We distribute the Literature free of charge to Churches, Missions, Pastors and Evangelists in 170 Countries. Last year we used 1336 Tonnes of paper in the production of Gospel Literature.

The Challenge that we face is the huge number of requests that we are receiving from all over the world from many churches, missions and Christian workers asking us for large supplies of Evangelistic Literature. Often we have to tell these friends that they will have to wait several months before we can fulfill their request and often we can only supply them with a portion of the Gospel Literature that they can use.

In order to try and fulfil the many requests which we receive we have our own Gospel Literature Factory in Co. Down, Northern Ireland where we have all of our printing equipment for the production of the Literature. Each working day we use an average of 5 Tonnes of Paper. We have 3 large printing presses. One of these machines is a Web Leader Printing Press – most of the Gospels of John are printed on this press. We also have a Heidelberg 5 Colour Press for the production of the high quality colour literature such as the Children’s Bible Lessons. The most recent press we use is a Muller Concepta Web Printing Press where all of our Gospel Tracts, Scripture Booklets and many other Gospel Booklets are printed. This machine has greatly improved the quantity and quality of the literature produced.


We have 5 Folding Machines of various sizes which help in the folding of the Gospel Tracts, Leaflets and in the production of hundreds of thousands of Scripture and Gospel Booklets. We operate two Muller Saddle Stitchers which helps us in the production of the Gospels of John and other booklets. Most days these machines produce 60,000 booklets in a large number of languages.

For some of the larger missions who have very large requests we ship a whole container of Literature – then for others we ship a Container to a country where the whole consignment is divided among many churches and organisations who have requested smaller quantities of Literature. When the Gospel tracts and booklets are completed we have a dispatch department where many of the smaller requests are packed into parcels and posted all over the world.

Frequently we ship 20ft Container loads of Literature to various countries. We can pack approximately 18 – 20 Tonnes of Literature into each of these containers. We have a staff of 28 full and part time workers. Some of our staff are retired people who work as volunteers. There is much work operating all the machines, packing the literature, filling the containers, and answering letters from supporters of the ministry.

Office Staff

Samuel & Carol Adams, Isobel Metcalfe, Heather Mercer and Timothy Millen.

We send follow up literature to those who write to us wanting to know the way of Salvation or to those who have recently trusted Jesus Christ to be their Saviour.


You can help us by praying for our staff as they seek to keep all of the machinery in our factory operating. Please Pray that as supplies of literature are sent out by post and shipment that they will arrive quickly. Pray that all the literature will be used effectively for the Salvation of precious souls.

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