Dear Brother Samuel, We are now in a position to respond in detail with the information required to move forward with an official request for RMA literature for Honduras. This is a country in Central America with an approximate population of 9.4 million people. The country is made up of 18 regions which speak the Spanish language.

The evangelical fraternity of Honduras is a national body mandated to promote, foster and strengthen the unity of the evangelical Church in Honduras. Following discussions with several of the major evangelical fraternities and pastors’ associations that are at the forefront of evangelism in Honduras the following has emerged:

1. Prayer. The Church of Honduras is being mobilized to pray for the nation. Intercessors from all 18 regions will be prepared to mobilize prayer into every department culminating in the Honduras Praise 2018 – a unified event in the nation.

2. Evangelism. The Church in Honduras is being mobilized to evangelize every home, every farm, every village, every city with the Gospel of the Kingdom – reaching every person in Honduras in person with the Gospel of the Kingdom by 2020.

3. Crusades. Once the nation has been saturated with the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom, then simultaneous evangelical crusades will be held in every major city of the nation. More than 7,000 pastors have already committed to involvement in the above. We have been introducing many of the pastors to the power of the printed page. This will be included in the preparation of evangelists in every home, farm, village, and city.


4. The Printed Page. We have looked at all the Spanish titles that you have available, and we will gladly receive any of your titles. They are all good. The Gospel of John in Spanish is a very important part of the armoury of the evangelists especially when there is a commitment. Do you have any literature for children and youths for evangelism in Spanish? In the early stages, we will be working hand in hand with the two largest evangelical organisations in Honduras. About 3,000 to 3,500 pastors will be involved with our congregations. This will increase as we penetrate the other departments later. Our first order for 2018/2019 is for 4 million Gospel tracts, 2 million Gospels of John and 2 million children’s tracts all in the Spanish language.

5. On the 16th of July – today the Pray Honduras Crusade in the capital city of Tegucigalpa is gaining momentum. Every day this week there are teams of evangelists reaching many homes, parks, businesses in the city. On Friday and Saturday, we gather at the national stadium of Honduras for a crusade of prayer and evangelism. Please see photos attached. We thank the Lord for RMA and the willingness to support us in this great vision of reaching every home with the Gospel of the Kingdom in Honduras. … John and Helen Smith.

Samuel Adams