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Transforming Lives Through Gospel Literature


Revival Movement Association - Who we are:

We equip churches and mission agencies worldwide by printing and shipping Gospel literature free of charge.

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Equipping Others

We equip churches and mission agencies with free Gospel literature. So they can be effective in reaching their communities.

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Transforming Lives

Through Gospel literature distribution people hear the Gospel for the first time and lives are changed.

Investing In Eternity

Our ministry partners do more than give to the printing of literature. They are investing in the lives of millions of people around the world.


Why Literature?

After nearly two thousand years of evangelism, over 50% of the world's population has never heard the Gospel.  A key to many countries, languages and people groups is still the printed page. There is nothing that produces greater results, especially regarding time and money expended, as Gospel literature.

Consider the power of the printed page. It never flinches, it never grows tired, never grows disheartened; it works while we sleep; it travels cheaply and requires no building; The printed page is a visitor which gets inside the home and stays there; The printed page is deathless: you can destroy one, but the press can reproduce millions. It can enter doors locked to the evangelist; it preaches in the factory, the train, the kitchen; it visits the school and the jail. 

The most efficient and cost-effective way to reach the most people in the shortest period of time is with the printed page.


For over 70 years Revival Movement Association has built up a reputation that can be trusted by printing Gospel literature and providing it to its partners for worldwide distribution free of charge to the majority world.

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Some of our partners in ministry


We understand that it is hard to find an organization that is sharing the Gospel while partnering with multiple mission agencies. Your gift towards literature also helps organizations like these share the Gospel.


Last year Revival Movement Association printed 1,350 metric tonnes of literature, which equals 84 million items, translated into 95 languages and sent to over 170 countries free of charge!

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