South Africa

Report from BES in South Africa.



The Bible Time work in South Africa continues to grow and be blessed. We distributed over 6,000 Bible Time booklets to many churches and Sunday schools in various parts of South Africa. We attended a conference in March, and there was a huge interest, and very encouraging comments were made of the excellent quality and contents of the booklets. One of the elders from Qwaqwa requested 1,600 booklets for the children in his parish so, in the midst of a very busy conference, we packed these into his car.

The Bible Time booklets have been a tremendous blessing to the outreach work being done in a village of Kwaggafontein by full-time Korean missionaries. They came to South Africa five years ago and, three years ago, Marilyn and Judie Govender introduced Bible Time booklets to them to use in their children’s ministry. It quickly became their main resource and, in no time, they had over 300 children attending Bible classes every week.

The children have loved the courses and have benefited tremendously from the material. Many parents started to join, and now, besides the 300 children who attend Bible Time classes weekly, there are just under 40 adults in fellowship at the new assembly. Recently with some funding from Korea, a brand new church building is being built. All this from the encouragement of Bible Time booklets. Thank you, BES. Thank you Revival Movement for printing and shipping these booklets. The following is a testimony from a 15-year-old girl:

“Hello, my name is Musa. I want to share my testimony with you. When I used to go to church, and the pastor was preaching, I did not hear or listen. Although I went there I did not receive the Word of God but, afterwards when I heard about other children going to Sunday school where they did Bible Time course, I joined it also. When we were doing a lesson, I realized that God wanted me to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Recently, when I went on a youth camp, we were being taught that we must be born again while doing a story in the Bible Time booklet. I started to question myself and spoke to the preacher about it who counselled me, prayed with me, then we opened the Bible and read John 3: 16. I believe this verse was telling me that I was broken so at that time I confessed my sin and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and now I know that my sins are forgiven and that I am a born-again believer.”

Samuel Adams