSC00053sTestimonies  from “Bible Educational Service”  in Romania:
Ancuta aged 20:  “I am so happy I found out about you and I could start attending these courses.  I do know some things from the Bible but, since I started to study the Bible Time courses, my knowledge about the Word of God is much deeper.  I love spending my time doing things that add value to my soul and, from this perspective, these courses are worth every minute spent working on them.”
Darrell aged 42, a prisoner:  “My friend and I are prisoners who became Christians.  Life in prison is difficult.  We have felt lonely, rejected, forgotten and we feel sorry for our situation.  But through your courses you have passed onto us we are learning about the grace that God has given and the hope that comes from it.  Our lives are refreshed every time we receive the courses and take the time to study and to answer the questions.  We feel that our lives are protected and guided by God.  We feel that a new life is taking the place of the old one.  Both of us start to pray for the work you are doing and for the envelopes with the courses to get to us.”
Lucian, aged 44, a prisoner: “I know some things from the Bible, but I just realized I should ‘seek the Lord while He may be found’ instead of waiting the moment just before my death to make peace with Him.  I know Christ is alive and He will come back soon to take His own with Him.  I would like to attend your courses because I want to learn a lot more about Him from the Word of God.”
Adrianna, mother of two children: “Thank you for sharing with us these courses and for teaching my children beautiful things about God and His wonderful work.  My children are captivated with the stories, love to answer the questions and to colour the image and are always very eager to receive the next course.”
Magda aged 14: “I don’t know how these courses came into our village, but I am very thankful they did.  With their help I increased my knowledge about God and His Son, the Lord Jesus.  A few months ago I asked you to send courses to some of my friends and I am very pleased to see they are beneficial for them as they are for myself.”

13181_128938873946359_745961254_nTestimonies from “India Bible Literature”:
Kumari is 43 years old. She is a Hindu and worships idol gods and goddesses.  She was suffering from hernia for a very long time. To gain good health she was sacrificing goats and chicken to Goddess Kali Devi but it was in vain.
Kumari read the John’s Gospel that was distributed by School of Evangelism student Madhu and came to know that Jesus Christ has been healing many people  such as leprosy,  the blind and brought back the dead to life without any price or sacrifice of animals.  She came to Madhu and requested him  to pray for her good health. Madhu and the other students prayed for her and continued to pray for three weeks.  Kumari  miraculously received healing from God.  She now realized that Jesus is the true God who is able to do everything without fail.  Her whole family has come to Christ and accepted Him as their Lord and Saviour.531658_128940240612889_1685210661_n
Sarala Kumari is 39 years old. Though she was born in a Christian family she was forcefully married to a Hindu man. Her husband and his family threatened to divorce her if she did not follow the Hindu traditions.  So she started to worship idols but had no peace in her life.  Her son became sick with an strange disease.  They went to several doctors for treatment but in vain.  They also sought help from a sorcerer to heal their son but that too failed.  Finally they brought their son to Prabin for prayer.  The School of Evangelism student Prabinson asked them to leave behind all the hateful things they were practicing and to come to the feet of Jesus with a pure heart.  He asked Sarala Kumari and her husband to surrender their lives before  Jesus and believe in Him to receive healing for their son.  He said that Jesus can cure any disease.  Prabin then prayed for the boy and God wonderfully healed him.  Sarala Kumari and her entire family accepted Jesus as their Saviour.SOE Student distributing John's Gospel in Jhansi, UP - ph 2
Mr. Amulya Kosta is 52 years old. He belongs to Gadadhanua area.  He was involved in various sinful activities such as drinking, smoking, gambling and adultery.  He was so abusive that everyone hated him.  Prabinson handed him a Gospel of John while going house to house. Amulya read the Gospel and understood the scriptures.  He left all  his bad habits. He started to believe and accept Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.  Now there is a complete change in his family and personal life style.
During March we are expecting to take delivery of 150 Tonnes of paper in order to keep all the printing presses busy. This will cost over £100,000.00. Please continue to pray for all the financial commitments of the ministry.

Yours for a Great Revival,

Samuel Adams              Clive Allen